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What’s the Amazon Best Seller Badge?

Getting Amazon’s Best Seller Badge can feel like winning the lottery: you try and pick the right combination, hoping it’ll pay off in a win. But with RepricerExpress’s help, it doesn’t have to be such a crapshoot. We’ll show you how to use SEO and seller best practices to help you get there ahead of your competitors Best Seller.

What’s the Amazon Best Seller Badge?

You’ve no doubt come across the Best Seller Badge on Amazon when shopping for products or doing research. It’s an orange icon tagged to products in search results, indicating that particular item is a best seller in its category. It used to be awarded only to the top best seller in that category but has since changed to include the top 100.

When it comes to specific categories, the effort to win a Best Seller Badge differs. Some categories, like Electronics or Pet Supplies, are hugely competitive, making it more difficult to win one. Conversely, categories where there are less competition and diversity, it’s a little easier to aim for a Best Seller Badge.

Further, some categories might not have competition to warrant 100 top sellers, but the distinction is no less important. Even though the focus might be narrower in a niche category than in a popular one like Toys and Games, having one of those badges tied to your product is still a mark of excellence.

How to Get a Best Seller Badge

Unlike other aspects of winning “prizes” on Amazon, the path to a Best Seller Badge is fairly known and formulaic. Success relies on product and sales rank and changes constantly, so follow these tips to boost your chances of winning a Badge.

  • Category: If your products aren’t in the most appropriate or relevant categories, buyers will have a tough time searching for them. If they can’t find them, they can’t buy them.
  • And if they can’t buy them, you can’t amass enough sales to get the Best Seller Badge. This can be easily avoided by researching to make sure your product is tagged to the right category, especially if you use Amazon’s browse tree guide.
  • Competition: When you sell on Amazon, you’re not only competing with other independent sellers and branded retailers, you’re also competing with Amazon itself.
  • However, unlike competing with other sellers, competing with Amazon rarely results in a win because the marketplace is just too big. If you notice a private label brand offered by Amazon, it’s inevitable they’ll have the Best Seller Badge. But if you notice a category where Amazon doesn’t have a private label offering, it’s a golden opportunity to throw everything you’ve got in a bid to win that badge.
  • SEO: Apologies if we sound like a broken record in our posts about SEO, but it’s one of the strongest foundational practices you can employ to get more searches, traffic and sales, with the last one being crucial to making it on the Best Seller List. To get there, focus your attention on keyword research to leave as visible a trail to your products as possible.
  • Promotional campaigns: Because the Best Seller Badge is all about product and sales rank, running a promotional campaign is one of the most direct ways to winning a badge. You can try running a promotion or giveaway, like a lightning sale or BOGO deal. However, take note that this should be a temporary practice. Lowering your prices too much for too long can result in a price battle or race to the bottom, as well as potentially affecting your overall profit margin.
  • Ecommerce Customer Service

    Ecommerce is one of the most challenging sectors to operate in but one company which consistently delivers ecommerce customer service well is Amazon.

    Amazon is the world’s most customer-centric organisation and has had a strong focus on customer satisfaction from day one. In 2019, Amazon won a hat-trick of customer satisfaction awards including the GlobalData Best Retailer award.

    Following Amazon’s lead, customer service should be at the heart of your ecommerce business strategy.

    Key Elements of a Great Customer Experience in 2021

    What does excellent customer service mean in 2020? It means being able to respond to customer queries efficiently and effectively using email, Live Chat and social media.


    According to eConsultancy, these are the top six things that make up a great online customer experience.

    1. Getting the issue resolved quickly.
    2. Getting the issue resolved in one interaction.
    3. Dealing with a friendly customer service representative.
    4. Being able to follow-up with the same person if necessary.
    5. Being able to record, print, save a copy of the interaction.
    6. Having some sort of follow up afterwards to ensure you’re satisfied.
    Rising Customer Expectations

    Customer expectations for customer service continue to grow. We live in an age of convenience where we want it all and we want it instantly!

    According to a recent survey by HubSpot, 90% of customers rate an immediate response as “important” or “very important”.

    Customer service and the customer experience have become key differentiators for brands and ecommerce businesses.

    With that in mind, let’s take a look at some strategies to boost your ecommerce customer service for new and existing businesses.

    1. Develop a Multichannel Strategy

    A study by the Aberdeen Group found that companies with a well-defined omnichannel customer experience have a customer retention rate of 91%.

    Developing a multichannel strategy means you need to know where your customers are, whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Live Chat, and be there.

    When you establish your channels for contact, let your customers know that you can help them through these channels. You should aim to provide a consistently high level of customer service across all your channel channels.

    Your goal as an ecommerce business is to take customer service to your customers and make them happy.

    2. Ensure Customers Don’t Have to Repeat Themselves

    Customer service frustrations

    According to HubSpot Research, 66% of us rate the most frustrating aspect of getting customer service help as waiting on hold or repeating information to different representatives.

    It’s probably happened to us all at one time or another and it can be very frustrating and a waste of time for both parties.

    Making sure customers don’t have to repeat themselves or wait days for a response is an important aspect of a good customer service experience.

    3. Track Your Customer Satisfaction Score

    Customer feedback

    If you want to improve something, you need to measure it Visit this:

    Measuring customer satisfaction will help you see if the interaction with the customer was a successful one or not.

    There are many different methods, each with pros and cons, but the most popular due to its simplicity is the Customer Satisfaction Score or CSAT for short.

    Customer satisfaction surveys commonly use the CSAT to measure the consumers’ satisfaction with the product or service. They often include the question “How satisfied were you with your experience today?” and offer a scale of 1-10 or 1-5.

    Getting customer feedback can give you invaluable insight into what is working or not.

    4. Implement Live Chat

    Live Chat helps to increase sales with studies suggesting that having Live Chat on your site can drive 3-5 times more conversions.

    The instant messaging software allows customers (in most cases) to get an answer right away rather than wait for 24 hours or more for someone to respond to an email. Quicker response times help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    It’s very convenient and less costly than phone support as customer service representatives can have multiple chats going simultaneously.

    Want Pro Tips for Selling on Amazon?

    5. Use Help Desk Software

    Having the right software can be just as or more important than having the right team or processes.

    Customer service tools like eDesk when used correctly can be crucial in terms of retaining customers and keeping them satisfied.

    Help desk software helps customer service representatives manage customer enquiries better and respond to them faster.

    It can integrate with social media platforms and contact forms on your website, so everything is stored in one central location.

    6. Leverage Social Media

    Using social media for ecommerce

    Customer service through social media is growing in popularity. When customers can’t connect to you via phone or Live Chat, they will often turn to social media.

    And you need to be responsive… 42% of people who get in touch with companies through social media expect a response within 60 minutes!

    Social media can be a place for customers to vent their anger and have a moan. However, it can also be a positive medium where brand advocates can sing your praises when you do something well or go above and beyond.

    Engaging with customers through social media allows you to communicate directly, build relationships and brand loyalty.

    7. Make Key Information Available Online

    If you’re thinking of making a purchase online, one of the most frustrating things is being unable to find the information you want online.

    To avoid this scenario, ensure your ecommerce website has an FAQ section and a knowledge base containing all the relevant information that the consumer requires. For example, information on exchange and returns should be easy to find.

    Having a knowledge base will not only help to cut down on customer support requests but they are also good for SEO so win-win.

    8. Employ Seasonal Staff

    Q4 is the busiest time of the year for the majority of ecommerce sellers.

    More sales equals more returns and more customer support. We’ve already stressed the importance of taking proactive measures to reduce customer support such as an online knowledge base and FAQ section.

    Longer response times can equate to lost sales and potentially lost customers so consider employing extra staff to cope with the increased workload and maintain your high lev

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