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What Should You Keep In Mind Before Getting A Kitchen Island?

If you are looking for space in your kitchen, installing a beautiful kitchen isle could be the solution. You will get a lot of room to make and prepare your meals comfortably. With the help of a kitchen isle, you will be able to keep all of your ingredients in one place itself.
Not to mention the fact that you can use the isle as a dining space too. Some kitchen isles are so long that you can bring your laptop there without worrying about it getting greased with the scattered ingredients scattered. So much, you will find such a space beneficial. If you want to construct a kitchen isle, then contact any carpentry services in Singapore.
However, before you call such a service, it’s advised that you pay attention to your kitchen. There are some things you should keep in mind before greeting a kitchen isle.
What to Keep In Mind before Getting Kitchen Isles
• Consider The Available Space
If you are looking forward to getting a kitchen isle, know that you should consider your space. Note that you need adequate space not only for constructing an island but also for moving around it. There should be a walking space of 36 to 40 inches, at least on all the structure sides.
If you measure your kitchen and find that the walking space comes up short, then it’s advised that you reconsider your plans. After all, you run the risk of colliding with the isle with a smaller walk-around space. Not to mention that it will be challenging to bring in another person and work with them in such a limited space.
• Consider The Use
Do you plan on using the structure strictly as a kitchen isle? Or do you want it to be a place where your family can gather, talk, have meals, etc.? If you are planning on the latter option, you need to think about seating arrangements.
So you need to add another 24 inches at the very least to accommodate seating space. Otherwise, people and chairs will bump into each other.
These are the two seating and space issues that you need to solve before calling any carpentry services in Singapore to make your dream kitchen isle. Such structures look beautiful, but you need to weigh if you can make the space trade-off and still enjoy cooking in that area. Visit us to know more and enjoy our latest offer.


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