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What To Look For In A Good Yoga Teacher

Yoga is the most ancient spiritual practice of keeping the body and mind in harmony. It helps an individual to keep their mind peaceful. Yoga includes meditation, breath control, and various other kinds of body exercises. Yoga helps in the relaxation of both body and mind. Many difficult ailments are considered to be cured by practicing yoga regularly. If an individual is very particular about health, they practice yoga to keep their mind and body fit.

In the present day, we hear a lot about yoga’s benefits, like about what changes are brought in the body and mind by practicing yoga daily. Yoga originated in India. But people outside India also consider practicing yoga every day. It was very recently in 2014 that our present Prime Minister had talked about the importance of yoga in the United Nations, and in 2015 21st June had been declared as the International yoga day.


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification 

To teach yoga internationally, one should obtain 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh certificate. This helps a yoga teacher to escalate their knowledge. It also fulfills the International Yoga Alliance’s eligibility to teach yoga in any place around the world. Therefore 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is important to become a professional yoga teacher.

To do yoga perfectly, a person needs to learn it well from an experienced yoga teacher. The proper way to hold a certain body posture while doing yoga so that one doesn’t hurt himself/herself is very important. Thus there is a need for a good yoga teacher to learn it well. Not everybody who learns yoga can be a good yoga teacher.


Then what are the qualities that one should look for in a good yoga teacher?

  •  Experience 

For yoga teachers to teach well, their experience becomes very important. They should be expert in doing all sorts of asanas. They should have proper knowledge about each asana, what are the effects on the body. Thus one can become an expert only if they have experience. They should keep themselves updated and practice yoga daily. They should educate themselves thoroughly first. A good yoga teacher does not stop learning new things and making progress.


  • Making a proper plan 

A good yoga teacher makes a proper plan before the class begins. Although it is a time-consuming process, they should prepare well before beginning the class. A well-planned class has always resulted in being fruitful.


  • The flexibility of their plan

Although teachers have planned their class before, the teacher should be flexible about the plan. The teacher should not teach everybody the same thing. Different people have different requirements; thus, they should also make changes in their plan according to the student’s need.


  • Acknowledging others   

A good teacher listens to the problems of their students. They should not constraint themselves. They should hear what their students are trying to tell them since everybody is not equal. Thus before starting the class, they should ask the students if they have any problem with certain asanas or have any injury.


  • Imparting knowledge to others 

A teacher should impart whatever knowledge they have to the students. They should show them how to do the asanas properly and explain whatever they know. They should inform them about the asana, what effect they cause to the body. Whatever they learn, they should teach their students. This helps students not only to learn a particular asana but also gain some extra knowledge. But sometimes, they may not know certain answers to certain questions, and they can always tell the truth about it. They are not experts in medicine, so they should not give any medical advice to their students.


  • Communication with the students

Another important quality that one should look for in a yoga teacher is that they are easy to talk to. Communicating with students helps in better understanding. They should not always be very serious. A good yoga teacher does not always give lectures in the class; sometimes, laughing and talking with the students helps to remove the class’s monotony.


  • Having the confidence of the students

An individual should be able to trust their yoga teacher. If any student shares their health issues with the teacher in private, the teacher also must maintain the students’ privacy.


  • Being serious about work

A yoga teacher can only impart their knowledge to the student if they love their work and are serious about teaching yoga. Just showing the students how to do an asana does not make one a good yoga teacher. They should be focused on. They should be energetic about their work. While teaching yoga, they should solely concentrate on what they are doing and not do any other work simultaneously. They should try to give their students what they know the best.


  • Influence other 

A good teacher or instructor has the power to influence their students. They know their work well. The inspiring quality of a yoga teacher attracts more students to attend their classes. They should be able to inspire students from the very early stage of learning.


  • Patience  

A good yoga teacher must have patience. This helps the students to rely upon their teacher. A beginner may make mistakes several times before they become perfect. A good yoga teacher rectifies their mistakes and helps the students to be better every day.


  • Confident teacher 

A good teacher should be confident in teaching from pranayama to meditation and asanas to the students. Such quality of the teacher helps the student to trust their yoga teacher completely. They also become sure that what they are learning is correct and does not doubt the teacher or teaching process.


To Sum It Up

Thus all these are the crucial qualities that an individual should look for in a good teacher. A good yoga teacher has all these qualities. A beginner should do proper research before joining a yoga class. A good yoga school is not only sufficient. Nowadays, people can find various types of yoga schools and studios online. One should also learn about the teachers teaching there. If they like what is being taught by the teachers, they should join and have a first-hand experience.



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