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What is Hold Person 5e in Dungeon and Dragons? FAQ

Hold Person 5e is one of the most potent spells within the game vs. humanoid opponents. That may ruin any boss fight versus a humanoid opponent.  So this game very interested to every human. I hope you must like this game. Play Now

Hold Person 5e in Dungeon and Dragons:

Choose a humanoid you could see within range. The target must be determined by a Wisdom saving throw or be penalized for the length. At the end of each of its endings, the target could make yet another Wisdom saving throw. On a success, the charm finishes up on the goal.

When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, you can target a single extra humanoid for every slot level over 2nd. The humanoids have to be within 30 feet of each other if you aim at them.

In Hold Person 5e:   Higher Levels

Classes:   Bard, Cleric, Druid, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

Subclasses (legacy):    Conquest (UA) Paladin, Conquest v2 (UA) Paladin, Favored Soul v2 (UA) Sorcerer, Favored Soul v3 (UA) Sorcerer, Order (UA) Cleric, Redemption (UA) Paladin


Backgrounds:   Azorius Functionary


Offered in the SRD:   First of all, as another response cites, you’d want the capability to behave to utilize Wild Shape from the first position. At the same time, 5e Hold Person stops you from performing.

Second, Polymorphing a Held person into a beast would not break them free either. The limitation where it has to target a humanoid is only for the initial application of the spell. Once they’re paralyzed, they’re paralyzed, and they will need to break loose from this by saving or having it dispelled. 

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Using the spell slot at this 3rd degree or quite the 3rd level, you’ll throw this spell. Additionally, you’ll aim for one extra humanoid for each slot above the next level. When you target the humanoid, they will need to be inside the space of 30 ft for each other.

Each one of the monstrous humanoids possesses a shadowy vision bent 60 feet. Sort of a group, they do not have the contrary exceptional skills or immunities. But over the 4th edition, the monstrous humanoid was merged to the humanoid type.

Is Hold Person a good spell in 5e dnd?

Hold Person 5e is one of the most potent spells within the game vs. humanoid opponents. Yes, during an on one, if they fail one rescue, then you’ve got to spend your speech preventing an enemy from using a turn, and it isn’t beneficial. Nevertheless, DnD might be a team game. During that one twist, all your allies are attacking with advantage, and if they are adjacent, they’re mechanically getting crits. That may ruin any boss fight versus a humanoid opponent.

Held creatures can’t move or talk, but they are still conscious of the environment and may use skills not requiring speech or movement. Being held does not stop time, so ongoing damage like wounds, disease, or poison will impact the creature.

What is a Humanoid in 5e?

The text of this spell specifies a humanoid so that I took this to mean explicitly of the humanoid type. But looking at hold monster says”a creature.” It calls out, significantly, that it does not affect undead (which hold Person doesn’t specify).

At the dining table, as a”decide right now and revisit later to keep the game going. ” I ruled that the caster could attempt it but that the vampire would have an advantage on its saving throw as a compromise. The caster finally decided to do something else somewhat anyway.

Upon further reflection, I believe I was right in my first decision that the text primarily employs the keywords”humanoid.” At the same time, vampires have the undead kind, and so it would not work (mostly since hold monster, the bigger-better version, does not work on undead at all). But I am interested in what anybody else may have to say before I make my final ruling.

Dead have always been resistant to”charm, hold and sleep” charms in the dawn of the match. I would imagine that’s why hold monster [or Individual ] doesn’t work on undead.

Undead don’t sleep. They’re either mindless or have minds fueled by negative energies or consumed by destructive emotions. Not a”normal mind” that will be susceptible to some elemental enchantment kind spells. . .with sleep, charm and hold, all, always have been.

Can you hold Person a vampire in 5e?

No. Hold Person 5e affects humanoids. A vampire isn’t a humanoid in-game condition – it is undead. Hold creature works on any kind of monster except undead. Hold Person works only on humanoids. Humanoids are a type of creature, so hold monsters work on them too.

Is a giant a humanoid 5e?

Description: Giants are humanoid creatures of incredible strength and size. All giants have low-light vision. As a team, they have no other special abilities or immunities.

What’s the strongest monster in D&D 5e?



Tarrasque:    From the current edition of D&D, the Tarrasque is the most powerful monster there is, though it was even more potent in previous editions. Initially, you had to cast a wish or miracle spell to prevent them from regenerating after murdering them, but that has been retconned.

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What are the mechanical consequences of a Centaur’s Fey trait?

Which are the mechanical consequences of a Centaur’s Fey trait? You are resistant to spells and class characteristics that target humanoids but vulnerable to target fey people.

Class features that can target fey creatures are the Ranger’s Favored Enemy and Primeval Sense, the Oath of the Ancients Paladin’s twist, the Faithless, Amongst Others.

You are immune to spells such as Hold Person, which goal humanoids especially, but exposed to many others like Protection from Evil and Good, Magic Circle, and Hallow.


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