What is Email Marketing ?

First of all, email marketing is by definition the “art” or rather the science of selling by email. But it is not limited to that and fortunately. This marketing comes in two main categories:

emailing or sending an email to promote a product/service. This often turns to a single subject.
the newsletter or send an email to provide current company news (publication of a new article)
It is also possible to segment your audience by dissociating buyers from cart abandonments or even people who have simply subscribed to the newsletter. Finally, you can also send emails based on your reader’s behavior. If you send him 5 offers and he clicks your link to learn more about a particular offer, you can send him an email sequence only related to that offer.

How to get traffic automatically?

Traffic is one of the most important things today if you want to market yourself, offer your services, or sell. And this marketing is really linked to your website traffic because that is how you will be able to contact your audience to come to your site. We saw previously how to recover emails automatically, and now we are interested in how to recover traffic. Everything you offer by email as well as the notification of the publication of your new articles is done automatically. Thus, you will be able to revive each of the visitors continuously until you no longer publish any content and your emails reach the end of their campaign. We are talking about customer loyalty, this is the first step! Your traffic will naturally improve and your stats will naturally improve as people don’t just watch and go. They come back… and often!

How to keep traffic in the long term?

When someone signs up by email and receives your email sequence, there comes a point when your email sequence ends. And that is the problem. How to retain them for life then? You just have to offer quality content, promotions and launches for life. And yes, we are no longer talking about the small site or a small blog. It’s a real business. You are going to have to be present and not just a little! Start by running an email campaign for 1 month, no more. Because beyond a month, you’ve lost almost everyone on the topic they signed up for. They got your offer now they want us to talk about something else. Then, send them a notification when you post your new blog posts to provide them with quality and potentially topical content. And finally, make regular product launches or promotions your existing products or services.


3 outstanding email marketing examples
1. Netflix

Looking for something new to see? Netflix will never allow you to miss out on its latest streaming news. If you are a subscriber, you have surely received an email like the one in this example, where you can find out the latest content added to the platform, some recommendations based on your tastes and a preview of a movie or series.

Why this is works
Users love that their favorite brands think of them as more than just a number. The Netflix message is personalized in the subject and, even more important, in the content: it informs about the news that may be of interest to the customer, based on their tastes. Another great detail is that you can see the most recommended content in a video within the same email, which is extremely comfortable for the user.

2. Samsung

Samsung does not miss the opportunity to show off its greatest novelties and innovations. With a sober and elegant design, it highlights the characteristics of each of its products, inviting users to learn more about its tablets and fashion accessories. And why not? Also to buy one of them!

Why this is works
This email offers a sober and elegant design: the photos are very clear and allow the product to shine through intelligent use of white space. On the other hand, the opportunity is taken to communicate a reward in discounts to complete the purchase. An irresistible message for any lover of technology.

3. Kichink

The startup shares the newest products from its catalog on a weekly basis. The idea is that the user looks for something of his preference and takes advantage of discounts or free shipping.

Why this is works
Its structure is divided into what most interests consumers: everything they can find for FREE; below, the discounts of the day. As you can see, in each of the products its price and offer appear, a detail that users who love to buy online value a lot, since it helps them make a decision more quickly.


Effective  strategies for optimal development

Nowadays, carrying out Email Marketing strategies is essential to stimulate and publicize any business. But, do you know what steps to take so that your email campaigns are synonymous with effectiveness and conversion? We share with you the main keys with which to design your Marketing actions.

Knowing the secrets of  Marketing strategies is the most precious asset for companies from all kinds of sectors that want to reach their customers and lead them to their business in a more personal, direct and measurable way. For this reason, if your company has not yet entered the world of  Marketing or has done so but you do not know if with the right steps, we collect below the most important points that cannot be escaped at this point in your marketing plan.

Why is a Marketing strategy necessary for a business?

This Marketing strategies turn out to be of vital importance for your business since it will bring thousands of benefits. In this sense, the number of potential clients who will know about your business will substantially increase, ultimately having an impact on the profits obtained.

In addition, it turns out to be an extremely practical, efficient and above all economic method, since you will reach thousands of potential clients in seconds.

Another of the qualities is that it has no limits since you can send your campaigns to the number of potential clients you want and substantially increase their number without any inconvenience.

On the other hand, it is very economical. As long as you have access to the web, the possibilities of making the shipments designed in your Marketing strategy can be multiple. However, and as we will indicate in this article, it is important to study the frequency of shipments so as not to saturate our list of receivers since this effect is counterproductive for our objectives.

Steps to develop an optimal Email Marketing strategy

If you want to carry out Marketing strategies based on the interests of your audience and that invite their opening, you should take into account the following points:

1. What objectives do you want to meet
Planning is one of the most important points to be able to carry out each of the steps of your  Marketing strategies. In this way, it will be much easier to carry them out successfully and design each action via email to achieve it.

2. Partner with the most effective  Marketing tools
Tools like MailChimp, Aweber or Constant Contact, among others. Many of them have pre-designed templates to make your work easier, as well as an intuitive interface that will help you design your campaign quickly and measure the scope of each action.

3. Study your audience well

Marketing strategies should be aimed at your consumer audience. From this in-depth analysis, you will have the basic information to include in your emailing strategy from informative content or the organization of contests among your subscribers, depending on the objectives pursued with each sending.

4. Take care of your database
A subscriber list is measured by its quality and not so much by its quantity. The more qualitative contacts and the greater reach you have, the more you will be able to spread your messages in the desired way, getting progressively more subscribers to become clients.

Email Marketing Tips

Tips for a Successful Strategy

Now that we know that email marketing is effective when it comes to B2B sales and B2B lead generation, let’s dive a little deeper and talk about some more important things to know before embarking on a journey like this:

1. Think About Your Customers and Understand the Differences
B2B marketing, although somewhat similar to direct marketing, is not the same. Customers behave differently and make different decisions. B2B marketing is targeting a more rational audience. How? Regular customers are sometimes less informed about what they are buying, they are susceptible to whims and recklessness.

On the other hand, business customers know what they need upfront. They don’t base their purchasing decisions on whims or indulgences. Instead, they are making rational decisions based on what they need and value for money. As a consequence, when targeting business customers, you need to take into account the fact that they are different and act differently from regular customers.

2. Pay Attention to the Email Header
This is the most important visual aspect of your email campaign. If you want B2B sales, you need content that’s right for your audience, but first, you need to grab their attention in some way. This is what your banner should do.

Considering that the average office worker receives a number of 121 emails daily, you have only seconds to grab their attention. This means that you need to convey a clear message, right in the header section, the first thing your audience notices when they open your email.

3. Content Marketing Starts with the Title and Subject Line
Think especially of the subject line, as if it were the only line of text in your email. Why? When the email you sent lands in your customer’s inbox, the first thing they’ll notice is your subject line. You don’t get more than a few seconds for them to be curious about your offering, and that’s why you need to tell them everything they need to know from there.

4. Don’t Direct Your Email to a CEO
Considering that your goal is to generate B2B sales and leads, you should know that not all decision-makers for your target audience have the same roles in their companies. I know that initially, you want to contact the CEO of the companies you have targeted in your campaign directly, but this is not always the best option. Why?

Let’s say you want to sell office automation products. There are institutions that need these products, but there are also large companies, local shops, individual entrepreneurs, etc. There are different types of people who are in charge of supplying such goods to their companies.

 Email Marketing Tools


1. GetResponse – Versatile and packed with features
To call GetResponse, an email marketing tool wouldn’t really do justice to the vendor’s own marketing solution, called the “powerful all-in-one platform”. With GetResponse, you can create very individual mailings. For this, you are in the tool u.a. several thousand licensed images already available. Beginners use the Drag & Drop editor, experts modify their emails in HTML code. The newsletter software is supplemented with convenient A / B testing, extensive tracking options, and the ability to use the Marketing Automation Tool for mailings.

2. Newsletter2Go – Berlin software certified by TÜV
With Newsletter2Go, you get user-friendly newsletter software with an intuitive drag and drop editor. If you want to send newsletters with little effort, you will find 50 free templates. With just a few building blocks, you can create mailings ready to ship. To design your emails, you can access more than 500,000 high-resolution images with Newsletter2Go. Very practical: each text message is created from each HTML mail. It is displayed to the recipient when the HTML code is blocked. Another advantage is the automatic maintenance of the recipient list. A / B testing with Newsletter2Go is just as possible as click or bounce card tracking to evaluate campaigns. On request, you can receive your reports in real-time.

3. Clever Elements – user-friendly software-based in Germany

Clever Element provides an electronic marketing solution that reduces operations to a concise dashboard. In practice, campaigns or only “one-shot” can be created just as quickly and simply, ie targeted mailings for a limited group of recipients. The Clever Elements content management system is intuitive and allows the creation of newsletters in modular mode. Concise dashboards are available for measuring success and reporting. By intelligently monitoring its own mail servers, Clever Elements guarantees reliable delivery of your mails.

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