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Home Improvement

Which is more practical, a vacuum cleaner or a sweeping robot?

Which is more practical, a vacuum cleaner or a sweeping robot? It depends on your usage scenarios and habits.

Let me talk about the advantages and disadvantages of common sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners on the market.

Sweeping robot:

Cleaning is clean, without manual control, the sweeper and mop machine can also mop the floor. But it is limited to floor cleaning, and there are cleaning dead spots.

Vacuum cleaner:

A vacuum cleaner is a fundamental device for any home. The cleaning scene is wider. There are almost no dead spots on the floor, sofa, bed, car, etc., but it requires manual control and cleaning is more tiring.


Vacuum cleaner - cleaning machine
Vacuum cleaner

The following is a comparison based on the characteristics of the sweeping robot and vacuum cleaner, combined with different usage scenarios, user habits, and budget.

Scenes to be used

If your home is a large square residence with three bedrooms and two halls and above, or a 70-120-square-meter residence with a large vacant space on the ground. Then cleaning with a sweeping robot is of course much easier than a handheld vacuum cleaner. It can be between 1k and 3k on the market. There are many sweeping robots to choose from.

But if your living area is small (rental house), or there is not much blank area on the floor of your home (such as cabinets and more clutter in the home), it is not recommended to buy a robot cleaner. The area is not large and you can clean it yourself. It won’t be very tired, so why watch the sweeping robot hit a wall everywhere.

The vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning small and complicated spaces. And can clean dead corners that cannot be cleaned manually. It is more practical and convenient to choose a vacuum cleaner for small rooms. I have a MOOSOO M24 at home with a strong suction power of 26000pa. If there are cats, dogs, and other pets that are easy to shed, a vacuum cleaner with high suction power is just needed. It is very convenient to clean the sofa including animal hair on the clothes. But the vacuum cleaner only cleans the sofa the hair on the surface is okay. Cleaning the floor is really time-consuming and laborious. It is recommended to use the sweeping robot to clean the hair.


vacuum cleaner - cleaning machine
Sweeping Robot


Customer habit

If you enjoy the process of cleaning housework, the vacuum cleaner can improve your quality of life. The cleaning effect of the sweeping robot is not as clean as manual cleaning. But the vacuum cleaner can help you more thoroughly clean the sofa, bed sheets, and sanitary corners. A vacuum has the capacity to keep infinitesimal allergens and residue particles out of the air with its high-productivity specific air channel. Sweeping robots don’t actually clean covers, in any dislike an appropriate vacuum can. So you’ll need to choose the appropriate cleaner for your home.

If you enjoy the leisure of watching robot sweeping cleaning, it is recommended to stop fantasizing. Most sweeping robots on the market have no less noise than vacuum cleaners when they are working. A more reasonable suggestion is to start the sweeping robot to clean the room before going out.

If you are a single dog who doesn’t like to do housework, the sweeping robot can make you feel the fun of technology even more. Even if there is no object, at least the sweeping robot will stumble and run towards you. In any case, it merits remembering the efficient potential that a sweeping robot can bring to your life.

Back to the question, then choose a vacuum cleaner or a sweeping robot for household cleaning?

If you hate doing housework, it is recommended to buy a sweeping robot. Don’t buy a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is for people who love to clean and don’t hate doing housework.

If you are not disgusted with doing housework and want to use a sweeping robot to clean the room more cleanly, advise you not to buy it. The cleanliness of the sweeping robot below 1k is still not as clean as manual, and there are still many sanitary blind spots;

If you are not at home or do not have the energy and time to do housework when you are at home, a robot cleaner is a good choice. At least you can see that the floor of your home is clean after you go home.

If your home is a large room of more than 100 square meters, the sweeping robot can help reduce some of the burdens. But the work on the ground (sofa mattress) still has to be done by yourself.


The above is about the more practical sharing of the vacuum cleaner and sweeping robot. I hope it will help you.

To meet all your cleaning needs visit our website.

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