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Understanding The Role and Effect of Stress on Infertility

It is quite astonishing how stress has overpowered our emotions, thoughts and has managed to become a part of our daily lives. Stress has not only been shaping your mental condition but being a decisive factor in certain other health concerns as well. No matter where you look, from your work life to personal space, it has affected every sphere of life and what we are about to discuss is its severity when it comes to infertility. Along with other major reasons for infertility in males and females, stress might tamper with your hormonal cycle and upset your body in so many ways, eventually leading to difficulty in conceiving. This is why couples should be able to identify the connection between their issue and its association with stress. However, before continuing further, you must know what are the impacts of stress and how does it cause infertility. 

Mental turmoil isn’t an alien expression for people these days, where it is related to your professional life or relationships, one’s mind is always prone to thoughts, dilemmas, negativity, lack of hope, and tremendous emotional upheavals. Ultimately, these mental problems can result in physical issues like irregularity in period cycles, upsetting blood pressure, pregnancy complications, and more. There are a lot of situations that give a boost to stressful thoughts in day to day life like the behavior of your loved ones, monetary issues, parental problems, the pressure at the workplace, complexities in relationships, and so on. Considering how these problems keep piling up every day, they can cause significant effects on your life and contribute to infertility in both sexes. 

Effects of Stress on Infertility

What exactly is infertility? 

Infertility is commonly referred to as an inability to conceive or procreate a child even after constantly trying for the same through unprotected and regular intercourse. There might be a lot of reasons behind it including lowsperm count, blockage of the Fallopian tube, PCOS, and many others. The issue of infertility has become prominent in couples these days leading to the idea that there is some relation between the stressful lifestyle of today and infertility, as the infertility specialists in India have summed up. But to understand it in a better way, you need to know how?

What are the known reasons behind infertility? 

Before we jump to the fact that stress really does cause infertility, we should analyze other given reasons and known facts that work begins causing infertility scientifically. Here are some of the reasons that might lead you to fetch IVF treatment in India:

  • The inadequacy of sperms or low sperm count in men
  • Wrong-way of delivering the sperm 
  • Ovulation disorders and irregularities
  • Effects of getting exposed to harmful chemicals, pesticides, drugs, and other substances
  • Problem or abnormality in the uterine 
  • The problem in the Fallopian tube 

Does stress really cause infertility? 

We have witnessed a tremendous hike in stress and infertility in young couples these days. Which led to asking ourselves a question: could stress be the reason behind infertility? There are various theories and we can’t conclude any causal link between stress and infertility as hard evidence in favor of this statement. No scientific data can be presented to support this claim and the direct connection between stress and infertility. Sometimes people suffering from severe stress can bear a child without any trouble which even makes this claim more questionable. In order to have more conclusive results, wider research and studies are required so that people can actually understand if there is any direct linkage between these two factors. Although researchers and surveyors can’t produce any evidence about the same, experts say that it is not stress that causes infertility but vice versa. Given below are some stress reduction techniques that can result from the inability to have a baby: 

  • Proper sleep can be a major stress buster when it comes to people suffering from the same. You should go to bed early in order to let sleep come easily and make it a habit.
  • Physical exercise is a dominating factor when it comes to promoting the mental well being of a person. 
  • Having sex is also a stress-releasing element for those who are having a hard time due to infertility.

Solutions or treatment of Infertility: 

In this case, if a couple fails to conceive a spontaneous pregnancy, they can use certain reproductive technology for assistance in reproduction, although these solutions require heavy investments of time, finance, and psychology. 

  • There are certain treatments that are recommended exclusively for the male to increase their chances to become a father. From charging the lifestyle factors, adding certain medications to their daily routine, surgery to get rid of sperm blockage to sperm retrieval and make, there are various techniques suggested and practiced by the experts to treat such incapabilities in men and give them the happiness to become a father again. 
  • There are certain treatments prescribed for women too who need to increase their chances of infertility in order to get pregnant. It might include triggering the process of ovulation with the help of the fertility drug, Intrauterine insemination in order to place healthy sperms inside the female body and help it out with drugs along with surgeries that are conducted to restore infertility. There is surely more than one way to achieve pregnancy, however, it requires a lot of patience as some of these treatments might not work in the first go. 

However, you must visit a fertility specialist or get a fertility expert teleconsultation in order to find a solution for your infertility issues. From IVF treatments to other solutions to make you a parent, these experts will render the proper care and suggest treatments to make your desire to have a child come to life. Every couple experiences different effects of stress therefore, it is advised that they must commune with a specialist who can guide them through. Video consultation in India has made it even more effortless for such couples to have immediate help from the experts.

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