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What You Should Do if You Get Injured on Vacation

Many of us are starting to travel again, especially since summertime is finally here. With it come random holiday plans and numerous trips to warm, sunny destinations such as San Diego. Numerous people are, of course, flocking toward the beaches and theme parks. And as traffic increases, so does the risk of accidents.

What to Do when Injured in San Diego

So, what are your options if you get hurt while on vacation? Since you are already out of your comfort zone, staying calm and knowing what to do in such a scenario is vital. Injury lawyers will suggest the following measures to take as soon as you find yourself in that situation.

1. Contact the Local Authority

Notify the local cops right away. Getting a police report is one of the best things to do following a vacation car accident. Also, if this happened at a theme park or on a property, contact the authorities or managers. It often helps if more officials participate. Furthermore, it will help you cover all your bases.

Additionally, most theme parks have their very own authorities, and they will likely file their own accident reports. Therefore, be sure to contact them immediately.

2. Gather Media Evidence Quickly

Since images speak louder than words, photographic media is one of the best ways to document a car crash. Take photographic evidence of your injuries, the damage to both cars, the scene, and the other driver’s details.

If your injuries prevent you from taking photos, you should ask someone else to help you do it. Photos are the best proof for your insurance claim. And nothing can trump photographic proof.

3. Get Medical Help Right Away

It is usually hard to ascertain whether someone is hurt after a car accident. This is why it is advisable to seek medical attention as quickly as possible. The challenge with car accidents is that you never know the extent of your injury. At least, not unless you see a doctor right away.

Additionally, adrenaline, swelling, and inflammation can mask numerous injuries. And while you may not want to spend an afternoon in a hospital while on vacation, we strongly advise it. Because it may literally spare you a lifetime of pain and suffering.

4. Contact Your Car Rental Firm

Notify your rental car company of the accident as soon as it occurs. Your rental car agency might issue you a replacement car and further instructions. Suppose you were in an Uber or Lyft car accident while out on vacation. Then you might have to find alternative channels to get help.

If the Uber driver was at fault, you might sue for compensation from Uber’s accident insurance. However, if another driver caused the car accident, your rideshare accident attorney would sue the at-fault driver’s insurer.

Simply keep calm and let the rental car company handle their part.

5. Revise Your Travel Plans

A vacation car accident means that certain plans will have to change. If you are hurt in the incident, you will need to alter your plans to prioritize getting immediate medical attention. This will avoid further injury.

If necessary, you may also need to cancel your accommodation reservations or ask if they can handle your new situation. This is more preferable to losing out on all reservations you made.

Keep Calm and Hire a Local Lawyer

Different states have their own distinct laws. Therefore, consulting a local attorney would undoubtedly be the best course of action, particularly if you have been hurt. Finding an experienced personal injury attorney might make a world of difference in your situation.

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