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Which cardboard cube boxes should you choose for your shipments?

Small cardboard cube boxes - Boxes for postal packages - Boxes by unit

If you do not ship your packages in secure cardboard cube boxes then you are taking a risk for your goods and more generally for your customers. It is not uncommon to see shipping boxes with visible damage in transit. And once the impact is received, there is little chance that the content will have remained intact. Most low-end cardboard cube boxes are not durable and after being thrown and misused in trucks and warehouses, this results in damaged products needing to be returned and/or replaced, with the added costs eating away at the margins. beneficiaries of suppliers.
If you are concerned about the safety of your products shipped to stores and distributors then you should definitely learn more about the benefits of PrintCosmo Services. Find in this article the main advantages of making your cardboard cube boxes purchase from us.

What choice of models before buying kraft cardboard cube boxes from PrintCosmo?

The characteristics of the materials used for the production of your cardboard cube boxes provide an additional guarantee of safety. It is essential to adapt the strength of the cardboard cube box according to the items to be shipped. For the heaviest loads, we advise you to opt for double cardboard cube box and especially triple corrugation because they are designed to carry a greater weight and better protect the products inside even when they are heavy. And since our boxes are recyclable, reusable, and often made from all or part of recycled materials, you are purchasing an ecological cardboard cube boxes.

Successfully packing a cardboard cube package before shipment – Cheap moving cardboard cube boxes

Sending a cardboard cube package requires a few precautions. First of all, he must respect the conditions of transport and logistics in the depots. It must have an optimal format, that is to say, balanced between the volume of the container and the content in order to avoid any risk of spillage.
If you are shipping by post, your package must meet postal standards. We indicate it on the product sheets to help you with your choice. Finally, think about the intermediaries who will deliver the package and make sure that your labeling is readable! We also offer a whole range of bubble wrap – kraft roll – dunnage particles to secure your shipment.

Where to buy boxes?

Do not hesitate to consult our catalog for more information on our shipping products. Our teams are also at your disposal to guide you in your choice of shipping boxes.

Shipping boxes: how to choose the right cardboard cube boxes?

Our cardboard cube shipping boxes are protective and resistant to deliver neat mailings at a lower cost. A wide choice of post office boxes formats as well as cardboard post cases to meet the requirements of small packaging of products such as smartphones, tablets, glasses. Our different models of die-cut cardboard cube box keep products in place thanks to cardboard flaps on the sides before shipping. For sending your books, also discover the cardboard cube postal boxes which is very easy to assemble and quick to close, thanks to a cardboard tab. For high protection shipments, shipping boxes with integrated foam inserts are the ideal shockproof solution. Request a free quote for your personalized packaging!

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