What does the Prestashop Spin and Win Addon offer?

Knowband’s Prestashop Spin and Win Addon allow eCommerce owners to display a popup Email subscription. Further, in a fun and gamified manner on the front end. In fact, the website becomes much more engaging and responsive as a result of this. Additionally, the possibilities of collecting the customer’s Email ids grow. In fact, the client is more likely to visit the website if the discounts are available in a gaming format. Furthermore, the website’s conversion rate is anticipated to increase as a result of the attractive offers. The website owner can get a statistics report on the number of coupons created, and more. For instance, the number of coupons utilized, and the number of coupons left unused by consumers. It’s quite simple to set up on the internet.

This blog throws light on everything you should know about the Prestashop Interactive pop up addon. So, let us start by understanding how does the Prestashop module work.

How does the Prestashop Spin and Win Addon work?

When it comes to the operation of the Prestashop subscription pop up addon, the foundation is flawless. The visitor/customer navigates to the website. Further, the Prestashop Responsive pop up addon then displays a popup on the screen. The user then clicks on the section and enters his or her email address. Similarly, clicking ‘Try your luck’ causes the wheel to spin. Furthermore, as the wheel comes to a halt. In addition, the reward appears on screen, the fireworks burst across the whole screen. As a result, the Coupon Code appears on the screen as well. In actuality, the administrator delivers the code to the user via the registered email address.

Now you know the working of the Subscription pop up addon. Let us move further with the blog. In fact, mentioned below are the aspects with which you can attract new users to the website.

How to attract new users to your store?

Setup and configure the Prestashop Spin and Win Addon on your Prestashop site

The very first action is to buy, install, and personalize the Knowband Prestashop Entry Pop up on your store. The interactive module for Prestashop shops is designed to bring your site to life using Gamified innovation. If you acquire the Prestashop addon from Knowband, you will be able to walk through the entire process with extensive assistance.

Adapt the theme to the requirements of your site

You don’t have to worry about whether the Prestashop Spin and Win pop up will look good on your website because you, as the store owner, can choose the theme. As a new option, you can now schedule the theme’s date and time.

With this entertaining display, you can celebrate your success

So, what role do you perform in becoming your clients’ companions at your shop if you don’t seem happy after they win? When customers win by rotating the wheel, Prestashop Spin and Win Addon celebrates with pyrotechnics and a popup sound. To stay up to date, as the administrator, you can change this capability on your shop’s backend.

Make the interactive feature your own by customizing it

What’s better than a spin wheel that checks the participant’s name before spinning it? After all, it is the customization that draws a visitor/customer closer to a website. The Email Subscription pop up addon allows the admin to request the user’s name prior to rotating the disc.

Going further, let us take a look at the features of the Prestashop Entry Pop up by Knowband.

Striking highlights of the Prestashop Spin and Win Addon by Knowband

  • The Prestashop Exit Intent Pop up is a three-out-of-one pop up module. In fact, it features three pop-ups: an entry pop-up, an exit the pop-up, and an email subscription pop-up.
  • Prestashop Entry Pop up is a fun gamified spin and wins the challenge. Further, it requires the user to submit account information.
  • We can claim that it is a simple approach to attracting customers to your online store.
  • The Prestashop Exit Intent Pop up promotes the administrator to increase traffic to the online store.
  • In fact, it is also utilized to gain the faith of customers.
  • The Prestashop Email Subscription pop up addon increases customer loyalty to the website. Further, it has a significant impact on sales.
  • The produced discount is efficiently usable on the checkout page. Furthermore, improving the customer’s buying experience.
  • It is quite easy to operate from the back-end interface.
  • The plugin provides an excellent detailed foundation.

Pros of the Prestashop spin and win addon for Store Owner

  • The user-friendly plugin is usable as an entry popup, exit popup, or email subscription popup.
  • Visitors feel pumped to register their email addresses/ Further, by the intuitive stunning gamified spin and wheel challenge.
  • It is simple to get customers to visit your online business.
  • The Spin Wheel Addon allows the administrator to grow the client base. How? By capturing or obtaining the email addresses of the users.
  • The Prestashop Newsletter Subscription popup addon increases user confidence in your business.
  • The Prestashop Spin and Win Addon increases customer loyalty. Further, which has a significant impact on your web store’s sales.
  • The Prestashop Exit Pop up addon is customizable to meet the needs of the administrator or owner. In addition, he can customize the theme of your online store.
  • Prestashop’s intuitive back-end interface makes it incredibly easy to use.
  • The Prestashop module is compatible with all the other Prestashop addons.
  • Prestashop Entry Pop up has a set coupon validity feature. Further, that allows administrators to limit the resemblance of spin and win coupons with other cart restrictions.

Customer usefulness of the Prestashop Newsletter Subscription popup addon

  • The adaptive and clever Entry pop up provides a discount to clients sans annoyance.
  • Spin Wheel Addon section popups provide a method for obtaining various types of discount offers and rewards.
  • Prestashop spin and win addon popup can quickly add a delightful feature. Further, to provide clients with a superior purchasing experience.
  • The clients will get routine alerts to assist them in remembering the deals they have earned.
  • Customers can easily retrieve the coupon code on the checkout page. Furthermore, to obtain the true benefit of the benefits.
  • With the instant e-coupon generating feature, customers can surely obtain the coupon code without having to provide any information.

Some remarkable advantages of the Prestashop Spin and Win Addon

MailChimp integration

Customers are encouraged to provide admin their email addresses by spinning the wheel in the Prestashop Spin and Win Email Subscription plugin. It syncs the mail using the built-in MailChimp and distributes promotional vouchers to the consumer through email. It employs a straightforward server-side computation.

The module is absolutely easy-peasy while installing

It is simple to set up When you click the configure tab, the page will be sent to the configuration page. The admin panel contains several configuration tabs that allow him/her to make adjustments.

Theme Scheduling

Do you want to make your spin wheel look as per the occasion? Further, the module by Knowband allows the admin to set the theme as per the admin’s choice. The theme scheduling functionality is available for holidays like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, and more. In fact, the admin can set the timing of the theme. Thus, when the expiration happens, the standard theme takes over.

Let us Wind Up!!

Thus, this is all that you should know about the Prestashop Spin and Win Addon by Knowband. Further, if you have any problem in understanding the plugin, let us know at

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