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The best website traffic generator I know is any way you can acquire links to your website.

These website links should have anchor text that describes your content or subject matter.

Anchor text is better than using images since the search engines can see what the link says and will grant more points for descriptive text.

There are several effective and easy ways to do this and here’s how.

First, you need to figure out the best keywords or phrases that describe your content and information on your web page.

Notice I said web page and not web site.

Since a link directly connects with a specific web page,

the keywords should be according to the content on that specific web page too.

Your website could be about a general subject

but a web page should be about a specific topic within the subject matter.

We have an excellent and free keyword tool to suggest.

Must check: SEO Company Name Ideas

Good Keywords has been around for several years and is a great tool for finding keywords and phrases that describe your content.

You can download this free tool here. It comes with easy-to-understand instructions and good help files.

Once you have your list of appropriate keywords, you can use the free Google External Keyword Tool to see popular searches on

those specific terms to find the most popular keywords. Don’t take the number searches to be exact,

use them as a guide to show which are more popular terms. Search engine history is one indication and won’t necessarily be absolute in numbers.

Still, it’s a good tool to see which keywords get more searches.

OK, now we have our keywords, we now which are more popular so now you want to find our

how much competition the search terms might have and if there’s any low hanging fruit. Low hanging fruit would be popular search terms with reasonable (make that beatable) amounts of competition.

What’s low competition these days? Believe it or not, anything with under 300,000 listings is usually workable.

With some very popular terms coming up with over 2 billion results, 300,000 looks pretty good.

Lower is better but keep in mind that if you pay attention and do your on-page SEO well, the anchor text can be the icing on the cake.

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Now that you’ve done the proper research, and come up with good search numbers and low competition you’re ready to start the final phase.

The best two ways to get free links, that don’t require begging other website owners for reciprocal links, are

Article Writing and publishing and posting on blogs, forums, and other websites that allow comments.

One is to publish on popular article directories like EzineArticles.com and Isnare.com, and

the other to publish on your own website. Build an article of value to the reader based on the keywords,

making one version for the directories and one version for the website. Same keywords but different content.

Take some time and make your article of value to the reader. Use the keywords in the title and the body of the article.

Whenever possible, use the directories version to lead into the version on the website. Try to make the version on the website the rest of the story.

That gives you a link from the article directory using the keywords as anchor text, and content on your website to support your subject matter.

So articles can be a great website traffic generator for two methods of traffic.

The search engines will send visitors and people who read your articles on the directory could click on your link to find out more information.

The links from the posting to the blogs or other websites can be a doubleheader too.

Post helpful information that can be important on its own and establish you as an expert.

This gives you a high authority link but can also pique the interest of the reader to click on your link and go to your website for more information.

The trick in posting is to make sure that the website does not use the Nofollow attribute on links.

You can use your browser to view the source and do a search for the term nofollow to make sure your link will be recognized by the search engines.

There is a free tool that can help you find these websites called Fast Blog Finder.

It will go out and search for websites that don’t use nofollow and provide a list.

There’s a free version limited to 50 listings per keyword you can get by clicking here.

Try it and if you like it buy the unlimited version.

So there are two methods for getting targeted traffic to your website.

Each method can be an excellent website traffic generator. Both are free and both can make a big difference.

Link To Get Traffic – NotSearch Engine Rankings!

In fact, the people best able to withstand major changes and shifts in the search engines that affect their rankings are the people who have a broad, multi-faceted marketing campaign.

In order to weather any drops from single sources of traffic to your site, you must have a lot of irons in the fire (links).

People you have targeted as your best prospects should be able to find your site virtually everywhere they surf.

Web site owners who rely solely on search engine ranking are leaving 90% of the marketing pie on the plate!

For long-term stability and steady, predictable traffic, you simply must broaden your reach and utilize a host of different publicity tactics in order to keep sales up.

One of the most effective tactics I talk about is article publishing.

It is also one of the most misunderstood and abused tactics I teach.

If you don’t get it, don’t do it. Below is my explanation of why we write articles and other short publications in the first place.

Publishing and Syndication of Your Articles

A lot of people miss the boat on this one.

And it’s too bad that many people see that articles and other published works are important, but they don’t produce quality work,

(Solely for search engines to find) Problem is, once they have syndicated their article to tons of free content sites,

all they have at the end of the day is a link pointing to their site.

No one is READING the articles! Why? Because, honestly, they are terrible.

Or they are just short of being blatant ads.

People pick up on an amateur article within the first sentence or two and move on. Didn’t you write your article to get traffic?

Produce shoddy work and there is no click on the link.

There is no traffic produced.

The webmasters who focus totally on getting links as a tool to increase their pagerank in Google are missing the point entirely.

The point of Power Linking and all the tactics in the system was never to get high search engine rankings.

Getting ranked well in the search engines was and still is a BY-PRODUCT of a properly executed Power Linking campaign.

When I talk to my clients about getting links, what I am talking about is getting links placed in places

where human beings will see them and click on them.

Not just link directories that are created solely for boosting link popularity with Google.

So when you publish an article, take the time to think about

what people in your market need or want to know and give it to them. And write a GOOD article!

Linking is not just something that looks like this: www.power-linking-profits.com.

Real linking is networking and making connections with future customers on an emotional level through your publicity pieces.

Linking is about respect.

You gain respect by being published and being seen as the expert in your field.

And it goes without saying that your published work needs to stand up to

the basic quality expectations of savvy readers in your target market.

Come off looking like a hack who is only interested in getting a link published at the end of their cruddy article, and you lose all respect.

So even if someone does click on your link, they have reservations about you right off the bat before they even get to your site.

This is no way to sell products and services.

If you remember nothing else, please remember this:

No matter what linking method you work on this week,

keep in mind

that the most important links of all are the links intended for real people to see and click on!

Get linked in content directories and on web pages

that get hit by as many of your target prospects as possible.

And link to get traffic, not search engine rankings!

People focus too much on search engine marketing. If you do your job as a marketer, you will naturally rank high in the search engines.

There is no need whatsoever to focus your marketing campaign on search engines entirely.

Focus your marketing efforts on people and your customers, and you will have what I call “Natural Search Engine Rankings.”

You see, Google wants the most relevant results.

Well, what I have been trying to teach thousands of customers

all this time is that you need to focus your marketing campaign on your customers

so that you are the MOST relevant site on the net in your market.

Don’t worry about Google. They WANT you to be #1 if you deserve to be. How to be #1? By marketing to your customers directly on sites they surf the most and being the natural relevant result in their search.

Good search engine rankings will follow a great marketing campaign.


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