What are the benefits of Smart LED TVs


In the era of smart gadgets, we have every task made easy. When connected to the internet, the task becomes uncomplicated. In the list of smart gadgets, we have smartphones, smart washing machines, smart refrigerators, and smart LED TVs.

The transformation of the TV has been great over the years. Today, smart LED TVs to rule our home. When connected to the internet, you can easily surf through a variety of apps. You have a variety of options ranging from Netflix to social media to playing games.

The main benefit of buying a smart LED TV is that it is easy to access. It offers movies, music, and TV programs without much difficulty. The second advantage is the remote is designed to control the device connected. As per your availability, you can fix the time and schedule the program.

smart tv

Smart tv


Times are gone when you connect to the TV antenna or cable. You sit in front of the TV, watching only what is being aired. It is not surprising that we always don’t have choices but to watch the programs on the TV. But now the technological world is heading smarter. We don’t need to feel disappointed. The TV control is now in your hands. The necessity of smart LED TVs is much in demand nowadays.

What is Smart TV?

The smart TV provides a variety of entertainment options when connected to the internet. It is like smartphones. You can access more common applications like YouTube, Netflix, prime video, Hulu.

As the name suggests, smart TVs are smarter than you think. What does that mean? You will be surprised if I say that even you can control the lightning with smart gadgets. Smart light bulbs can enlighten your mood. You can connect it with smart home gadgets and things will work. Isn’t that interesting?

The aspect of a smart LED TV

Now that we know what is smart LED TV is, let’s look into its feature.

  • Surfing the web – You can visit any site, as you normally work on a laptop or smartphone. It makes streaming worth watching. You don’t need to look into a smaller screen for a long time. The big screen on the smart LED TV gives you a clear view of the picture.
  • Connectivity – With the process of connectivity you can view your photos, music, games or apps, on the big screen.
  • Availability of huge content – With the accessibility of content you can always prefer watching live-streaming, pre-recorded videos on movies that got released over the week
  • Easy installation – It is easy to fix your smart TV in any place in your home. You just need to fix a place where the network connection goes without interruption. The closer the TV to network connection, the better will be its result.
  • Gaming option – The smart LED TV is made in such a way that you have the access to games on computers. You can download games like Asphalt 8: Airborne, Dead Trigger 2, Into the Dead, BombSquad, GTA and so on which will provide you with a lively experience and get you along with the game.


Brands of smart LED TV?

Are you stuck between what smart LED TV is to be on your bucket list? Because of the diverse choices available in the market, the task might look complicated. Let’s dive deep into its brand.


  • Smart TV – 32 inch Samsung

The smart LED TV has a large screen, outstanding AP quality, and sleek build. To experience good gaming options, the graphics and their performance take you to another level. Screen mirroring is also available. Additionally, the LED TV can be transferred into a PC when required.


Brand name Samsung
Screen size 32 inches


Warranty 12 months
Weight 3.8 kgs
resolution HD


  • Smart LED TV – 43inch LG

Priced at 35,999 this luxury TV has a long period of warranty. The clarity of the picture is outstanding. You can also experience AV due to its soft sound. It has 1.5 GB RAM and 4GB of ROM.

Brand name LG
Model 43UM7290PTF
Screen size 43 inches
Warranty 36 months
Weight 8.4 kgs
Resolution 4K ultra HD


  • Smart LED TV – Mi TV 4A Pro 32 inch

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and best feature, then this should be your best choice. It can support wireless and is light in weight. The pre-installed apps in the smart TV Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube. It is priced at 14,999.

Brand name Mi
Model Mi TV 4A Pro 32
Screen size 32 inches
Warranty 12 months
Weight 3.9kgs
Resolution HD


(IV)Smart LED TV – TCL 40inch

If you wish to buy this smart LED then colourful and brilliant sound quality is on your way. It gives a theatrical experience in front of you. Due to the availability of micro dimming, you can adjust the brightness level as and when required.

Brand name TCL
Model 40S65OOFS
Screen size 40 Inches
Warranty 18 months
Weight 6.1 kgs
Resolution HD

(V) Smart LED TV – Sony Bravia 55 inch

If you are looking for a higher budget, then smart OLED would be a perfect choice. To view even the minute details of 4k, picture processing technology is Installed

Brand name Sony brain
Model KD – 55A8G
Screen size 55 inches
Warranty 12 months
Weight 17.6kgs
Resolution 4k Ultra HD

Apart from its brands, there are other factors that you should keep in mind before purchasing a smart LED TV. These are –

  1. Size  – To ensure proper viewing, the screen size should be 40 inches or above
  2. Screen resolution – It refers to the number of pixels required to produce the picture on the screen. If the pixel count is higher, the picture sharpness would also be high, resulting in finer details.
  3. Software platform – Make sure that the smart TV is adaptable with smartphones. Also, examine the inbuilt apps that it contains.

Types of smart TV

Smart TVs are divided by their resolution, display technology, and software platform.

  • Resolution – It refers to the number of pixels. The higher the resolution is, the higher the quality is. Generally, 4K provides 8.3 million pixels. This results in higher picture quality in sharpness of the picture. When viewed on large screens, 4k can be seen better.1080(full HD) can view the pictures even in the blue-ray without any disturbance.
  • Display Technology – They are divided into LCD, LED, and OLED smart TVs. LED has a good source over lighting conditions. OLED provides accurate colour and gives zero blur picture.
  • Software platform- This part is the major factor. It includes Firefox OS, LG Webos, Android OS, and so on.


What makes smart TV stand higher than the normal TV?

The basic difference between a normal TV and smart TV is its internet access. Smart TV can be connected to the internet and also has some inbuilt apps. The function of both, the television is same but the working manner is different.

With smart TV you can easily have access to live streams, Netflix, games, or even music. Usually, smart TV has a web browser while normal TV doesn’t. Some smart TV has additional features like a touch screen.

Is internet connection mandatory for smart television?

It is not necessary to have a Wi-Fi connection. It can still function as a normal TV without the internet. You can install offline games and apps that don’t need an internet connection.

Conclusion – This article provides an insight into a smart TV and its brands. If you are looking for a smart TV, these details will help you. The guidelines will catch you with its features too.


Happy shopping!

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