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Top 5 Weed Strains to Improve Concentration

We all need a little aid in focusing now and then. You might see that some cannabis strains help you remain productive and motivated while others will throw your mind off. We’re still waiting for more studies to explain why weed may or may not benefit someone with concentration. For now, we can only rely on personal anecdotes.

Before you avail for a weed delivery, try to know first the different types of strain and what their effects are. Getting the right focusing strain takes some time and practice, so this list will help you get started. First, decide what kind of experience you want to have:

  • THC-dominant strains can be both concentrating and disruptive for some people. If THC strains make your mind feel too hazy, consider changing to a different strain or testing a lower dosage. Diamond-shaped strains are usually THC-dominant varieties.
  • A CBD-dominant strain has little to no trace of THC. They are unlikely to deliver a cerebral high. The CBD-dominant strains usually come in circles.
  • Balanced THC/CBD strains are known for producing only a slight high. It makes them a great alternative for those seeking a small amount of mental stimulation. Look for the diamonds and circles in the strain to discover a good mix of THC/CBD varieties.

Also, pay attention to the colors of the strains. These are the terpenes found in a particular weed. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that influence the scent, taste, and potentially even effects of a cannabis strain. Finding which terpenes you prefer will help you discover strains that help you reach that desired relaxed focus mind. Pot Valet has a wide array of cannabis strains available for your needs. We offer marijuana delivery in Santa Monica and throughout Los Angeles. We provide below the top list of weed that can help you improve focus and concentration.

1. White Walker OG weed – Indica – by CBX

THC: 28.73%

The White Walker OG weed by CBX is an award-winner. It is a variation of SFV Kush. Available in 3.5 jars, this indica dominant strain is a winner in the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup. These are pure buds, free of all contaminants, with THC levels around 22 percent. This strain is mild and does not overpower. White Walker OG is a renowned starter strain among cannabis connoisseurs. This strain’s cerebral stone is utter bliss. These buds are incredibly calming due to their Indica superiority. However, it can make you sleepy, so don’t use it during the day. This is a delicious, strong, and amazingly soothing weed. It’s no wonder that this strain is still one of the most popular of all time.

2. Green Dragon OG weed – Indica – by Green Dragon

THC: 26.9%

Green Dragon OG is Green Dragon’s brainchild. The company mixed the original Green Dragon strain with the notoriously powerful OG Kush and cultivated this pure Indica strain in perfect conditions. Green Dragon OG is more potent than other strains, so newcomers must take it slowly. It hits hard fast. You feel a powerful head buzz coupled with a spacey surge of energy. However, since it is an Indica strain, the effects quickly become very soothing and therapeutic. This strain is sedating, particularly in large doses. It can feel paralytic, gluing you to wherever you find yourself. Everybody who tries this strain loves it.

3. Legend OG Weed – Indica – by Dime Bag

THC: 22.65%

Dime Bag’s Legend OG weed claims some of California’s most inspirational buds. These Indica-dominant nugs are absolutely stunning, and as the name suggests, legendary. Legend OG has OG Kush characteristics, including another genetic that remains a mystery. This is extremely effective. This is strong. Effects hit immediately after a puff or two. It is intense and lasts for several hours. These buds are soothing due to their high Indica content. For many hours, you will feel imaginative, introspective, concentrated, and happy. It can even make you sleepy, particularly if you take a lot. Legend OG is beneficial to one’s health. This variety, which contains a slew of beneficial compounds, is popular with medical marijuana users.

4. Cake Crasher Weed – Indica Hybrid – by Cream of the Crop

THC: 28.84%

Cream of the Crop’s Cake Crasher is a best-selling cannabis variety. It is flying off the shelf everywhere, thanks to its remarkable potency and genetics. Cake Crasher is a cross between Wedding Cake and Wedding Crasher, two well-known and delicious strains in their own right. Since Cake Crasher is so strong, newcomers should proceed with caution. You can sense an almighty melting of the face after just one blow, at most two. These weed promises a serious body stone that will leave you glued to your couch for several hours. Sedation, tranquilization, and even paralysis are potential side effects, particularly in large doses. Cake Crasher is particularly useful if you’re using cannabis for medical purposes. These buds effectively fight pain, inflammation, nausea, cancer, vomiting, headaches, insomnia, post-surgical use and more.

5. GodFather OG Kush Moon Rocks – Kief and Hash infused – Indica – by Sticks

THC: 49.44%

These Moonrocks, dipped in Hash Oil and rolled in kief, can provide the exact strong high you’re looking for. Moonrocks are made using a special process that involves infusing the bud into the stem. OG Kush Moonrocks are renowned for their potency and purity in each puff. This is a prominent commodity among experienced smokers who want a stronger buzz than usual. You can anticipate a high THC content of 50% and a potent couch-locked high. You can get the GodFather OG Kush and other strains through weed delivery from Pot Valet.

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