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Hey all brides! Girl Nine’s sensual undergarments for ladies is here with its breath-taking designs and skin-friendly fabric

Girl Nine brings you its latest undergarments for ladies with intricate designs and soft fabric to make you feel comfortable all the time. All the brides who are looking for an incredible lingerie range, Girl Nine is your one-stop solution.

Finding some stylish undergarments for ladies online has become an onerous job. Whenever you try to search for fashionable as well as durable undergarments for girls, you end up with a heavy heart because there are very less undergarments brands in Pakistan who are doing business online. You don’t get the type of undergarments womens which you actually desire and we all want to get hold of the gorgeous lacey, embroidered and exotic designs for ourselves.

There are a few undergarments brands operating in Pakistan but not every brand is up to the mark. While doing online undergarments shopping in Pakistan, came across through a Facebook ad of Girl Nine. I clicked on the link and opened their website. I must say, their website is very user friendly with very attractive aesthetics and design that was one of the reasons to try Girl Nine.

Sassy bras all brides need

I was looking for some pretty and high-quality bra brands in Pakistan to do online bra shopping in Pakistan as I wanted to purchase bras, shapewear and nightwear as my wedding was around the corner. So first of all I viewed their bra section. I was stunned to see the variety and the charming designs for the first time at Girl Nine out of all the bra brands in Pakistan.

Undergarments Brands in Pakistan

Online bra shopping in Pakistan was never this easy before. I can openly claim that Girl Nine is one of the best bra brands in Pakistan. Shopping for bra online Pakistan forms some credibility issues in our mind. Because when you order a bra in Pakistan, you are not sure about the quality and bra panty size. Panty size can be compromised but bra sized can’t be. I ordered a bra set named JOLIE and it is worth buying honestly.

The dream nightwear with bold colours

The next thing I definitely wanted to order were two to three nighty dresses in bold and vibrant colours. Usually girls nightdress is made of low quality fabric that do not satisfy the a body’s need.  Every bride like me wants a unique girls nighties from a vast range of night suits for girls while searching for any girls nighty dress. I ordered SIZZLE and SLINKY from Girl Nine’s nightwear section.

Undergarments Brands in Pakistan

Sizzle and Slinky

Sizzle is a beautiful nighty made of quick drying durable nylon spandex with its skin friendly quality fashion garments. This royal blue nightwear gives your curves a perfect shape during your fun nights. While slinky is a bold black is a lacey tulle net sheer top made of the same nylon spandex fabric with its loose fitting frock style. Both these night will get the due attention for you on your special day.

Undergarments Brands in Pakistan

Try on the perfect body shapers

The final product which is an essential for any bride is a perfect body shaper. Sometimes to get an hourglass shape we need an hourglass body shaper and sometimes we do want to show our curves with a help of a curvy body shaper. Personally I prefer a curve shaper out of all the body shapers available online. A body shaper for women become more vital when she goes through the phase of pregnancy after marriage. A body shaper for girl like me is a blessing in disguise because I am not a big fan of work-out which is not something to appreciate but yes we all crave for temporary solutions when it comes to our body shape and being slim.

Embrace – to control my waist and tummy

This polyester cotton body shaper is highly stretchable and chaf-free and it helps reduce your midsection to enhance your actual curves and the high waist design targets your waistline.

Undergarments Brands in Pakistan

Girl Nine vs Losha – who wins?

Here I am going to present a brief comparison between Losha from whom I ordered few bras and Girl Nine with whom I made my first purchase for some essentials.

Another tempting factor for me on their website was definitely their budget friendly prices that fall in my range. Such lush bras, panties, nighties, sets and shapewear at such reasonable prices is no less than a dream. While Losha is selling undergarments at soaring prices.


Previously I had an experience of buying from Losha so I clearly saw the quality difference when I received my items from girl nine. Girl Nine passed with flying colours due to their skin-friendly fabric

Variety and design

Well variety wise Losha is offering products with a wider approach but design, style and finishing wise, my vote goes to Girl Nine.

Customer care

Both the brands advertise about their customer care services but when I had to exchange my bra which I bought from Losha, I had to make a lot of effort. But with Girl Nine it was super-duper easy and quick.

So I would definitely recommend every bride-to-be to go with Girl Nine as I had an amazing experience shopping with them. Do check out their epic lingerie collection at:

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