Tourmaline Hair Dryer

What is tourmaline?

Dryers not only attack the hair due to very high temperatures causing rapid drying, but also promote static electricity in the hair. The hair is dry, unruly, and brittle. Tourmaline does just the opposite.

Tourmaline hair dryer: The tourmaline ionic hair dryer dries much better because tourmaline removes every molecule of water from the hair. Drying your hair and repeated brushing are operations that require you to use your hair dryer regularly and for a long time. Therefore, your hair dryer should be easy to use and easy to handle.

Choose the right power:

Medium power is ideal although it will extend the drying time a bit. It is essential to avoid a too low power otherwise you could spend hours drying your hair. It is well known that with constant use of a hair dryer the hair can lose its shine and health. Most often, it is the use of a poor quality hair dryer that will tend to dry them out.

As a result, a heat regulator can reduce the damage to your hair and scalp. Hot air is intended for drying and brushing, but too hot it damages the hair along its entire length, from root to root. When it comes to cold air, this is ideal for finishing touches and for adding volume. Dried and styled strands can retain their shape. It’s also good for electric hair.

Ionic ceramic or tourmaline versions:

If you want to benefit from optimum quality, we strongly recommend that you choose a hair dryer with ceramic and tourmaline. When it comes to tourmaline, the two ends build up opposing electrical charges that effectively fight static electricity.

However, today it is quite possible to buy one of these designer hairdressing devices on the Internet. As these are mid-range and high-end products, the prices will inevitably be a little more expensive than the classic models. For this, it is important to check that the quality is present and to pay attention to the advantages and possible disadvantages for you.

Why choose a professional hair dryer instead of a regular hair dryer?

Because a cheap, branded professional hair dryer is much more powerful than a regular hair dryer. in the field of hair care, choosing the best inexpensive hair dryer for men and women are no small task, on the contrary. If you do not want to buy 2 different models (having a model for men and another for women can be less practical, more expensive and especially more cumbersome in the bathroom) then you will have to find the ideal compromise between the models compared on Best-Score. However, it is not easy to find a reference that suits all types of hairstyles and all types / lengths of hair.

Why choose tourmaline hair dryer?

The tourmaline hair dryer preserves the hair as well as possible. Drying the hair is done from the inside to the outside so as not to damage the scale. The result is optimal: we have volume, a light, natural volume, or even an impeccable smoothing. It is that over brushings, the hair remains silky, shiny and ultra-soft to the touch. The hair does not suffer at all. Your hair dryer will be your best beauty ally and perhaps. Also that of all your little tribe for every day and for a long time, provided you choose it well.

So it can be said that the dryer should be selected by looking at the hair type. So that the hair dryer is easy to use.

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