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What Does a Grant Writer Do?

The job of a grant writer involves researching, involving, drafting, and submitting proposals to assist their companies or individuals in receiving grant funding. However, for an organization or person to be eligible for grant funding, they must have their purposes aligned with the specifications of the grants. The grant writers are also supposed to write post-project reports as required by the grant providing agency. They also track the progress of the grants being expected to receive. These writers usually work in non-profit organizations. The basic purpose of a grant writer’s job is to gather and deliver all necessary documents and other workings that are prerequisites of the grant funding agencies. They work towards securing funding for their employers. The grant funding is not the same as a loan; as the grant money is not supposed to be paid back. Almost all funding agencies have different principles and standards that regulate the allocation of grants. For this purpose, a grant writer is often asked to draft and compile a variety of documents in accordance with the application of a specific grant.

There are different types of grant writers unlike ghostwriters for hire, whose job is to merely write books. Some grant writers only work to write grants, compile relevant information, and keeping an eye on new grant openings for which their employers might be eligible. However, for other grant writers, granting writing only covers half of their job roles. They are responsible for answering the queries of the fund providing agencies related to the proposals being submitted. They also develop relationships with potential donors and also comment on how the documentation of a grant could impact the conclusion of a project. Then, there are freelancers, who write grants on a part-time basis on a basis of a contract. It is important to understand that most of the time, it is only the NGOs that qualify for grants and only a few profit-making organizations. So, most of the grant writers are employed by NGOs. On the other hand, some individuals might also qualify for grants. For instance, students in need of educational grants. So, many grant writers are hired by students looking to acquire grants for educational purposes. There are many grant writers for hire just like ghostwriters for hire, but many of them prefer to work on a freelance basis.

There are certain boundaries that freelance grant writers must follow. First of all, all grant writers must never carry out any unethical or illegal activity on behalf of their employers – companies and individuals alike. Such actions may very well result in penalties. Many unprincipled and corrupt organizations may try to bribe grant writers with a percentage of the grant money to get their illegal work done. But, all grant writers, and even those who want to start a career as a grant writer, never fall into the trap of greed. As per the American Association of Grant Professionals, all such practices are considered to be ethical violations and may result in strict consequences. Any formal castigation has the power to tarnish the reputation of the grant writers making it difficult for them to get work in the future.

Many misconceptions are surrounding the position of a grant writer. Most of the time, people misunderstand the term ‘grant writer’, because it seems misleading to them. Grant writers are not government workers who can sanction grants. It is the government that provides money in the shape of grants. Grant writers, on the other hand, are individuals who take up jobs at different companies and their sole job is to write documents required for the application of grant funding. They only work to secure grant money for their employers. This is also the reason grant writing is from time to time called ‘proposal writing’. When it comes to making money, the average salary of a Grant Writer is $69,484 per annum and $33 per hour in the United States of America. However, the exact pay varies with experience. But, a grant writer can expect it to be between $49,834 to $85, 744. A lot of employment and pay data regarding grant writers is subjective, as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not collect information about this particular occupation. The qualification requirement for a grant writer is like other writers, they also just need a bachelor’s degree to qualify for entry-level jobs. However, with enough experience, grant writers secure top positions in the organizations. The field of study is of little relevance but grant writers require two skills – exceptional writing skills and being persuasive in their communication. If one is interested in pursuing a career as a grant writer, he or she may get enrolled in professional training courses that are fairly common these days. However, with good browsing skills, one can also learn about grant/proposal writing through online portals and can practice writing samples to make a portfolio.

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