What Is Google News and How It Is Beneficial for News Websites?

Google News is a comprehensive news aggregator service. It promotes online journalism that fetches results from as many as 50,000 sources across the world. If a user searches for a particular query, then related stories are displayed in the search result. These results are curated based on the user’s interests. Also, freshness, relevancy, location and diversity of content is significant for Google News.

If you publish newsworthy updated and meaningful content, then you should register with Google News and understand its SEO, which is quite different from content marketing services you use to promote regular content. It is bound to give you a large traffic volume while increasing your backlinks produced from your articles. The larger publications like The Times, Washington Post, BBC and more, benefit of Google News. But it doesn’t mean that if you have a small-scale business, then you will not rank in search results. As Google stresses that it supports diversity, it means that if you are into a particular domain, then your content will be picked up as long as it is relevant, newsworthy and updated. Google News also supports various languages and regional news.

Advantages of Google News

1. Boost Brand Value

Registering your website with Google News helps you promote your news channel. A new channel can be registered in a niche like technology, management, business, etc. You can cover news relevant in a geographical location. It still has chances of being picked up because Google believes in showing results, which are most relevant, trending, and content-driven. Apart from this, you need to ensure that the content is credible as  prefers trustworthy sources.

2. Get Instant Traffic

Google News is all about what’s trending and that’s why pitching in with timely content may get your website enormous traffic. Because news story search results appear before the blog and other forms of content. Moreover, news published through Google is indexed faster than regular content pieces. While writing the news article, make sure to add keywords that users are searching for, pay attention to the headline as it is one of the vital factors that decides ranking, and write as soon as possible because timing is significant.

3. Increased Backlinks

Once you get traffic on a particular story, you can redirect visitors to other stories and articles on your website to providing relevant backlinks. Many sites are looking for websites that provide relevant and updated content related to the domain they are serving, these websites can link your news piece in their content to inform their readers about the source they are quoting. This will boost your backlinks and ultimately ranking in organic search results.

4. Adding Value To Your Website

Publishing content every day, your website will get into the good books of Google as it prefers sites that post frequently. You add quality content often and that’s why your site is indexed on a real-time basis by Google News crawler adding positive value. This frequent indexing is a major booster in your google search ranking but keep in mind that Google is looking for news items, therefore, you are required to provide only news pieces on your Google News approved website. Also, when your site is reviewed and approved, it gets an ‘Authority Site’ status. This helps in increasing ranking and organic traffic coming through search results and news search results.

5. Automatic Optimization of Your Site

SEO for news website does not mean the heavy use of keywords as only including them in the headline and a few times in the content would do. The News relies on quality content and adding keywords in the headline lets Google understand what the article is about and its relevance to what the user is searching. Since the window of writing news pieces is small because an update rolling out today might not have a lot of significance tomorrow, you need to inform readers about the update and give background information to frame the story. Indexing is already done on a real-time basis, therefore, SEO oesn’t take a lot of efforts for your digital marketing company. Moreover, the results are also faster.

6. Far-Reaching Presence

Google Search is the major source for organic traffic. Registering your site in the news section of Google, your presence gets two-fold. Your website can be listed in both sections thus, increasing your visibility. Indexing is another important factor in boosting your presence.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your who, what, when, where, why and how in place and start writing concise, accurate and high-quality content. High quality content shows up in the top searches with following simple steps of SEO.

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