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What Social Media Advertising Services Drive More Sales and Results?

Whether you’re selling business-to-consumer, business-to-business, or ecommerce, social media advertising services can help your company targeting more customers globally and generating higher revenue.Social media captures over 30% of time spent online.

Social media advertising allows you to target audiences who may not have seen your posts, while increasing brand awareness and product awareness. In addition, whether it’s for a trial, a free sample or just funneling more traffic to your website, paid social media is an excellent driver of micro-conversion.Find a reliable digital marketing agency to get paid social media advertising services at reasonable costs.

Whether your goal is to increase conversion rates, boost brand awareness, or increase user engagement, social media ads services are versatile. For social media advertising, you can different platforms to reach your goal.  Each platform is different and serves different purposes with a different audience.

Facebook advertising

Currently, Facebook is the biggest social media advertising platform.Facebook has approximately 1.47 billion daily active users. To maximize the users engagement Facebook allows both text and pictures to be displayed on your ads. You can target your audience based on their interests, demographics, and geographic location, and determine how much you are willing to pay per click (cost per 1000 impressions).

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is owned by Facebook, so their advertising services are same. Instagram advertising was first introduced in 2015 and it’s seen growth ever since. In fact, the number of Instagram ads increased by 30% percent in the year 2020.

The format of Instagram ads is as same as Facebook: photos, stories, videos, carousels, slideshows and instant experiences. Instagram also allows users to organize activities based on activity goals (such as website clicks, conversions, app installs, interactions, video viewing, and insights). Instagram advertisers can use their ads in the same way as Facebook ads. They even have their own Instagram analytics platform.

Twitter Advertising

More than 330 million monthly active Twitter users scroll and tweet on their feeds. Twitter provides several forms of paid advertising to attract and engage these users. Twitter enables you to choose activity goals, including Twitter interactions (retweets, favorites, replies), website clicks, app installs or engagements, followers and even leads, and can only charges you when your specified action occurs. In addition, Twitter allows the highest daily budget and the highest cost per action.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is the second largest search engine, with a larger adult population than any social network. More than 90% of Internet users said that video plays an important role in purchasing decisions. Most importantly, by 2019, video will account for 80% of global Internet traffic and 85% in the United States. Unlike TV, you can only target your ads to target audiences. In addition, advertising on YouTube is as simple as connecting it to your Google Ads account.

Choose the Right Type of Video Content

The first and the most important thing to know is that all videos not have to be one singular type. There are several categories of videos you can use on Facebook and see positive results. Here are just a few.

  • User-Generated Content

User-generated content has a lot of benefits and basically no downsides. The videos come off more reliable since they’re actual customers. Many customers are excited to share a brand that they like, so as long as you’re keeping your customers happy, these can be easy to get with a simple request.

  • Product Showcase

Video can be a great way to show off the product you’re selling. It doesn’t have to be an infomercial style. It just needs to be sufficient to make your audience feel relaxed with purchasing from you.

Benefits of Social Media Advertising Services for your business:

Here, we have shared some benefits of social media advertising services

  • To expand your reach and target the audience that matters most to your business.
  • With the help of social media advertising services, your business can build cost-effective, results-driven campaigns that will help you achieve your advertising goals.
  • You can also optimize your ads spend to generate higher return on investment (ROI) and results.

Grab Your Viewer’s Attention in the Opening

Every businessman is fighting to get their customer’s attention. There is boundless scrolling to be acceptable on Facebook and amply of other things they can do off the platform itself. And the first step in that fight is to get someone for stopping.

The first 4-6 seconds of your video are crucial. Your opening, or your video’s hook, needs to be attention-grabbing and remarkable enough to get someone to stop and watch.

With different social media platforms and more emerging every day, it is difficult to determine where to allocate your social media advertising spend. However, if you choose the wrong social media platform to advertise, it is a waste of money. Hire a reliable digital marketing agency that offers you paid social media advertising services and helps you determine which platform is best suited for your business.

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