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Tips and Tricks for a Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

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The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of the wedding day and thereafter. Marriage is a big day for every bride. And to look astonishing on this day is what every bride craves for. And why not, as she is the star of the event. Every bride to be want to look most beautiful on her d day and so they prepare so much, we search for so many tips and tricks that can add on to our beauty. From head to toe, from hair to makeup, from hairpin to nail paint you want to leave no stones unturned to look perfect on your wedding day.

Every bride takes care of her wedding dress, jewelry, makeup, hairstyle, Mehendi, etc. You as a bride look after and make decisions regarding all big things like to pick a correct lehenga, from different available bridal mehndi designs choose one or select a perfect hairstyle for yourself which adds on stars to our beauty. But while we are busy looking after these major things, we sometimes overlook the minor once and this is where we lack behind, this acts as a spot on your appearance.  A hairstyle is an important part of your bridal looks. But just selecting a hairstyle for your D-Day is not enough, there are many minor tricks and tips you should take into consideration in order to give a perfect look to your hair for your wedding.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

So, you are also looking for such minute advice for your hairs that can enhance your bridal looks.

Then you are in the right place, as this article is for you. So here are some wedding hair tips and tricks, every bride should know.


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The first hair tip for every bride is to select your hairstyle wisely. As your hairstyle compliments your entire wedding look. There are various factors that should be taken into account while selecting a hairstyle. What kind of dress are you wearing? Does it go well with your jewelry? What is the length of your hair? How is the weather going to be? Do you feel comfortable with it?

Ask yourself the above questions while selecting your hair look. So that you won’t make a mistake.


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While selecting a hairstyle for your wedding day you must first analyze yourself properly. As it is very important to select a hairstyle and haircut that suits your face cut and body structure. Like there are different options for different body types and face cuts. There are different types of hairstyle for:

  1. Round face
  2. Oval face
  3. Rectangular face
  4. Heart-shaped face etc.

So keep this hair tip in mind and choose your hairstyle accordingly.


We sometimes select a hairstyle that goes well with our face but still, it looks incomplete or imperfect for your looks. This is because of your hair texture. This is an important hair trick a bride must take into consideration, as different people have distinct hair textures. So select your hairdo as per your hair texture.

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Pairing is a must, no matter how well you make the choice of things it is essential to pair it with the correct one. So remember this hair tip for your wedding day to select the right hairstyle that pairs well with your accessories

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


It is a salient hair trick for a bride to take care of the timing. Like it is advised not to take up trials too early as generally, it results in second-guessing which at times doesn’t prove to be fruitful.

Picture Courtesy: ShaadiSaga

Also, don’t get a haircut or hair color too close to your wedding as it may be disastrous. Like if it does not suit you or it went somewhat wrong you are left with no time to fix it.

So, take into consideration this trick to avoid perplexity on your wedding day.


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When you admire a model or an actress from the red carpet you desire to look exactly like her, and if your appearance result is not exactly as you expected you end up in disappointment. Therefore keep in mind this tip not to set unrealistic expectations instead know your hairs well and get what looks best on them.


Last but not the least, on your D-Day, this is the most important for you. You get the things to be done that makes you happy. So be in your own hairs, be as realistic and natural as you can. Don’t go for so much artistic hairstyle that it hides your real self. Your hairdo should compliment your beauty. So, on your wedding day don’t forget to be you.

Picture Courtesy: HNH Style

These are a few hair tips and tricks that every bride should know irrespective of the kind of wedding celebration it is going to be to ensure perfect hair look on her d day.

As we all know in this time of pandemic people are preferably avoiding huge ceremonies. Some are going to house weddings while others are looking for small intimate wedding ideas for their marriage.

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

But you need not worry, no matter what kind of wedding you are going to be a bride of, if you follow the above-mentioned hair tips and tricks on your D-Day  you can avoid any kind of bewilderment on your wedding day and you are all set with a flawless breathtaking look for your wedding.



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