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Tips to Create a Perfect Loft Bathroom

Are you trying to transform your unused space into a modern and spacious loft bathroom? If so, brace yourself because this type of renovation project requires preparation, time and patience. But don’t worry! Once you learn how to transform an abandoned area of your house into a beautiful loft bathroom, it will be easier to find adequate elements for one of the essential rooms in your home.


Adding an extra bathroom is one of the most trending options for a loft conversion. Here are some tips and ideas that will inspire you to create a beautiful loft bathroom for yourself and your family members or guests.

Work with what you have

Loft bathrooms are usually small, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn them into a functional space where you can take a shower and relax after a long day at work. It’s worth noting that you’ll have to find a way to maximise the space and fit in the essential bathroom elements.


In these situations, it’s critical to design a floor plan, calculate the square meters of your bathroom and measure the height of your walls. Once you calculate the volume of your loft bathroom, it will be easier to find adequate dimensions for each type of bathroom furniture.

Build a walk-in shower

If you have to work with a smaller space, consider building a walk-in shower. Walk-in showers will bring style into your bathroom, and you will be able to choose a model that fits into your space. Another great advantage of walk-in showers is that they are easy to clean. They’re safer and more functional than a standard shower which makes them ideal for a small bathroom.

Tile your bathroom floors

Tile is the best flooring option for bathrooms because tiles are easy to clean. If you choose lighter shades, you will be able to notice dirt and spills and easily take care of the mess. Tiles are amazing because you can find them in a variety of colours and use a unique design to modernise your loft bathroom. When building a small loft bathroom, select new tiles for the walls to create an illusion of a bigger space.

Make the most of natural light

When it comes to choosing the finest lighting for your bathroom, slanted roofs might present some challenges; nevertheless, downlights can be installed in these areas. However, Window-free bathrooms have the potential to be dark ad mundane. A new bathroom window will make your loft bathroom look brighter. It will also allow you to choose darker shades for your bathroom walls and protect your bathroom from moisture.

It’s easy for mould and mildew to appear on the walls of window-free bathrooms. That’s why investing in a new window is one of the best upgrades for your new loft bathroom.

Don’t forget about the essentials

When building a loft bathroom, it’s vital to remember that form and function go hand-in-hand. That’s why you need to include all bathroom essentials, such as a toilet, sink and faucets and a shower or a bathtub.


However, keep in mind that bidets can improve the functionality of your bathroom and help you maintain good hygiene. Every modern bathroom has a bidet, and if you’ve never had one, now is the best time to invest.

Choose the right bathroom furniture

The style of your loft bathroom comes from the amalgamation of its fittings and furniture, which is why it’s important to pay attention when choosing new elements for your bathroom. If you want to build a model loft bathroom, create a lighter colour scheme and choose stylish furniture that will break the monotony and help you personalise the space.


PVC is the best choice for bathroom cabinets, but you should also consider plywood or solid wood. Install a shelving system for cleaning products and bathroom accessories, and don’t forget to include a storage space for towels and bathroom robes.

Place a freestanding tub beneath the eaves

Tuck a freestanding bath under the eaves to emphasize the room’s strength. A bath, unlike a shower, does not require as much headroom, which is why the low ceiling height is suitable for a bath. Because you don’t need as much headspace elsewhere in the loft conversion bathroom, positioning the bath beneath the slope is a suitable alternative. Also, as it’s just below the windows, who doesn’t want to soak in the tub while gazing at the stars? Because you’re in the loft, you have the privacy to do so.

Make use of nooks for storage

The nature of sloping eaves and structural pillars causes a degree of disordered spaces to form in all loft conversions. Using these unused recessed areas as storage compartments is a clever idea to have a terrific attic bathroom. Bathroom items, storage baskets, and even toilet rolls can all be kept on built-in customised shelves in these areas. It avoids the expense of purchasing a storage container that is difficult to locate.

Take a look at the most recent trends

Decorate with a touch of class. Cottagecore will continue to be one of the most popular interior design trends in 2021. Think fancifully and homey when it comes to the aesthetic aspect while bringing the trend to your loft bathroom. It’s all about establishing a welcoming and pleasant environment. Consider a colour scheme of warm whites and pastel pinks, as well as the utilisation of natural materials and a variety of textures. Also, gold faucets and fixtures lend a touch of flair to space.

Include a macerator

Installing a macerator is another option to help with the design of your loft bathroom. This helpful item aids in the more effective breakdown of the contents of your pipes, allowing them to be conveniently pumped against gravity. The contents of your plumbing network may be readily broken down and delivered to your nearest soil pipe if you choose to instal one in your new loft bathroom.

The benefits:

  • It’s efficient.
  • It helps you save time and effort.
  • It is cost-effective.

Include a window seat

A bench seat can be placed at the lowest position under the eaves. By covering the rough stone wall underneath the window with wood, you can turn it into a bench and a storage place. A hollow bench seat with a lift-up top might be put into a house with thinner walls to increase storage space. Also, Why not turning your loft bathroom into a soothing retreat by adding a couple of comfortable chairs? A loft is, by definition, separate from the rest of the home, and roof windows allow you to gaze at the sky without thinking about the bustle below.


If you’re thinking about renovating your unused space and turning it into a loft bathroom, it’s advisable to hire contractors to help you avoid mistakes or wasting resources. Make sure to calculate the costs of your remodelling project and invest in durable and stylish elements for your bathroom.


Building a bathroom from scratch can be difficult if this is your first time working on a renovation project. But, once you create a floor plan and determine where you want to install a shower or a bathtub, it will be easier to organise your loft bathroom and decorate it with bathroom accessories.

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