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Top 10+ Shopify Plugins to Help You Sell More in 2022

If you’re running an ecommerce store on Shopify, it’s important to use the best Shopify plugins to grow your business in 2022. Shopify Plugins are powerful tools to enhance your eCommerce store. These tools make it easier to manage orders, analyze sales trends, and more. 

These Shopify plugins can help you get traffic, sell more products, and increase conversions. Whether you’re looking to connect with customers through email marketing or want more order fulfillment options, Shopify plugins will help you make smart decisions about growing your business.

And although Shopify makes it easy to add new plugins to your store, there are dozens of choices that can be overwhelming to choose from.

For this reason, we’ve rounded up the top 10 Shopify plugins you’ll want to use in 2022 to help you sell more of your products online.

Here we go!

1. Currency Converter

Most Shopify e-commerce sites will deal with international customers at some point, which means you need a way for them to do transactions. Typically, if someone is located outside your country, their credit card company will use their home currency for all conversions. 

If you want to charge them directly in another currency (say, euros or U.S. dollars), you’ll have difficulty doing so with traditional conversion tools like Google Translate or XE Currency Converter. 

A website such as Geopay offers online payment options for any currency conversion—you can also integrate it into your Shopify store and accept payments from anywhere in just about any currency.

2. Follow Me

This is an essential Shopify plugin for any store owner looking to capitalize on customer loyalty and turn shoppers into buyers. Following a brand can help you stay updated with your customer’s latest adventures, exclusive sales, and new products—it’s like a special perk that only your customers get. 

Follow Me is an excellent way for your customers to interact with your business in an informal setting, increasing their sense of community with you. 

Plus, with Follow Me active on your site, social sharing will be activated automatically; there are no more excuses not to spread those brand messages far and wide.

3. Affiliates Plus

Easy-to-install and easy-to-use, Affiliates Plus will help you grow your ecommerce store quickly and keep it safe from hackers. 

With a dedicated security team monitoring 24/7, you’ll rest easy knowing your shop is protected against everything from brute force attacks to CSRF vulnerabilities. 

In addition to keeping your site secure, our plugin also features affiliate marketing capabilities that allow you to earn money by referring new customers. The best part? It only takes minutes to install! 

4. Shipping Labels by Endicia

This can save you a ton of time, especially if you have a lot of products. Instead of figuring out where each product will be shipped (which most businesses do), Endicia allows your customers to print their shipping labels directly from your site. 

Set up is quick and easy: once you have an account with them, head over to your Shopify admin and find Integrations. From there, click on Apps and choose Shipping Labels by Endicia. 

Then connect it with your existing FedEx or UPS account (or any other carrier that they work with) to automatically update whenever there’s a new sale or shipment. It’s also free!

5. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a platform for email list building and marketing automation. People who don’t want to manage their email campaigns can use Mailchimp, which is also user-friendly. 

This platform integrates seamlessly with social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, meaning you can easily communicate directly with your customers. 

If you don’t have any social media accounts, however, then Mailchimp might not be right for you. The features are somewhat limited compared to other platforms—but if you use other social media sites a lot (and it wouldn’t hurt if they were all linked together), Mailchimp could prove a treasured addition to your business.

6. Google Analytics Section

If you want to take your Shopify store’s website development a step further, you can use Google Analytics. This program keeps track of all sorts of information about your site and its visitors. The two types of analytics are desktop analytics and mobile app analytics. 

Your mobile app analytic data can help tell you how your visitors interact with different parts of your website, so you know where you should focus for future improvements. 

If possible, incorporate some heat map functions on specific pages. A heat map allows customers to click around certain sections on a page; it then assigns each click a corresponding color intensity so that users can see which areas on each page are getting more or fewer clicks than others.

7. Product Reviews Pro

Reviews make all the difference when it comes to conversion. At least 75% of consumers read reviews before buying, and most consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. 

With so many shoppers relying on reviews, there’s no better time than now to start building your review profile. Product Reviews Pro is excellent for encouraging shoppers to leave honest feedback about your products. 

The plugin also allows you to create shipping rules that determine when an order can be automatically upgraded—something that could result in additional profits for you down the road.

8. Instagram Feed Widget

Instagram feeds are super popular right now and can make any business look a ton more professional. With an Instagram feed widget, your store will stand out from other shops by providing great-looking content that draws in shoppers looking for inspiration. 

The plugin integrates seamlessly with your Instagram profile and automatically pulls images as they’re posted. Shoppers can get a real-time glimpse into what you’re up to or even see special offers or products featured on specific posts. 

Besides displaying product collections, you can use Instagram feeds to show off your team and staff members—or behind-the-scenes shots of all the action happening in your shop.

9. Sale Notification Bar

This highly rated Shopify app works like a loyalty program on steroids. All users who sign up will receive a notification bar at the top of their screens, prompting them to take action. This feature is similar to email drip campaigns and is great for increasing conversion rates. 

Need we say more? It’s cheap and easy – what more could you want? The best part about the Sale Notification Bar is that it works for all Shopify stores (even if you’re selling your goods on Amazon).

If you don’t have time to create an email drip campaign or just need an added boost in sales, install the Sale Notification Bar today. You won’t regret it!

10. Smush Image Compression

Our shopping experience is quickly moving from desktop to mobile, meaning our product images have much more real estate (literally) than ever before. A simple picture may not always be worth a thousand words, but it can help seal a deal. 

Use Smush Image Compression Plugin for Shopify to optimize your images and take your sales to new heights. This plugin will automatically compress all of your product images for you so that customers will spend less time waiting for pictures to load and more time getting excited about your products! 

The bottom line: Using Smush Image Compression Plugin for Shopify can increase engagement rates by 25%; that’s why the top Shopify development company in India and around the globe use it.

11. AfterShip

Want to know when you’ll get that package? AfterShip is a free Shopify plugin that integrates with your shipping company, providing real-time tracking. You can even set up automatic notifications if a package has been delayed or shipped late. 

It’s fast, reliable, and doesn’t require your customers to enter their email addresses or any other personal information, making AfterShip one of our favorite Shopify plugins for small businesses.

12. Referral Candy 

The first Shopify app is pretty old but remains one of our favorites. Referral Candy makes it easy for customers to share your product with their friends, a feature that is supported by most e-commerce platforms. If a friend buys something as a result of their recommendation, both you and your referrer get a discount on future purchases. 

We like it because it removes all friction from recommending products and helps strengthen relationships with existing customers.

This app also provides some advanced analytics and marketing tools that can help you figure out who’s buying what on your store and where they came from (Facebook? Google ads? Organic search?). 

13. PageFly 

The visual content platform offers a wide range of options for customizing products on your ecommerce website, which helps you stand out from competitors. By using PageFly, you can automatically create product videos, photo slideshows, and other engaging content that will capture viewers’ attention and drive more sales.

One of its standout features is its cloud-based editing system, so your photos are always safe and secure. (Easily add captions or overlay images onto your existing photos.) 

PageFly uses A/B testing to see what works best for each shopper. Suppose a visitor sees something they like but isn’t interested in purchasing it at that moment. In that case, they may be prompted with additional information via email that could help convince them otherwise down the road.

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Shopify plugins are great tools for your business’ success. They help you build out different elements of your online store and create relationships with new customers. 

To ensure you have everything you need as a business owner, it’s a good idea to pick up these plugins today and see what they can do for your store. Also, you can always hire dedicated Shopify developers in India if you want more support.

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