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5 Wedding Photography Tips You Need to Follow in 2020

Wedding photography is a difficult task when compared to other types of photography. You need to consider certain things in mind like dressing color, background, event venue, etc.

A wedding is a special day for every couple. To make this day even more special, you need to capture the images. Wedding photography should be capture in the way to keep the memories alive for decades.

It is necessary to take extra steps before going on a shoot for wedding photography. You need to make proper research before shooting wedding photographs.

This article will discuss some wedding photography tips for beginners to help you capture the high quality images.

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Wedding Photography Tips

1. Meet the Couple

The first and foremost requirement of wedding photography is the meeting between photographer and couple. Being a photographer, you need to meet the couple to discuss the requirements.

It is the best way to interact with your object directly. After clearing all the requirements, you will not have any issue while shooting the images.

Another positive aspect of the meeting is the photographer and the couple gets to know each other which helps in getting the job done in a smooth way.

2. Choose Best Camera and Lens

As I have mentioned above, wedding photography is different from other types of photography. A wedding photographer without proper equipment is of no value.

You need the best camera and lenses. You can go through proper research to find the best camera and lens.
The best way to ask around the experienced photographers. They can guide you in the best way of choosing the best equipment for photography.

You can capture the desired images if you have the best Canon lens for portraits and wedding photography. Canon and Nikon are the best brands used by most of the photographers.

3. Make a List

After clearing all the requirements, you need to list down all the wedding guests. While capturing the family portraits, you need to call each and every member by name.

Making a list will help you avoid any issue while shooting portraits photography. I know some photographers who often miss some of the family members while capturing the family portraits, which cause conflict with the client most of the time.

4. Check out the Location

Location matters a lot when talking about wedding photography. You need to properly check out the details whether the even is going to be held indoor or outdoor.

If you know the location, you will avoid the issues of reaching to the location on the wedding day. You can also take the couple with you at the location and capture some test images.


Pro Tip: Being a professional wedding photographer, you should also have a mobile phone with the best camera result. It will help you in capturing unique photos from different angles. Furthermore, you can’t rely only on your DSLR camera while covering the wedding ceremony. Use the best phone stand for recording videos professionally. 


5. Prepare in Advance

A wedding is the most important event in one’s life. Being a wedding photographer, you need to be extra careful. The best way to handle the event is the prepare yourself prior to the event.

It is important to plan your source of reaching the destination on time. If you have your own car, it’s good but you are planning to hire a taxi, you need to book the best taxi in advance.

Take the couple with you at the wedding venue and capture some test images. Show them the images and ask for a recommendation. It will help you capture the images according to the desire of the couple.

Taking a second photographer, or asking the couple to find one, can be a great help. It will relieve a lot of pressure on your back if something disastrous happens.

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For example, if you miss an important moment, there is a good chance that your backup photographer has these photos.

Another benefit is that you can delegate your work, such as asking them to photograph only the guests while concentrating on the bride and groom.

If you are not familiar with the family and the couple’s guests, it can be difficult to try to gather them to take group photos. Therefore, it is a good idea to have the couple designate one of their family members to do this particular job.


I hope this article will help you out in capturing the stunning wedding photos. Share this article on your social media if you find it helpful. If you are looking for the best camera lens review, check out

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