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Waterfront Gourmet Is One of the Top Catering Companies Philadelphia

Waterfront Gourmet Is One of the Top Catering Companies Philadelphia

When Catering Companies Philadelphia lead with a statement that everyone is ‘always fresh, always awesome,’ they set the bar pretty high. While you might tend toward skepticism, all you need to do is experience what Waterfront Gourmet can offer to dispel those feelings for good.

Securing a catering company can be a lot of work, just like planning events is by nature. When you engage in event planning, whether it’s for a dinner party or even for corporate events, you’ll be juggling invitations, scheduling, entertainment, and yes, food. Providing delicious food that keeps everyone happy might just be one of the trickiest aspects of planning successful events.

There are always a few picky eaters or attendees with dietary restrictions or preferences that can make it tough for you to supply a diverse enough array of menu options to fit every palate. Even though partnering with one of the catering companies Philadelphia can take some of that planning off of your plate, sometimes you don’t know what you’re getting into.

But with Waterfront Gourmet, you can rest easy in the fact that they’ve got the event covered. Unlike so many other caterers, Waterfront Gourmet prepares every catered selection fresh for delivery. That means that when you place a catered order to Waterfront Gourmet, you can be confident that your dishes will have been freshly prepared.

But as they have stated, it’s not just always fresh – it’s always amazing too. Yes, every item in their catering menu represents freshly prepared, delicious food, but it’s so much more than that. Whether you need to cater an event early in the morning for breakfast, mid-day for lunch, or later in the evening, Waterfront Gourmet will impress your attendees with its diverse, delicious menu bursting at the seams with flavor.

That’s because Waterfront Gourmet is committed to offering innovative menu creations. While some other caterers might have predicated their business on the model that speed and convenience is everything, Waterfront Gourmet takes this a step further by offering unique, delightful sandwiches, wraps, paninis, salads and more. In each one of their menu items, you can expect to be greeted by familiar, classic flavors – and then impressed by a dazzling symphony of flavor combinations.

Not only does Waterfront Gourmet rock the boat with intense, piquant flavors, but they also provide an unparalleled diversity of menu offerings as well. Earlier when we mentioned that picky eaters and attendees with specific dietary needs can be tough to provide for – but not anymore. Waterfront Gourmet is proud to offer an array of vegan, vegetarian, and other plant-based menu items for those that like to eat healthily and enjoy a surfeit of flavor at the same time.

Waterfront Gourmet is one of those rare catering companies Philadelphia that brings you fresh, healthy food with novel and creative flavor profiles all in one package, but there’s still more. Place an order for catering with Waterfront Gourmet and you’ll be pleased to know that they will deliver for free. That’s right – healthy, delicious food, prepared fresh to order and delivered for free – that’s a snapshot of the type of top-notch catering services that Waterfront Gourmet is proud to offer.

Before you even place a catering order, though, treat yourself to the Waterfront Gourmet experience in one of their locations. With convenient locations in Penn’s Landing, Dilworth Plaza, University City, and Roberts Center, you can stop by and treat yourself to a fresh shot of flavor that will be all but unforgettable. See their website at or give them a call at 267-308-5108 to place an order for catering.

For more information about Catering Services Near Me and Philadelphia Catering Company Visit: Waterfront Gourmet Cafe & Deli.

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