Upgrading To LED Tail Light Bulbs

Upgrading To LED Tail Light Bulbs

Most drivers know how important headlights are, but tail lights often don’t get enough attention. In fact, most people only think about their tail lights once they have burnt out. Sadly, most of these lights use halogen bulbs with a limited lifespan and they offer a subpar light output. If you want to get the most out of your tail lights, you need a set of LED tail light bulbs for your vehicle.

LEDs make ideal tail lights because they are designed to last. Halogen bulbs rely on a heated metal filament to produce light, which will fail over time. As the metal vaporizes off of the filament, the bulb will fail within 400 to 1000 hours. Once the bulb fails, most drivers are left unaware until they are pulled over or the issue is pointed out by someone else. This can lead to unsafe vehicle operation. A quality set of LED tail light bulbs can last for over 40,000 hours which is 40 to 100 times as long as a set of halogen bulbs. This kind of lifespan can provide some extra peace of mind every time you get behind the wheel.

For the best LED tail light bulbs, you need to check out Diode Dynamics. They have spent years designing the best automotive LEDs on the market. Their tail light bulbs offer a bright output and a simple plug-and-play installation. When you visit their website, you will find several LED tail light upgrade options. The biggest factor to consider when selecting which of their tail light bulbs is the best fit your car is total light output.

Your average halogen tail light bulb is going to emit around 250 lumens of light output. If you do not want to have noticeably brighter tail lights, the Diode Dynamics HP48 bulbs are the perfect option to increase your tail light lifespan while maintaining an OEM appearance. This will give you all of the output you need, but with the long lifespan of LEDs.

If what you’re looking for is more light output, Diode Dynamics has options for that as well. Their HP11 tail lights have an output of 310 lumens that will be slightly brighter than your OEM lights. For even brighter tail lights, the Diode Dynamics XP80 tail light bulbs are equipped with bright LEDs and have an output of 510 lumens, making them twice as bright as your factory tail light bulbs.

No matter which tail lights you choose for your vehicle, the installation process is quick and easy. Installing Diode Dynamics bulbs takes only a few minutes, just like any other tail light bulb. There is no need to modify your tail lights to install these bulbs. You just need to test for electrical polarity before sealing everything up. If they do not turn on, you just have to unplug the connection and rotate it 180 degrees before plugging it back in.

f you want longer lasting, powerful LED tail light bulbs, it’s time to visit Diode Dynamics. When you visit, their convenient vehicle search feature makes it easy to find all of their LED replacement bulbs that will fit your car’s make, model, and year. This includes tail lights, fog lights, and other high quality automotive LEDs. If you have any questions about their products, you can reach a member of their team by calling 314-205-3033 or sending an email to

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