What You Need to Know About Nicotine Salts?

Recently we have witnessed a growing hype surrounding vaping and nicotine salts. The new researches suggest that switching to vaping can be a potential way to stop smoking regular tobacco cigarettes owing to the escalating concerns surrounding the harmful effects on the health of smoker. However, the new smokers switching to vaping may not find a similar nicotine hit from vaping. Hence the vaping industry devised new ways to meet the nicotine demand of the consumers. Vape juices containing higher nicotine substance and nicotine salts are some of them. Greater nicotine rush is paving a way for new vapers to effectively enhance the process to stop smoking by monitoring their nicotine consumption. Let us dive into the science of nicotine salts to explore more about the relationship of nicotine salts and vaping.

The Nicotine Salts E-Juices and Regular E-Juices

The regular e-juices come in different flavours such as methanol flavours, sweet flavours, and peppermint flavours containing a specific amount of nicotine and additional flavouring chemicals. However, e-liquid containing nicotine salts have a greater nicotine substance added in its composition. Moreover, e-liquids containing nicotine salts have greater nicotine absorption than regular e-liquids. This is perhaps the reason behind the greater satisfaction to vapers when using nicotine salts.

The Device Used for Nicotine Salts

Several shops are selling vape tanks in the UKHowever, buying vape tanks with high voltage may not be suitable for nicotine salts. Due to higher nicotine rush even through lower consumption of e-liquid containing nicotine salts, it is recommended to use low voltage devices for nicotine salts.

Since nicotine salts contain greater nicotine concentration, a high voltage device will only cause greater throat problems with a harsh nicotine hit. Hence, low voltage devices that come in open system and closed system are perfect for e-liquid containing nicotine salts!

Nicotine Salts are Only Good for Some People

Nicotine Salts are not suitable for everyone. As not everyone will prefer higher nicotine rush while vaping. However, they are suitable for people with following circumstance:

  • Preferring a greater nicotine hit
  • Switching from smoking to vaping
  • Previously tried vaping but were not satisfied

Are Nicotine Salts additive?

Undoubtedly, Nicotine Salts contain greater nicotine content. There has been much research done on the addictive nature of the nicotine substance.

According to one report of WHO on smoking regular tobacco cigarettes with greater nicotine substance:

Evidence shows that around 50% of those who start smoking in the adolescent years continue to smoke for 15 to 20 years.”

Moreover, there may be potential health risks in consuming nicotine salts. According to another WHO report,

“…the evidence is clear that the aerosols of the majority of Electronic Nicotine Delivery System contain toxic chemicals, including nicotine and substances that can cause cancer. ENDS on their own are associated with increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and lung disorders and adverse effects on the development of the fetus during pregnancy.”[ii]

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