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Vivo S1 Specification – 4GB RAM Price In India Pakistan

Vivo S1 Specification - 4GB RAM Price In India Pakistan

Vivo S1 Specification-4 GB RAM Price In India Pakistan Vivo S1  launched their S1 at that time this phone was geared towards power users that phone had launched at a price of Rs. 50,000/-. when I did a review on that phone at that time there were some better contenders even at in better price than Vivo S1 like Realme 3 Pro Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 and Redmi Note 7 Pr  In this context at that time I judged that in the price range of Rs. 50 000 Vivo S1 offers suitable specifications But I did not see any “Wow factor” on this phone because of which I could recommend this phone with an open heart.


Vivo S1 Specification - 4GB RAM Price In India Pakistan
Vivo S1 Specification – 4GB RAM Price In India Pakistan


Vivo S1 Price In Pakistan

Vivo s1 Price in Pakistan as you would have guessed by reading the title by now Vivo has turned the game on Vivo announced another variant of Vivo  S1 where its RAM is decreased from 6GB to 4GB and price too, were decreased a little bit from Rs. 50,000/- to somewhat Rs. 36,000/-.Yes my friends, Rs. 36,000/- meaning there has been a price drop of Rs. 14,000. Right now this phone is on pre-order, and from 16-September-2019 it will start dropping in the Pakistani market.

Expect for RAM all the specs are same as before the same amazing AMOLED display with the in-display fingerprint sensor, the same huge battery with fast charging, the same great processor with full expandability options. Vivo S1  has sent their handset of this 4GB variant.

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And along with it, I thought let’s do a comparison between Vivo S1 with its market competitors now because its price range has been changed. First, let’s unbox the phone.

Vivo S1 Comparison

Then we will give its full comparison and in-depth analysis. It’s 6GB variant in Diamond Black colour, therefore, this time Vivo has sent us Skyline Blue colour So that we can show you it’s finished as well. Firstly let’s remove the plastic on the box and break the seal, and remove the lid.

On top of everything, inside this sleeve just like before there are user manuals and a silicon protective case. So, here the handset of Vivo S1 in Skyline Blue But first let’s see the remaining contents of the box Just like before, there is an 18W fast charging power brick inside the box which, like always, is localized you will not need an adapter or something for it.

because of which I always give extra points to Vivo. along with it, there’s a micro USB cable. and a hands -free headset. Now let’s take a quick look at the specifications of Vivo S1. There is an Helio P65 processor given in Vivo S1 along with it there is a Mali G52 GPU. The phone comes with 4GB RAM and 128GB built-in storage is given. Along with it, the phone has full dual SIM support that is you can insert 2 SIMs and a micro SD card of up to 256GB, all together.


Along with it, there is an AMOLED display of 6.38 inches And right now, in Rs. 36,000/- price range Vivo S1 is the only phone which has an in-display fingerprint sensor along with a Super AMOLED Display. Along with it, there is a huge battery of 4500mAh given in the phone, which again, is on the higher side in this price range. There is also Vivo’s Dual Engine fast charging given in the phone, which will charge the phone at 18W.


we talk about the cameras, the back has the same triple camera setup, in which there are a 16MP main sensor and 8MP Ultrawide sensor a 5MP depth sensor and on the front, there is a 32MP selfie shooter. If you want an in-depth analysis of these specifications you can watch our full review of Vivo S1 just keep in mind, that phone had 2GB more RAM which means, that it could keep an app open in its memory at any given time.

And also that phone was of Rs. 50,000/- the analysis of the phone at the end, was in the context of Rs. 50,000 price range. which has changed by now. So, in the price range of Rs. 36,000/- the main competitors of Vivo S1 are Realme 3 Pro for its overall mid-range killer specifications.

Range Killer

Redmi Note 7 Pro which was competing as a mid-range killer in the past. and Huawei Y9 Prim 2019 which, in the retail price of Rs. 32,000/- was the only one in which you were getting a pop-up selfie camera and a fully not chless experience.

So first of all let’s talk about the processor and CPU in our testing, the score of Vivo’s Helio P65 in Geekbench 4 was more than that of Realme 3 Pro’s Snapdragon 710. But because of its weak GPU Antutu score was a little low.

Still, the combination of Helio P65 and Mali G52 is not weak in any way. it can easily beat the Kirin 710 of Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 and Snapdragon 660 Redmi Note 7 Pro.

Moving forward if we talk about the storage 128GB storage is the highest in this price range the Rs. 35,000/- variant of Realme 3 Pro comes with 64GB storage whereas the Y9 Prime 2019 comes with 128GB Vivo S1 either matches the competition or beats it, but never loses.

If we talk about the expandability here as well, Vivo S1 with its full dual SIM support matches Realme 3 Pro and Note 7 Pro whereas it beats the Y9 primes 2019, having a hybrid SIM slot.

Now talk about the display, here, in the price range of R,36,000/-, Vivo is the undisputed champion the colours of AMOLED display are much more accurate blacks are deeper panel is more energy efficient it also has an “always-on display” option and an in-display fingerprint sensor can only be added in the AMOLED panel as well.

whereas all the other competitors have IPS LCD panels. we talk about the battery, it’s leading the competition for its size with its 4,500mAh.

If we talk about the charging speed, although, Vivo S1 with it’s 18W charging is not leading here, because in Realme 3 Pro there is VOOC charging 3.0 which runs on 20W but still 18W fast charging, according to me is quite decent at least it is faster than my Note 9’s 15W adaptive fast charging.

The final thoughts in short according to its processor and GPU, Vivo S1 either matches or beats the competition.

We also saw the same thing in storage and expandability that either it matches or beats It beats all the competition for the display beats all the competition for the battery size and if we talk about the charging speed beats Y9 Prime 2019, whereas matches the Redmi Note 7 Pro loses to Realme 3 Pro by a minor margin.


My Opinion in Rs 36,000/- price range I feel that a new “Mid Range King” is here, Either you do gaming or your usage is of productivity or of the content consumption or of everyday usage I think that this 4GB variant of Vivo S1 is Rs. 36,000/- price range can be recommended by me to everyone.

Right now What are your thoughts on the 4GB variant and price of Vivo S1? Do share with me in the comment section below. I will meet you in the next one. Goodbye!

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