What is MOD APK? Get to know Modified Applications and their Dangers

You must have often heard the term APK ( Application Package File, ). And even started to involve the use of APKs in everyday technological life. Like ordering food with GRAB , chatting on social media like Facebook and Twitter , traveling with Gojek. Fulfilling household needs through online shopping , or even satisfying cravings by playing games from the tap of your cellphone screen. This is one of the proofs that we have entered the digital era. And humans inevitably have to accept technology as part of the modern way of life.

In this review, we will discuss the APK, or more precisely the MOD APK. There may be some people including you wondering, what is the difference between the two. So APK stands for Android Package Kit and is the file format that Android uses to distribute and install apps. While the MOD APK is a version of the Android Package Kit. That has been modified in such a way to be more easily accepted by certain users. For example, when you play games using the original and unmodified APK installation. Then you play the game according to the laws and rules that have been set by the developer of the game.

But if you use MOD APK, then the game has been customized or designed specifically to meet the needs of certain players. For example, characters in games are made immortal, items or cash are made in unlimited quantities and so on. To find out more about what a MOD APK is in terms of advantages to dangers, let’s look at the following discussion.

What is MOD APK?

What is MOD APK

Before going into the discussion of MOD APK, let’s first understand what MOD is. MOD stands for Modification which means modification, here the modification in question is changing or editing the data structure of the APK . The modified structure itself is in the form of deleting and adding system file assets, which are done by third parties from the original developer with a specific purpose.

For example, such as changing the display system of an application to make it easier to use , speeding up a system process that is currently running, eliminating certain parts of the application that might annoy the user. So far, MOD APK has been carried out on daily applications such as WhatsApp , YouTube and the majority are games.

In making their own modifications, a person is required to have qualified skills in the field of computer programming . Because a Modifer (the maker of the MOD APK ) will later change the APK data structure by modifying certain commands written in the script or code in the APK.

Is MOD APK Illegal?

Before we discuss the law or applicable laws regarding application piracy and the like. Let’s learn first about the risks that users receive, if they are known to use MOD APK. In the digital world, a developer benefits through purchase transactions that apply outside and inside the application ( Microtransaction ) they make.

For example, you buy the best cleaning application through the Google Play Store legally, then to get additional features you are required to subscribe by paying for the service on a monthly basis. Now this is the key developer in getting a profit. On the other hand, users who use the MOD APK facility, purchases inside and outside the application become invalid . This is a source of problems for developers, because the flow of profit from the applications they develop is disrupted.

Therefore, the official developers of major applications such as PUBG, Mobile Legends, Arknights, FreeFire are very much fighting the MOD or Cheats or third-party applications because they indicate a form of threat. The sanctions imposed on MOD users are also quite diverse, ranging from being banned within a certain time span to being permanently banned by the official developer .

Meanwhile, the Indonesian state itself applies sanctions where changing or modifying application devices without the permission of the developer can be subject to the ITE Law Article 30 Paragraphs 2 & 3 which reads:

” Every person intentionally, without rights or unlawfully accesses another person’s computer, electronic system in any way to obtain information or electronic documents “.

” Everyone intentionally violates, breaks through, exceeds, or breaks the security system (cracking, hacking, illegal access)”.

From each of these paragraphs, the user (who modifies) will receive a maximum imprisonment of 7 to 8 years and a maximum fine of Rp. 700 million to Rp. 800 million.

Dangers and Risks MOD APK

In addition to being sanctioned by applicable laws, MOD APK itself has other negative impacts that should be considered before being installed on a user’s device. Some of the risks that can be obtained from installing MOD APKs include:

1. Get Blocked

Not infrequently users who often use third-party applications or cheats when playing online games get strong criticism from developers . Especially those who deliberately use MOD APKs to increase the character’s status in the game. Of course it was not left alone.

The developer will usually indicate player accounts that have unusual activities such as suddenly having unlimited points and the like even though they have never made transactions in the game. Usually, within a certain period of time, cheating players will have their accounts blocked by the developer permanently .

2. Virus Infection

Indeed, modifications to the APK have a low security risk, because the initial encryption that has been created by the developer has been changed or redesigned so that it can cause certain defects ( Bad Code ) that are not known to the user. One of them is the inclusion of a virus carried out by an irresponsible modifier . It’s a good idea to install the best antivirus software for your cellphone to avoid the risk of infection with the virus.

3. Your Privacy Is Threatened

Social media has now become a haven for 2 billion people on earth. Of course, with this number of users, there must be some modifiers who offer social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest with several advantages that are not provided by the official application. If you are lured in by the offer and then install it on your device, it is the same as opening an opportunity for unscrupulous people to break into the security of personal data of users like you.

It would be better for you to stick with the official apps that are already available on the Google Play Store. Even if the application runs heavily on your device system, the Google Play Store has provided light and official versions of applications such as Youtube GO, Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite and so on.

4. Trigger Adware

Another possibility that can be caused by MOD APK is ads. Why? Because the modifiers themselves also want to benefit from the APK that they have changed the structure of . One of them is by placing ads in every corner of the application display. That users use from the MOD APK.

5. Disadvantaging Developers

Developers are the main victims of the MOD APK. Because the basis of APK modification is to change, replace or delete part of the data encryption structure that has been created by the developer . Developers here also benefit from transactions inside and outside the application. Such as ( Microtransactions ), feature additions and appearance changes, life extensions and others.

However, this can only be accessed for free by users via MOD APK. Indeed, indirectly, users benefit from the free access provided by the APK modifier. But on the other hand, developers experience losses with the decline of the applications they have made. As a result, the digital products they develop will eventually lose the market. And be removed from the Google Play Store system.


MOD APK does offer convenience that cannot be obtained through the official APK provided by the developer . However, there are factors where the MOD APK itself can be a serious threat to users. On the other hand, the official developers must have carefully considered.  How and why the applications they make are in such a way. The goal is none other than so that the digital products they sell can generate profits. That can make the application grow and can continue to be enjoyed by its users. In addition, the advantages offered by MOD APK are not commensurate with the risks and dangers obtained by the users

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