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Top Food and Beverage Services in the World

Food and Beverage Services prepare and serve food and drink for customers and serve customers through restaurants, grocery kiosks, etc. It can include different companies involved in the processing, packaging, and distribution of raw materials.

The Food and Beverage department deals with quality food and services, food costs, managing restaurants, bars, etc. The foodservice industry caters to the basic needs of customers for food and beverages. It can be part of a large hotel or tour operator and also run as an independent company. There are many types of foods and drinks that are offered to customers. Here are the best Services as follows below.

The Table-service:

With this type of service, guests enter the dining area and sit down. The server offers them water and a menu card. Then the guests send their requests to the server. Covers the schedule for this type of service. They grouped it into the following kinds. 

The Family-service:

Here the host actively contributes to the service. The server puts the food on the plates, presents it to the host for approval, and puts the dishes on the table. The host either prepares the parts, serves the guests, or runs the server.

To fill the dishes of the guests, the waiter takes the dishes for serving or serves them to the guests.

The American-service:

They serve food on a guest plate in the same kitchen in a pre-set portion. The side dishes to be served are determined by the food, the color, and the presentation in the kitchen. They bring the dishes to the guest. Usually, they use this service in the café, where the service is needed quickly.

The French-service:

It’s a very personal and private service. They take food in saucers and earthenware and place it on the guests’ table near their plates. Then the guests help themselves. It’s an expensive and complicated service commonly used in upscale restaurants. This service has two variants.

French-service cart: The food is prepared and collected on the side of the table. Guests fetch food from the cart while they are seated at their table, and they later serve it from the right. You can bring it to small groups of VIPs.


French-service banquet: You are preparing food in the kitchen. Waiters serve food on each plate to the left of the guest. Waiters carry dishes in front of the guests to fill them.

The Gueridon-service:

With this service, they transfer partially cooked dishes from the kitchen to a gueridon cart for full cooking. This partial cooking is done next to the guest table to give the food a certain look and smell and to show the spirit of the look.

It also provides a full overview of the food. The server has to work part-time and work with some knowledge.

The Silver-service:

In this service, they serve food on silver platters and plates. Cover the table with sterling silver utensils. They divided this food into silver dishes in the kitchen itself. You can put the dishes next to the ovens or warm dishes. At the time of provisioning, the server selects the turntable from the hotplate and displays it to the host for approval. Provide a spoon and fork for each guest. 

The Russian-service:

It is identical to the French trolley service, which prevents waiters from putting food on plates and serving it from the left.

The Emergency-services:

Here the guests enter the dining area, pick up their dishes, go to the buffet counters and help themselves. You can partially use the service at the table or refill your dishes yourself.

The Buffet-service:

With this type of service, guests receive dishes from the stack and go to the buffet table, where the food is kept in large pots and plates with ovens. You can help yourself or ask the server behind the buffet table for service.

In buffet restaurants, they arrange tables with dishes and cutlery where guests can sit naked, eat, and enjoy their dishes to replenish their dishes. 

The Self-service:

With this type of service, guests enter the dining area and choose the food. They pay for their meal vouchers. They go to the grocery store and hand out coupons to use the food of their choice. Also, guests must bring their dishes to the table and eat.

The Cafeteria-service:

This service is available in industrial canteens, hostels, and cafeterias. Limited list and space; They give dishes to the guests. Do not cover the tables. Sometimes high chairs are placed over narrow tables. It’s a quick service.

The One point service:

With this type of service, the guest pays his request and they serve everything at the same time. There should be no dining or seating area. Here are the different ways to play for points.

Food trend:

This is a series of stand-alone counters where customers can order, eat, or purchase at multiple tables and eat in the attached dining area.


The customer enters the selection and the amount of money financially and the machine distributes exactly what the customer asked for.


The customer orders food and drinks, uses them outside the window, and consumes them outside the building. 

Food Machines:

The customer can receive service for food or drinks via vending machines. They install vending machines in industrial canteens, shopping centers, and airports.

The Special-service:

It is called a special service because it serves food and drink in places not designed for serving food and drink. Here are the different approaches to private service.

Barbecue room service:

With this type of service, they offer different vegetables and meat for better presentation and selection. They decorate the table with exquisite aesthetics and the guests can choose meat or vegetables of their choice. An inmate sits with cooked food.

The Tray-service:

How all or part of the food is served to the customer on the stairs, for example, in hospitals, airplanes, or the railway catering service.

The Trolley-service:

They cook the food, prepared it, or served it to the guest at a table from a moving car. For example, they serve food in carts to office workers or on planes and trains.

The Home-service:

Delivery of food to the customer or the customer’s workplace. For example, pizza delivery or meals on wheels to your home.

The Lounge-service:

Offer a variety of food and drinks in the hotel lounge or a separate location.

The Room-service:

Here, guests are served meals in specially built hotel rooms. They serve small orders in trays. They bring main meals into the room on carts. The guest places his order with the recipient of the room service request. The server takes the order and delivers it to the kitchen. In the meantime, he prepares his tray or his cart. Then he goes to registration to prepare and collect the invoice.

Then he takes the bill with the meal order so that the guests can sign or pay. They usually remove dirty dishes from the room after half an hour or an hour. However, after the meal is complete, the guest can contact room service for approval.


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