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What is HDPE Butt Fusion Welding Machine?

Butt fusion welding is that the foremost well-liked fastening technique for HDPE piping system, associate degreed butt fusion fastening machine is associate degree industrial machine that’s extensively demanded fastening functions.

Butt fusion can be a thermo-fusion technique that involves the synchronous heating of the ends of two pipe/fitting elements that unit of measurement to be joined until a liquified state is attained on each contact surface. the two surfaces unit of measurement then brought on beneath controlled pressure for a particular cooling time and an everyday fusion joint is made. The resultant joint is completely proof against end plenty and has comparable performance enclosed to the pipe itself. An electrical heater plate is used to spice up the temperature of the pipe ends to the required fusion temperature. Butt-fusion is going to be used to be a region of every PE80 and PE100 materials for the pipe sizes of 90mm and on prime of an identical SDR.

Butt fusion fastening is that the name was given to hot plate fastening of thermoplastic pipes. it’s one in all 2 main techniques for the fusion change of integrity of polythene gas and clean.

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The method

The heating section, typically mentioned as ‘bead up’, is wherever the pipe ends area unit ironed against a heated plate for an amount of your time. this is often followed by the ‘heat soak’ section wherever the pressure is reduced to merely hold the pipe ends on the recent plate. this permits time for the warmth to soak into the fabric at the pipe ends.

After the warmth soak section, the recent plate is removed and therefore the pipe ends brought along. The time taken to try and do this is often referred to as ‘dwell time’ and wishes to be as short as doable. the ultimate section is that the welding/cooling time planned subject to pipe diameter and wall thickness.

The machine got wind of  Before creating any pipe welds, the butt fusion attachment machine must be checked for swish running and got wind of for the pipe materials to be welded.


Before the welding sequence, heating and cooling times and fusion pressures ought to be noted for the precise pipe diameter and written down for fast reference throughout the fastening cycle heatproof bag ought to be off from the kitchen appliance, and therefore the temperature ought to be checked to employ a digital measuring device and surface probe.

It is smart to apply to finish a dummy weld before enterprise actual fastening. this is often to make sure the area of the kitchen appliance to bear with the pipe ends is completely clean of any mud particles or different contaminants.

Place the kitchen appliance between the pipe ends, making certain that it’s properly settled and sq. to the pipe faces. Move the pipes into contact with the surface applying associate degree axial force. The force ought to be applied swimmingly ensuring that the specified pressure isn’t exceeded. The force must be command firmly, permitting the formation of a bead of liquid material around the pipe.

Butt-fusion may be wont to be part of each PE80 and PE100 materials for pipe sizes of 90mm and on top of identical SDR. The butt attachment machines won’t weld letters of the alphabet pipes have controls to confirm the attachment parameters square measure strictly adhered to. the subsequent parameters square measure controlled: heater plate temperature ovality and alignment interface pressure bead width heat soak time changeover time Control of those is important to confirm the premature failure of the weld doesn’t occur. the sector conditions below that letter of the alphabet pipe is welded have a substantial impact on the strength of the joint. so as to attain an appropriate weld 3 parts square measure essential: Cleanliness: as a result of contamination can ruin joints Technique: Most house owners of letter of the alphabet pipe systems need that individuals acting butt attachment of letter of the alphabet pipes square measure qualified by finishing a recognized coaching course Correctly designed instrumentality with correct maintenance: Correct attachment temperatures, attachment procedures and pipe facing tools should be maintained intolerance and in shape. The ensuing joint, if it’s been properly created, is as robust because the original pipe and might stand up to all the hundreds applied throughout routine installation and operation. During the fusion method, internal and external ‘weld beads’ square measure fashioned. Techniques are developed to minimize the scale of the beads, but as they are doing not add something to the strength they’ll be safely removed if needed. The removed weld beads may be inspected as a part of high-quality management programmed.

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