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TOP Car Trip Hacks For Traveling Girls!

You like traveling! Whenever you go, you want to have fantastic pictures! Honestly speaking, when you are hiking in Colorado or having fun in Schlitterbahn Water Park in Texas, you always try to take as many interesting pictures as possible to share with friends. How can you look good on your pictures if you were busy with driving for the whole day? You badly need an idea or ideas on what to do to look fresh and beautiful on your travel pictures. First of all, you need a comfortable car to take you from 14CARS to any place you need. What car? If you are going to take selfie in the car and on the back of your car, you have to pick the best and the funniest variant.


The car is small but cool. It looks very European even on the roads of America. Anyway, the car has four comfortable seats, enough luggage space, and bright appearance. Of course, the car interior looks cheap but you will be impressed by its four-cylinder engine.

2. Try Mazda Miata

This funny car has a little space but one of the most powerful engines. A small size, a light weight, a big choice of colors makes your trip really enjoyable.

3. Try Chrysler PT Cruiser

This car is often called a ladies’ car. Traditionally, the car is not big and has a little luggage space. From the other hand, the car is fast and boats its fuel economy. You can get to the hotel in the fastest way.


Hydration is very important. You are probably tired of never-ending advices about drinking much water during the trip. It is important for your skin hydration! Add some hydration masks and make a rule to wash your face regularly. As a result, you will have a fresh glowing skin.

2. Use wipes

You have to realize that your skin absorbs dirt from everywhere. Even if you are spending long hours in the car, you have to clean your hands and face with wet towel wipes. As you can see, washing hands twice a day is not enough.

3. Smell nice

Packing for the trip, don’t forget a deodorant or perfume to refresh yourself. Remember, you can’t look beautiful with a dirty sweaty face and wet pits. You need a good anti-bacterial deodorant to avoid sweating and a foul smell.

4. Use nutritional creams

Do you often use night and day creams? It can be very uncomfortable to pack three or even more cream tubes into your valise. Instead, you can take a coconut oil. This product can be used as a nutritional cream for your face and body. Also, you can apply it on your hair after washing as a hair conditioner.

5. Take dry shampoo for your hair

It is impossible to look cool if you have untidy hair. Sometimes, you can’t take a hot shower or just have no time to stay in the hotel. There is a solution! Take a dry shampoo. It is easy to apply. Just sprinkle it on the hair roots and brush it carefully. It will never hurt if you take a hat just to be safe.

6. Give some rest to your eyes

Your eyes need some rest from time to time, especially when you have to spend long hours driving. Of course, you are taking photos, texting, shooting, watching the road sleeplessly. It makes your eyes feel bad and dry. First of all, you have to sleep enough hours every day. Also, you can buy special under-eyes patches or cold bags to refresh your daily look.

7. Watch your nails!

What colors do you like? As a rule, most of girls prefer bright nail polishing. When traveling you don’t have much time for manicure. That’s why you should take a car with GPS to find the nearest beauty studio to refresh your nail color. If you are not going to stop unplanned, it is better to pick natural nail colors.

Do you need a makeup kit when traveling? Honestly, this is what every girls needs to have always near at hand. Why? You don’t have much time for a good professional make up when traveling. Besides, there is no need to make you up every day, especially when the weather is hot. A slight foundation is enough to look fresh and suit every your picture. But if you feel like you are going to dinner in the restaurant, there’s no harm in a quick make-up. Do you need your eye shadows or your lipstick? It’s not a problem to pack as much make-up stuff as you may need. Also, don’t forget to keep these simple beauty rules to look beautiful always.

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