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What is an effective Website?

What is an effective Website? Read this post to better understand.

Like most of your colleagues, you finally have a website for your business . But, basically, you consider it as a simple showcase , saying to yourself ” if ever someone is looking for us and wants to contact us, they just have to go to our site “. Yes, but here it is, to contact you or look for you, you must first… know you or find you! 

We remind you, one of the first steps to initiate the digitalization of your business is to  build a website and optimize it . Let’s take a look at the elements that make a website effective  !

What does your website aim to achieve?

You need to understand the purpose of your website before you sit down to create a list of objectives. What action do you want visitors to your website to take? After people leave your site, what do you want them to do or know?

Several typical examples of website goals are given below:

  • Your website should generate leads for you. This could entail having potential clients call you, visit your physical presence, subscribe to your email list, or fill out a contact form.
  • You want leads to come from your website. Conversions include things like online purchases, in-person purchases, donations, new subscribers, and an increase in volunteers.
  • You want your website to educate your visitors. You wish to demonstrate your expertise, describe your offerings, or impart knowledge about a subject.

A website with goals

Have you ever considered establishing clear objectives or goals for your website? It’s simple to develop the routine of only “maintaining” your website. You may regularly update your material, add new blog articles, and even monitor the traffic to your website. But without clear objectives, it can be very challenging to understand how any of that translates into success.

I’m not here to talk about stats that have no real significance and that you’ll forget in a few months. Your objectives should be measurable and explicit instead. They should challenge you while still being attainable.

  • An effective website must have real objectives in focus:
  • What benefits do you want to derive from your website?
  • Improve your notoriety 
  • lead generation (acquiring new prospects)
  • Increase in turnover  (that is to say, find new customers on the internet )
  • Increased customer satisfaction 
  • Automate and personalize the customer relationship 
  • What types of information do you want to share? 

This first phase is very important and will determine the whole purpose of your site. If you are about to create your site, these elements must appear clearly in the specifications to be submitted to the digital agency that will take care of it. 

A flawless technique

Without going too far into the technical aspect, we just want to point out that a site must now follow a few rules to be found and offer the best user experience for the Internet user . Let us then note in order:

  • a responsive website , i.e. suitable for reading on all screens (iPhone, Android, iPad, tablets, etc.)
  • moderate use of JavaScript
  • a powerful CMS (Content Management System) in which you can make simple changes and edit your content easily
  • accessibility
  • taking into account elements for natural referencing (SEO), such as the organization of content and the user experience

Google no longer jokes about websites that are not ” mobile-friendly ” or secure (even if the latter criterion matters less in SEO), so hurry up and update!

A site well positioned in Google

It is not because your website is indexed / referenced on the web that it will be found by your targets! And it’s getting harder and harder. The whole issue of visibility on Google is to be found for what you do , and not for who you are. It is therefore obvious to implement an appropriate strategy for natural referencing.


Let’s take a concrete example: let’s imagine that you are a company that manufactures safety equipment for construction sites and your name is “abcd”.

  • Case 1:

If a user types “abcd” on Google, there is a good chance that the first search result will be your website (I hope for you). And this is quite normal! The Internet user knows you and that is why he is looking for your name. It’s direct traffic.

  • Case 2:

Now, let’s imagine an Internet user who does not know “abcd” and who is looking for a construction safety helmet. He will therefore type on Google “construction helmet”.

If “abcd” has not done a background work of natural referencing / SEO beforehand on its site, our Internet user will NEVER be able to find it by this means. 

Admit that it would be a shame to miss out on someone who specifically wants to buy what you are offering! 

SEO methods to raise positioning

You must take into account both On Page and Off Page actions for an efficient positioning plan if you want to achieve your first search engine results.

1. On-page SEO

These are the only optimization tasks you need to complete on your page. The greatest website positioning advice frequently focuses on the website itself. For instance:

  • Streamline the web’s content.
  • Produce worthwhile material that users might find interesting.
  • Create URLs that are search engine friendly.
  • Review all internal and external web links.
  • Verify that Google can index all of your material.
  • Examine the website’s overall usability.

2. Off-Page SEO

All of these are optimization techniques.

You have to work off of your website. The goal of SEO Off Page is to advertise a website online. Following are some pointers for positioning a website using SEO Off Page techniques:

  • Creating links, also known as link building.
  • Distributing your links on social media.
  • Maintaining your social media profiles.

3. Techniques for creating links

  • You can gain external links to your website using this SEO strategy. It describes all the steps you must do to get other websites to connect to your website, which will raise the popularity of your website and consequently your positioning.
  • Your PageRank will increase as you receive more incoming links. Backlinks are the term for these external links.


A website with a strategy

You have a new store, a new point of sale but online this time. And your investment should not be limited to the technical part.

Keep in mind that an effective website is one that converts visitors into leads and then into customers.

You will therefore need to integrate a digital marketing strategy  in accordance with your objectives in order to:

  • Attract Internet users using a blog and social networks, but also your own customer data (CRM)
  • Meet their expectations and problems: by using the right content at the right time
  • Convert these visitors into prospects (leads, requests for quotes or RVs, etc.), initially, by using call-to-action buttons (CTA in VO for Call-to-Action) which lead to landings pages (landing pages) with forms to fill in to download so-called premium content
  • Transform your prospects into customers , in a second step, using  marketing automation  to nurture and maintain the relationship with your prospects. We talk about ” lead nurturing “.
  • Retain them and identify them as ambassadors, by offering “advice” content after the purchase.

Here we touch on the pillars of the Inbound Marketing methodology : attract, convert, conclude and delight! 

All visibility issues on Google  then come into play and find their answer in the production of content .

Digital has overturned the rules of traditional marketing: it is now for you to attract consumers to your site , your sign, your brand through quality online editorial content . It is even the number one challenge for marketers . Customers inquire online, you need to provide them with answers or your competitors will. Simple and basic.


Let’s take the example of “abcd” again. In order to reach a wider audience, the security equipment company has developed blog posts such as:

  • 3 tips to better secure your renovation sites
  • the 5 safety materials that every individual must have at home


Internet users looking for educational information are satisfied and the company’s image is enhanced.

It’s up to you to establish a relevant editorial strategy that is centered on the issues of your customers ( while taking into account the requests made in Google and among your competitors) and no longer on your brand (we know, it’s hard to accept. but I promise, your audience will thank you!

 The pillar of your online presence is your website , pamper it and make it more efficient! Determine objectives, be sure to use technical elements in line with the rules, work on the natural referencing of your site and finally define a digital strategy . Content production is a key element of today’s digital marketing , you can’t do without it! If you don’t, a competitor will do it for you. If you want to set up online visibility, work and work on the SEO of your site, do not hesitate to contact Digital Marketing Lahore for advice. Our agency puts your strategy into action, step by step, and will increase your chances of getting to the top of the results.


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