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What Needs To Be Done In New World From Level 1 To 20

If you are an old player, then you must know that it is very easy to improve the level at the beginning of each game, of course, this also requires some tips. For example, when we enter “New World”, we can quickly upgrade to level 10. Although we can quickly upgrade after entering a new game, I don’t think we can do this because it may make us very unfamiliar. So when we enter a new game, many tasks must be done, which can help us quickly become familiar with the game.

Recently I entered a new game, it is “New World”. Below are some of the things I need to do before level 20, which can help us become more familiar with the game while upgrading to a high level in New World.

Things To Do For Levels 1 To 10 In New World

The first 10 levels in the New World are relatively simple. We should spend more time getting familiar with the control methods, menu information, and various tasks of this game. When we are familiar with this game, we can proceed more smoothly afterward.

Learn the controls

You need to understand the control information in New World in detail. Which means whether we can control our characters more accurately in the next game.

Explore the main directory and inventory menu in New World

You should explore the various menus in this game and understand their functions, which can save us a lot of time in the next game.

Find watchtower

In watchtower, you will start your first mission and find your first safe refuge.

Upgrade Basic Harvesting Tools

To upgrade your initial Flint tools, you need to do a few things.

Collect plenty of herbs and water

You can use these herbs and water to make potions, and then we can use these potions in battle.

Use ranged and magic weapons

Weapons you may miss at an early stage include the Bow, Musket, Ice Gauntlet, Fire Staff, as well as Life Staff. You can craft each of these in town or even locate all of them in a different vault hidden in the starting areas.

Get Territory Standing points

As you total quests, kill monsters, harvest resources, and craft goods, you earn something called Territory Standing. As your Territory Standing degrees in a zone boost, you also acquire special addicts that use when you’re in that particular region.

Use Attributes points

As you level up, you make Attributes points that produce you stronger in specific regions. Do not stress over just how you allot these right now – up till level twenty, you may push that Respec switch under of the menu and receive all your aspects back, to invest and also change nonetheless you like until you’re comfy along with your character’s playstyle.

Focus on the same weapon

As you utilize a weapon style, you get Weapon Mastery points as well. Each time you level up a weapon’s mastery level, you can select yet another energetic or perk ability from that weapon’s skill tree. Note that you can’t make these points through leveling up consistently – you have to educate and train to keep that specific weapon style!

Choose a camp

When you reach level 5, you obtain accessibility to your initial Survivalist pursuit, which takes place normally generally questline as you follow it. You’ll understand you’re at the appropriate location in the story given that it precisely makes a point of sending you into the bush to develop your camping ground.

You may consistently create a brand-new camp as long as you’re not near any kind of called locations as soon as you’ve received this aspect. You can only possess one camping ground worldwide at one time.

Choose your faction

Shortly after finishing the major quest whereby you find out how to build your Tier 1 camping ground, you are confronted with the choice to participate in some of the three significant factions. You can simply sign up with a Company along with various other participants of the very same faction. When PVP mode is permitted, you can easily likewise be killed at random through any sort of member of either of the two sets against factions.

Things To Do For Levels 10 To 20 In New World

Levels 10 to 20 are where New World starts, and upgrading will become difficult. At this point, you need a lot of skills, which can help us upgrade faster.

Get as many items as possible during each trip

It is challenging to fast travel in New World. That mentioned it is just about a squandered attempt if you don’t at that point go back to the community along with a whole bag full of things to craft along with or offer to other players! Anymore, make an effort to return from each vacation having collected as many items as you may find in the wild.

Upgrade your trading skills

Every trade skill in New Planet fulfills an objective, and also you may profit straight from cultivating every single one of them! Certainly not merely will you build up items that are important to various other players at the Trading Post, but this is also a wonderful means to gain XP.

You gain XP for every resource gathered and each product improved or crafted, and then you can likewise receive quick and easy accessibility to a lot of different Town Projects.

Expand the storage space in New World

As you level up, you’ll get to your very first Bag port. Make sure to get the finest bag you may locate, as it’ll create you capable to lug away a lot more stuff in your inventory before you reach your encumbrance aspect! Our experts advise searching for a premium one in the Trading Post if you can’t however craft one yourself.

Build your map

Since you’re at minimum level 10 and capable to preserve yourself out in the wild, it is time to explore. You may discover all sorts of places on your map. Each multitude to their jewels as well as organic components, unique items, and/or special opponents.

Begin selling your extra items

Each sells purchase expenses you an upfront expense, which is figured out by several elements – specifically the settlement’s income tax rate. whether your faction possesses the region, and also whether you have placed any type of Territory Rewards tire escort into alleviating that cost – thus take this into account when creating sell orders.

This beforehand fee does not scale the only thing that much. So your finest alternative listed below is to market a ton of traits wholesale at once for as higher a cost as you may offer them, which you can calculate by looking into the marketplace listings on the right. Doing it by doing this costs you a lot lower than offering personal items because of the economic condition of scale.

Buy your first house

The moment you’ve achieved level 15 and have additionally met Territory Standing level 12 in among the starter zones. You’ll have the torbalı escort capacity to acquire your initial residence – given that you additionally have the additional piece to manage it.

Now you should have a certain understanding of urla escort this game. Are you ready to enter this game now? Welcome to this game. If you are not satisfied with this game, then you can follow my article. I introduced 6 MMORPG games released in 2021 for you some time ago.

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