Types of Chocolate Cakes Which Are Going to Delight Your Mood

Whether you are happy or sad a piece of cake will surely uplift your moods. If you are thinking of ordering the cake to make yourself happy then a chocolate cake would be the best option to order. Chocolate also is known to enhance happiness when you are having a heavy day.

Here we discussed the best chocolate cakes which make you uplift your mood.

1. Simple chocolate cake with whipped chocolate buttercream

Like the name suggests this cake is not simple at all. We love chocolate but this cake is fully dipped right into a chocolate fountain. It’s a chocolate cake which is topped with fresh chocolate buttercream. Your mood just uplifts by just seeing this. This cake is made up of three to two layers but you can add layers if you need (more layers means more chocolate).

Even the frosting on the top is just like a mousse which is fluffy and lights it’s fantastic and moist. This smooth frosting contains vanilla, cocoa powder, butter, and sugar along with heavy cream. You can decorate this cake with chocolate curls, sprinkles, and add whatever you need.

2. Chocolate pound cake with bacon bourbon frosting

If you don’t like bacon you can take out bacon from the cake. This cake is pure here you can look at the dark chocolate in this cake all day. This cake is super fluffy, tender, soft, even moist and yep chocolate you can’t resist that. The cake is totally fabulous but the frosting is something you can’t forget.

Because it’s cream cheese frosting which is the very delectable frosting of every frosting. By the way, did we mention its frosting is fully whipped with bourbon along with crunchy bacon? This fluffy frosting is made with cream cheese and butter with vanilla extract and buddy bourbon. Then the crunchy bacon on the top just gives it a good taste.

3. Six layers of marshmallow cake with malted chocolate frosting and toasted marshmallow filling

The name itself is tasty isn’t six layers of cake that is filled with rich chocolate and melted chocolate and roasted marshmallows. So your single scoop of this cake is filled with the richness of chocolate which is a dream for everyone. This chocolate cake is full intense which is a rich and deep and moist flavor that has a high quality of cocoa powder with hot coffee to leverage the taste where chocolate marshmallow filling is great which is made with marshmallow cream.

If you like marshmallows then this cake is made with tiny bits of toasted marshmallows in this malted flavor cake. Now frosting, this yummy frosting adds a malted flavor that is accompanied by chocolate. It looks stunning and tastes better. This malted Ovaltine frosting which is a mix of sugar, butter, vanilla, Ovaltine, salt, and heavy cream makes this cake tastier. Every corner of this cake is filled with melted chocolate and toasted marshmallow frosting alternatively.

4. Red velvet molten chocolate lava

Pink, red along brown colors always make us delighted. Red velvet cake Ahhhh name itself delighted right. Let’s bring them together with this cake. This cake contains the prettiest things which our eyes and taste buds love. You can’t remember to add another thing to this cake because it’s filled with chocolate lava in the middle of the cake.

Ohhh that Ooze chocolate ganache just makes you laugh and happy. It’s a great dessert to have when you are having lots of thoughts in your head. Unlike the normal chocolate lava cames, these got stuffed with chocolate ganache it feels better from the very first bite.

And that’s right in the middle of the delicious red velvet cake. Well, people love it to take it cool or even you can eat it by warming it where chocolate lava comes oozing from this delicious cake. And the ganache which has coconut milk and chocolate and vanilla. You can add vanilla ice cream and whipped cream to make it tasty.

5. Chocolate Fudge cake with Peanut Butter

Who doesn’t love glaze-like bundt cakes? Bundt cake just we perfect quantity of glaze-like frosting without taking cake completely. This cake is studded with chocolate chips, milk, covers with chocolate ganache and peanut butter glaze then topped with chocolate sprinkles. The best thing about this cake is that it’s so fudgy to enjoy where it has every best ingredient to enjoy when everything is not fine. Then peanut buttery.

6. Nutella Chocolate Cake

Nutella is definitely a favorite gravy to lick do you agree with me. It’s super nutty with chocolatey just can’t wait to get this in chocolate cake to have a very big bite. Nutella icing is very sweet and buttery heaven. Even the chocolate layers you find in this Nutella cake which make its moistest cake you find. That Nutella icing over the top of this cake is everything you need for a heavy day because it is easy and versatile icing. This creamy frosting made with shortening, salted butter, sugar, Nutella, and milk. If you are a big fan of chocolate you should try this.

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