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Top 11 Best YouTube Channel Ideas & Tips

YouTube Channel Ideas: The running of a YouTube channel can be challenging if you’re truly committed to the work you’re doing.

However, there are times when it’s not enough. You may be passionate about the subjects you’re sharing through the YouTube channel. However, some people might not be engaged. This can result in fewer views and subscribers, something that is not what you need as YouTuber.

One of the key ingredients to be successful on YouTube is to be a passionate person about the subject you’re covering and to select topics that are in line with the preferences of members of the YouTube community.

To help you decide on the direction you want to take for the direction of your YouTube Channel, we’ve compiled 14 YouTube channel suggestions that are based on the number of subscribers.

If you’re thinking of becoming a YouTuber with impressive stats now is the time to go through this list of the top YouTube channels for newbies.

Without further delay, we’ll get right into it!

Best YouTube Channel Ideas & Tips: 

1. Gaming Channels

Gaming channels have been in existence for a long time and it shouldn’t be a surprise when we tell you that the most-watched YouTube channel that is run by a person is one that is a gaming channel.

Or, would it?

PewDiePie launched his channel the year 2010 when he started posting “Let’s Play” type of gaming videos that consisted of his having fun playing games on the camera and laughing. He’s still making action and horror videos, along with funny videos featuring his own style of humour.

PewDiePie’s YouTube channel is home to greater than 110 million views, and the number keeps growing. The fact that he is the most watched YouTube channel by a single person and that he’s also not the only player on the top YouTubers’ top list, indicates that gaming-related videos are staying. 

They won’t be going away anytime soon, particularly when gaming is expected to become a $256.97 billion industry by 2025.

If you’re an avid gamer then gaming is among the most effective options for your YouTube trending hashtags. You could certainly transform your passion into something more and make money from YouTube by doing the things you love.

Youtube Gaming Videos Ideas:

  • “Let’s Play” video playthroughs
  • Game reviews
  • How-to gaming videos
  • Game-related recommendations
  • Gaming collaborations

2. Makeup Channels

YouTube is home to greater than 45,000 YouTube channels focusing on fashion and makeup. In addition, the top cosmetic channels boast millions of followers and views.

Today, you can watch every makeup-related video you can find on YouTube from tutorials to product reviews, tips and makeup errors The list continues.

The most-watched female beauty channel on YouTube has James Charles, who also is the very first Youtuber who lost a million subscribers within 24 hours due to various allegations against him.

But, it doesn’t make him less famous on YouTube as well as other platforms. James has more than 25.1 million viewers and billions of views, making him a household name in the world of beauty.

But, he’s far from the only celebrity beauty vlogger that has a large YouTube makeup channel. Nikkie Tutorials and PONY Syndrome are just two of the makeup artists who are all over YouTube nowadays. 

The takeaway here is that If you’re a beauty expert with a magical brush, that transforms you into a stunning creature with makeup, you should share your expertise with the world and benefit from it all via the makeup channel on YouTube.

YouTube Makeup Ideas for Videos:

  • Reviews of products
  • Halloween makeup ideas
  • Celebrity makeup tutorials inspired by celebrity
  • Natural makeup tutorial

3. Educational Channels

BigThink, TED-Ed National Geographic… Are you familiar with these names? In the past, we’ve visited the following YouTube channels to find the answers to our questions, regardless of our age or experience This is precisely the reason why these channels for education are some of the most effective YouTube channel concepts available.

Educational YouTube channels were created to provide innovative and modern methods of understanding various topics via videos.

Let’s look at TED-Ed, for example. The channel which has 14.1 million viewers introduces its viewers to diverse topics, including Greek mythology real-life stories and even napping.

They convey important information to viewers via animated educational videos and also with simpler pieces of text. This helps make the information received more memorable and visually appealing. They also make their videos for a wide crowd, with both children and adults.

If you’re willing to gather and share important information with the world and teach kids as well as adults the sole thing that stands against you is your shyness and unsure, follow the TED-Ed model and accomplish this through animated videos. 

One of the great things about educational websites is that they allow you to hide your identity. There is no requirement to reveal your face in your videos. Just be sure that the information is accurate and that you can match it with a whiteboard or other kind of animation.

YouTube educational video ideas:

  • A brief background of the American Civil War
  • Folktales and myths
  • Book reviews
  • Explanating the concept of time and space.

4. Fitness Channels

The world is filled with people who want to be fit and live an active and healthy lifestyle and go towards their gyms or YouTube.

There’s a plethora of fitness and health channels that are available you can find on hashtags for YouTube shorts which have millions of users. They offer free workouts and activities that anyone can participate in. 

Zumba workouts, exercise without or with weights yoga, dance classes stretching just anything you can think of, you’ll discover the video on YouTube.

If you’re a fan of exercise as well as dancing, you could quickly create your own fitness channel. You can create videos filled with helpful instructions and exercises for specific goals, in order to be recognized by your YouTube community and boost the number of views on your channel.

Chloe Ting for example has an impressive 21 million fans on her YouTube channel. She’s regularly posting workout videos and also some helpful suggestions between exercises.

She’s also launched the “Abs in two months” challenge, a video now has over 371 million viewers and people all across the globe taking part in the challenge. The challenge also requires participants to document the process and the results of the exercise which helped her increase the visibility of the YouTube channel.

Youtube Fitness Videos Ideas for:

  • Many fitness challenges
  • Dance class
  • Workout for the beginner to full body.
  • Things to consider prior to starting your workout
  • 20/30-minute exercise to shed pounds
  • How do you exercise and eat the correct method?

5. Comedy Channels

Comedy channels are among the most well-known and popular YouTube channels on the internet. Sure, making funny content can be a challenge as you don’t know what others think of it however, once you have developed a plan and clever jokes to share with you, it will definitely result in a number of views and subscribers.

The great feature of comedian channels is the fact that you do not have to be professional or expensive. You just need to buy the camera, place yourself in front of it and create a humorous video by telling stories, responding to funny comments or to something in a funny manner.

The most popular YouTube user is MrBeast. The channel was started by him with games videos, without revealing his face. In some of his videos, MrBeast was even talking about PewDiePie. It’s likely that he wasn’t aware at the time that he was going to be a huge channel, too, with millions of viewers and subscribers.

Today, he has more than 64.3 million followers, a huge collection of videos with comedy on various subjects and giveaways with thousands of comments and views.

Let’s look at another instance of a comedy channel. QPark is a well-known YouTuber TikToker and also an Instagrammer well-known due to his humorous “Dance in public” videos. These are basically him singing and dancing (actually shouting) to songs of the past in the streets. He captures the reactions of viewers who watch his videos and occasionally laughs with viewers. 

The YouTube channel is distinctive because he has developed his own unique style and style of content that set him apart from the rest of the. Here’s an attempt to create a “cover” of “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas in public, and we’ll admit that few people can perform this feat in the presence of strangers.

The YouTube Comedy Videos Ideas:

  • Funny Pranks
  • Hidden cameras
  • “Try not to” Laugh” the challenge
  • Storytime: My epic failure
  • Scaring strangers

6. Toy Unboxing | Review

Do you believe us when we informed you that the 3rd highest-paid YouTuber on the planet with an annual income of $18 million, is seven-year-old Anastasia Radzinskaya? This isn’t just a ploy.

Nastya’s parents began their YouTube channel Like Nastya as an unboxing channel for toys, but then she began to create different shows that included visits to different locations. 

And dressing up as various characters together with her parents. Nowadays, she’s the most popular child’s YouTuber on the planet with more than 75 million subscribers and a billion views.

The reason behind her success is obvious according to research, children aged between four and 15 have around 85 minutes each day viewing YouTube videos, making YouTube a popular platform. They enjoy watching toy unboxing and reviewing videos even though they may not know the terms used in the videos.

However, children aren’t the only ones who are avid viewers of these videos. Adults also enjoy watching unboxing and reviewing videos prior to deciding on the PlayStation, for instance, or a new toy for their child.

Check out this excellent example of a toy unboxing video, with millions of views to get a grasp of it.

If you are fond of receiving your toys when it’s released and is willing to record a review or unboxing video, without revealing your face, then unboxing toys is among the top YouTube channel ideas.

7. Tech Channels

The tech industry is predicted to surpass an estimated value of $5 trillion by the 2021’s end This proves that everyone is buying tech these days.

But, the majority of people do not decide to buy expensive devices without knowing more about them. That’s why your channel can be of great help.

YouTube’s tech channel is a great method to share your knowledge with the world. You can also discuss older and new devices, highlighting the pros and cons and guiding your viewers into the final decision.

In addition, when your channel is booming and influential, you may collaborate with other brands to provide reviews and also save money by being provided with new items instead of purchasing them on your own.

You can also upload videos that include tips, tricks or tutorials that will grab your audience’s attention. Not just tech-savvy people, but also people who have trouble with their devices on a regular daily basis.

The most watched technology channels available on YouTube include Unbox Therapy, run by a Canadian YouTuber named Lewis George Hilsenteger. Each of Lewis his videos. Whether a review or unboxing receives many millions of people watching them, showing that people are interested today in technology.

At the time of writing, Lewis has 18 million subscribers and more than 4 billion total views. This is one of Lewis’s most-viewed videos on YouTube looking at what he calls the “phone that’s coming”.

YouTube Tech-related Video Tips:

  • Best apps you can have on your smartphone
  • Compare devices
  • Old gold and silver gadgets
  • Hacks for technology, tricks and techniques
  • AI news

8. Vlogging Channels

At some point, nearly everyone begins recording a moment of their lives. Some of us even post those videos on the internet and begin a blog that focuses on our lives as well as our hobbies and any aspect of their lives that we want to share.

Today, vlogging (short to mean video blog) is an integral element of YouTube. There are many YouTube channels that are run by vloggers, with millions of subscribers and views.

Consider Linh Tong, for instance. She’s a YouTube star who has captured the attention of more than 905k YouTube users thanks to her stunning YouTube videos as well as her stunning thumbnails of videos.

Through her YouTube channel, Linh posts videos on her daily routine and outfits as well as city and room tours, painting and more.

And that ladies and gentlemen is the most appealing aspect of Vlogging: you can select any subject to make a vlog on such as lifestyle, travel, fashion and more. 

The most important aspect of creating vlogging channels is discovering your inner content creator inside you and creating videos that reflect your unique voice. That is to say -to reflect your own personality instead of being an imitation of something that’s been made many times before.

YouTube Vlogging Ideas for Video:

  • My day-to-day life
  • Decorating my room
  • Shop with me
  • My day-to-day job life
  • I’m moving to a brand new city Follow my journey
  • My basic summer dress

9. Cooking Channels

In a list of YouTube channel ideas, we must cook.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a chef to be able to cook videos and enjoy cooking at home.

Since everyone enjoys yummy food to eat, we frequently look for recipes and other methods on YouTube to create the perfect tiramisu or carbonara. It’s always an excellent idea to create your own boba tea, banana cakes or sushi when you know the proper tips and instructions.

This is among the reasons why a lot of cooking channels are highly sought-after.

Cooking channels provide helpful tips, advice delicious recipes, and everything else people want to know about the process as well as the end result of cooking.

Gordon Ramsay and Nino’s Home are among the most well-known food channels available on YouTube with a combined audience of 17.8 million and 5.91 million subscribers, respectively.

What if you’re a horrible cook, but a great food-tasting expert? No worries in the least. Start a food Vlogging channel for YouTube and then taste the food before the camera, instead of making it. Make sure to spice it up with some good and amusing humour, which will increase the appeal of your videos to the viewers on YouTube.

YouTube Cooking Videos Ideas:

  • The comedy behind the scenes is hilarious and is a complete failure
  • Things you’ll need in your kitchen
  • How to make homemade French fries

10. Movie Review Channels

There aren’t many who go into a new film without knowing what they are watching, which is why reviews of movies exist.

Through review channels for movies, people can get a sense of what the film they’re planning to watch will be about, how professional as well as the actors and a host of other information.

The majority of the film review channels on YouTube are funny with a rapid flow of words and contrasts that spice up the content and impress viewers.

Some of the most famous film review channels include CinemaSins, Chris Stuckmann, and Alex Meyers.

CinemaSins for instance has adopted a specific style of their videos, in which they speak about “Everything wrong in …” the film” and the timer is on. They’ve named their latest video “Everything Wrong With Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory (1971) in 20 minutes or Less” which is exactly what you’ll see when you hit”Play” “Play” click.

YouTube Movie Reviews Video Tips:

  • The most and least enjoyable aspects of a film.
  • If a dead person were alive in a film.
  • The facts about a movie.
  • Movie character review.

11. Experiment Channels

Also, there’s an account on YouTube named HaerteTest that lets you look through a myriad of videos that use the “car against an object” idea. The channel also has a camera that shoots at iPhones and flashes eggs into the bathroom, as well as plays with matches, firecrackers and other expensive objects.

And, yes, there are people who watch this.

As of this writing the channel has more than 19.6 million viewers, who just want the enjoyment that watching cars crush hard and soft objects.

The most watched video on their site has garnered nearly 470 million views as well as hundreds of feedbacks. Take a look!

These channels are created to entertain as well as interesting content. They also provide answers to odd questions, such as what it would be like to drive your car through spaghetti, or the end result of making a melon pie. 

A few questions that may be on your mind at some point are answered in the videos. If you’ve decided to set up your own YouTube channel for this purpose make sure you are cautious and stay away from techniques that could cause harm to you or other users by causing harm. It’s more valuable than one million views.

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