Top 5 Predictions On Best Football Betting Strategy

A betting strategy may be a structured gambling approach that bettors can apply when placing their bets and earning a profit. Betting strategies don’t guarantee a one-off payday but a more consistent winning. Therefore, the most effective best football betting strategy will guide you on the principles to win more consistently. Of course, it would benefit if you had quite experience in betting and had researched ways to beat these platforms. By that, I guarantee you the simplest football strategies you’ll envisage to earn yourself a profit.

The Kelly criterion method

This betting method is one of the most effective best football betting strategy that assists you in building sustainable profit. Although the initial goal was to profit within the financial world, it’s transited to football betting works. You begin by locating a happening where you would like to position your bet. Then, the chances are given to you by the bookmaker. Next, however, you must figure out the particular probability of the second information. Finally, the worth of a bet is going to be derived from a mathematical calculation using these two elements.

The outcome will either be positive or negative; this can determine whether you’ll continue with the bet or not. For example, if the chances of a given team A winning reception against a team B is 2.6, we’ll be employing a probability of 42%. The structure of the primary calculation is ‘(probability as a decimal*decimal odds)-1=Value’

Therefore our calculation will be: (0.42*2.60)-1=0.092. Since our answer could be a positive number, we advance to the second calculation, which can be: 0.092/(2.60-1)=0.0575 examples, 5.75%. Assuming we had a bankroll of $500, our specific selection is $500*5.75%=$28.75.

This method, therefore, makes it the best football betting strategy.

Player betting platforms

This strategy involves buying real-life footballers (in a virtual world). They are then rated based on their performances in actual games. Different players have different specifications depending on the sites you choose. This means that each player’s betting platform ranks a specific player differently. Therefore before you decide which platform to place your bet on, you should consider taking your time to compare different platforms. This method is rated as one of the best football betting strategies since it helps one meet fantasy football. Performance is either rewarded through the payment of dividends or prizes and capital appreciation in which you buy low and sell high in the end game.

Price boost exploitation

This strategy entails placing a bet on the boosted odds, then heading elsewhere to bet on the other possible outcomes. This method does use a lay bet via betting exchanges. We consider it one of the best football betting strategies because there are no risks of account implications, unlike the others of its type. You can grab an opportunity to earn profit using this method by exploiting the small winning margin that the bookmaker leaves behind. Most gamblers would instead not take the risk with these high odds. On the other hand, the bookies target you to accept their boosted odds. You can decide to be among the small percentage, and it could end up earning you a profit in either of the two expected outcomes. 

Arbitrage betting

This betting strategy turns a profit in no time; thus, I can assure you that it is entirely viable. It involves exploiting the variation in odds across different bookmakers. You will occasionally come across games whose prices are in a manner that promises a profit regardless of which team wins. This scenario happens because other bookmakers apply a different statistical approach to setting odds for each game. It’s one of the best betting strategies since you adjust your stakes. You can play with the stakes by placing for both teams to win. In this case, whatever the outcome, you have a guarantee that you must go home with something. You are supposed to know which team you should place the highest stake for and the difference. By doing this, you are guaranteed a profit at the end of the game, whatever the outcome.

For instance, if a given bookie sets a 1.53 stake on team A and team B is available at 3.10, you can adjust your stakes on both teams and guarantee a profit. Below is a simple calculation that gives you a return on investment of 2.5%. 



You might see as if that’s a small profit, but at least you will not have lost, unlike a person who will have placed a bet on a losing side.

Lay betting strategy

This betting strategy is pervasive with many bettors. It involves placing a bet on, for instance, a specific outcome that is not possible. As a bettor, you give yourself a chance to say that a match won’t, for example, end as a draw or a specific score is not possible. You can even predict that team A will not score before halftime or a team B will not concede a goal after halftime. It would be best to consider it one of the best football betting strategies because there are many score possibilities. Thus you can choose the hardest that can occur in a given match. When using this strategy, you only lose when the score you betted on ends to be the score of that match.

This method can involve another scenario. Your focus can be targeting specific in-play matches. For instance, if you have a heavy team that is your favorite, you can place with very low odds. In this case, you first place your bet on the weaker team, but when the weaker one takes the lead, you can change your chance for the stronger one with the hope that the stronger team will have come back and won the game. The logic here is the odds will start changing when the underdogs get a lead. The stronger team will initially have low odds due to their high possibility of winning. When the weaker side takes the lead in scores, the odds will start changing, and that’s where you switch for your stronger favorite team.

Dutching strategy

Have you ever thought of betting on more than one selection during the same event? That is what ditching is. In that case, you have a high possibility of making a profit. This strategy argues that you can get good profits when you have information or enough knowledge of a particular outcome in a match. When the desired result is unlikely, ditching can pay good profits. It is, however, advisable that your selections have combined odds when using this strategy.

Dutching is rated as one of the best betting strategies since it creates new opportunities as the game continues. By that, it means you can place two bets on the same game. Thus you get paid twice for different outcomes. When applying to ditch, you reduce your overall odd. However, you increase your chances of winning that placed bet. That means your account will always have money for placing your bets. In a scenario where you are a low-rated favorite have a high chance of losing, you should consider your high-rated choices to come to your rescue. Dutching will help you generate value if the added-up returns from the combined bet are more significant than the chance that those outcomes will win.


It is consistently advisable to stick to the advice, tips, and best strategies that aim at uplifting your esports betting. Remember, it is a game where you invest your money, so you should be serious in every step you apply to win the game.

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