Vine’s Co-Founder is Going to Release Byte – Video Viral App

Dom Hofmann, the co-founder of vine announced that he is going to release byte; a successor to the short-form video app. Byte lets you shoot or upload and then share six-second videos. Byte comes with standard social features like a feed, explore page, notifications, and profiles. Though, up to the day Byte lacks some bonus features such as the remix ability, augmented reality filters, transition effects, you’ll find in apps like TikTok. In 2016, Vine when terminated by Twitter was also very popular among the young users. Its six minutes videos were very much appreciated by the users all across the globe. At that time it flourished with the competitors like Instagram. And when it was discontinued many new apps have fill the void created by the popular video app.

Now the question rises that “What does byte has to offer to become a hit in the battlefield full of competitors’?” In answer to it Hofmann suggested that byte will focus on helping content creators make money. This is the distinguished feature of the byte. The performers on the apps like TikTok and snap chat had often turned their viewers to YouTube where they can earn a steady ad-share. By getting started paying early, Byte might lure some of those performers over to its app and be able to retain them long-term. Some of the former user of these apps has already turned to Byte.

Hofmann is also drawing attention to his new creation by adding that once it get started and everything would be at its place there would be addition of more features to the existing app. Hofmann wrote. “We are so thankful for the positive reception so far and I promise we’ll do right by it. Thank you for everything and please keep sharing what you’re thinking about with us.” Byte founders are thinking that they can produce a new effect in the video app world by creating a lasting effect like many other apps like TikTok. At this moment the app is at its basic level with no advanced features but it will be revolutionized soon.

Thus it becomes an established fact that byte is also going to create a lasting effect in the world of video app. It would not be wrong that with its temptation of money making and its advanced features it will register itself as a new hit in video apps. Hofmann has launched his app when many other video apps are at their peak. TikTok , Instagram and other renowned video apps are tough competitors and can be prove as a hindrance in the way of progress.

Moreover byte will want high-profile or, a minimum of, meme-worthy customers if it hopes to all in all search out viewers in a world dominated by Instagram and TikTok. Nostalgia for Vine might continue to be excessive, but if it possibly would create the same type of viral memes like the vine there will be more chances of its failure. Another feature that Hofmann has suggested will be part of his new app is the restrictions on commenting. He announced that the company’s “top priority” is solve the issues regarding comments and the company will take significant steps in this regard. Thus it’s another addition to the new release which distinguishes it from its competitors.

As told by a dissertation writing service that Hofmann is determined to get success with his new app but he would have to work really hard to turn the tables. This is the era of technology where new apps and inventions are being made every day. The apps like TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram have become an addiction to the people. People can live without food but their lives are fully drawn to these apps. Especially the video apps have taken too much space in people’s personal and collective lives. But these apps are a serious threat to the personal and private lives of people. If a new app is being launched the founder must take proper measures for the privacy and form controlled settings for their apps.

These apps may be a source of entertainment for the users but some steps should be taken to improve the privacy settings. If byte founders want to discriminate it from other viral apps they must focus on this aspect. It can be assumed from its predecessors that byte is not going to disappoint its users. If the founders would take control of its settings and regenerate a new and better version it surely would be a new addition to the viral video apps.

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Chris Greenwalty is a social critic and working with a dissertation writing services provider firm. He loves to look at the changing social trends closely and criticize accordingly.

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