What to Expect After a Hip Replacement

That pain, stiff hi and aching has reduced your quality of life. You can’t enjoy the activities you used to love like a football, a walk around your society or even playing with the grandkids, without constant pain.

Over 3,00,000 people have hip replacement surgery each year in America. Before you decide to go for total Hip Replacement Surgery in Indore, it is important to know what to expect following surgery. What you will experience after a hip replacement? When you will feel back to normal? What can you do to speed your recovery?

Pain after a Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery will hurt. All surgery does! Be prepared that you will experience some amount of discomfort in the first three days following surgery. Your mobility will be limited and you need to depend on others to help you with your daily activities of daily living. Every simple thing like going to the washroom will require assistance.

On the second day of your total/Revision Hip Replacement Surgery Indore, you will likely be able to get out of bed and start moving with assistance. Although you had surgery on the largest joint in your body, you will be walking on it after one or two days.

Walking after Hip Replacement Surgery

Most likely, you will be up from the bed and walking the day after your surgery. Start with slow and don’t push yourself beyond what you can handle. Getting up and active following surgery is important to speed up your recovery after operation through Revision Hip Replacement Surgeon Indore. Try to exercise for 20-30 minutes at a time.

Move-in an open corridor to not only speed up your recovery but will also increase the circulation to your legs and feet which will reduce your chance of getting a blood clot. Blood clots are a serious risk following all types of surgery in the patients but can be prevented by early movement and exercise.

How Long It Will Take to Recover

It will take time before you’re out grooving on the music again! Hip replacement is a reliable option to increase your health and quality of life. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons report that 95% of patients who undergo a hip replacement stated the procedure is painless. Many of the patients reported relief from huge hip pain and were able to be more active in their life and connected with their loved ones following the surgery.

These results are encouraging but it cannot happen overnight. You can expect it to take 10 to 12 weeks before you are able to return to all your favorite routine activities. At some point, you are going to feel like your recovery is taking a long time. It’s important to remind yourself that feeling frustrated and limitations to physical ability are a normal part of the healing process.

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