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Tips To Care After Extraction Of Wisdom Teeth Melbourne

Feeling confused of how to take care of your health after the extraction of Wisdom Teeth Melbourne? Read out the given article lines that may assist you clearly.

You all need wisdom teeth to chew the hard food items. People may have one to four wisdom teeth on their mouth, it is the third set of the molar. They come in the top and bottom of both sides at the age of 17- to 21. Many people don’t have sufficient room in their mouths to accommodate these teeth. It will lead to many problems in the jaw, if it will happen your dentist will suggest removing that. This Wisdom Teeth Melbourne extraction is one of the common surgeries, it will take up to two weeks to recover fully. By following these caring tips properly will reduce your tooth recovery time.


A certain amount of blood loss is to be expected after surgery. Slight bleeding, redness, or oozing in the saliva is not infrequent. Extreme bleeding may be controlled by inserting a gauze pad above the surgical area and biting strongly for 30 minutes. If blood loss continues, bite on a moisturized tea bag for another half an hour. The tannins in the tea bag help to form a clot by shrinking bleeding vessels. To reduce further bleeding, do not become excited, avoid exercise, and sit-up right. If blood loss does not decrease, please consult the dentist for further instructions.

Pain in Wisdom Teeth Melbourne

The main ways to manage the pain and decrease swelling are by using ice and taking pain medicine. Ask your dentist for guidelines on how regularly to use an ice pack on your mouth. Don’t place ice directly on your face, as this may lead to ice burn. They will also suggest whether to take medicament or over-the-counter medications. You might also be instructed to take antibiotics while you get well. This is to avoid any infections while your mouth is weak to germs, make sure to take the full course of antibiotics instructed by your dentist.


Swelling around the mouth, eyes, cheeks, and sides of the face is not unusual. Inflammation and mild bruising are usually expected and are generally proportional to the surgery involved. Many times the swelling will not become seeming until the day after surgery and it will don’t reach its maximum until 2 to 3 days postoperatively. Though, the inflammation may be minimalized by the instant use of ice packs. A bag full of ice, or ice packs should be applied to the face sides where surgery was done. If irritation or jaw stiffness has continued for several days, there is no cause for panic, as this is a common response to surgery.

Tips To Select A Clinic With Best Service And Affordable Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost

Nausea and vomiting

Vomiting and nausea are common side effects of IV sedation. In the event of vomiting or nausea after surgery doesn’t take anything by mouth for at least an hour after the operation including the given medicines. You can then sip liquid items like tea or coke, sip slowly above fifteen minutes. Once the nausea moderates, you can start taking solid foods and restart the suggested pain medication.

Foods to eat and avoid

Eating healthy and staying hydrated when your wisdom teeth removal is a vital factor for a good recovery. However, it may necessary to change some eating routines for the first week or so following the process. Here are some foods to eat, and some to avoid, in wisdom teeth recovery. Eating liquid or soft foods will help to prevent injury to wounds. Examples like soups, mashed fruits, smoothies, puddings.

Avoid eating foods that need munching, such as sticky toffee or chewing gum as these may get caught and can cause pain and damage to the healing wounds. Also avoid hard, crispy food, such as chips, nuts, and seeds, along with hot or spicy foods.

Home remedies

It is important to preserve the wound clean while it is healing. Because people still need to drink and eat, food can easily have trapped in the teeth removing areas. This will make keeping the injured area clean a little challenging. Your dentist or oral physician will give you careful guidelines on how to clean and protect your mouth after the operation. This might be the only time your dentist tells you not to brush, floss, or rinse for an entire day. General cleaning instructions include,

  • Using an antibacterial mouthwash to prevent infection.
  • Gently dab the wound with a cloth to absorb excess blood.
  • Giggle the mouth by using salt with water.


By following these above things, properly you can easily care for your Wisdom Teeth Melbourne after extraction. If you felt like you need additional care for your tooth, we Holistic dental wisdom tooth dentistry here to assist you. We have well-skilled oral surgeons with us, they will give extra care for your teeth and make you get recover soon. They have years of experience in this field that help them to offer the quality service with additional care and attention towards your oral health. Make a visit and get rid of the issues that you have faced till now.

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