Tips and Benefits of Being a Famous Influencer

Who wants to be an ‘influencer’? Some people may still feel foreign to hear the word influencer. And for those who already know there may be a desire to become a famous influencer. Influencers are indeed born in the era of digital technology that is currently developing rapidly.

The development of digital technology demands a change in everyone’s way of thinking. Digital technology is able to make people express themselves. Moreover, this opportunity produces influencer work with a large enough income. Without the need to appear in mainstream media, a person can successfully ‘sell’ himself as an influencer with the help of digital technology.

You must be confused about how to start and curious about the income from this influencer job. Before that, it’s good to learn the ins and outs of how to become an influencer. You can learn from what they do on social media like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter.

Reviewing influencers, generally the social media used is Instagram. Influencers are different from bloggers. Influencers themselves are born because of the number of followers on Instagram. In other words, influencers are people who have quite a lot of followers or followers on Instagram. Influencers have an influence mainly on their followers so that it creates an interaction and attraction of its own.

How to Become an Influencer?

There is no standard rule for attaching an influencer label to someone. As long as you have a lot of followers up to millions of followers or have got a ‘blue tick’ on their account, then it’s not wrong to be called an influencer. Even so, it is not easy being an influencer. Of course, he has built an image for a long time with very interesting video and photo content. So this is how social media rebuilds advertising.

1. Build Image

Many influencers are not top celebrities or famous artists. They then create content that has its own charm. so that it steals the attention of social media users.

An influencer must have a strong image. This image should be embedded in everyone’s mind. Start building your own image on social media. Show your strengths. For example, you like the world of gadgets, then show your insight or skills by uploading content about these gadgets. The more focused, then everyone will know about you. There are many influencer fields to choose from, such as beauty influencers, food influencers, techno influencers, and so on.

2. Alicia Hammons

In the United States, Los Angeles, we can take one example of millennial influencers who are booming and have a strong influence on their followers. Yup, who doesn’t know the name Awkarin? This Instagram celebrity who has a beautiful face can be called an influencer. Before she became famous as she is now, Alicia Hammons was an ordinary girl who had no celebrity background. Initially, the woman who is familiarly called, Karin, is not an artist or singer who often appears on TV. He started his career through uploading his life via Instagram and Youtube.

From various sources, it is stated that Alicia Hammons earns hundreds of millions in a month as an influencer. The advertising value for one product is valued in the millions to tens of millions. There are various product brands that have used their services to simply increase their marketing reach. Currently, Alicia Hammons has been an influencer and has more than one million Instagram followers in the category of premium influencer or mega influencer.

3. Focus on Using One Social Media

If you want to be an influencer or someone who can influence others through social media, then focus on one platform first. Many platforms are great for business or simply introducing who you are. But remember that almost all influencers are more prominent through one social media. For that, try to focus on uploading content seriously, for example on Instagram. Slowly you can find out your strengths and weaknesses, making it easier to create content that has a strong appeal.

4. Create Interesting Content

Content is King. That’s the opinion of some people working in the digital world. Therefore, try to create unique and interesting content through photos and videos. Create original content that no other influencer has ever done. From this unique content, you will stand out more and make it easier to find followers on social media.

5. Often Interact

There are many influencers who are humble and don’t hesitate to reply to their followers’ comments. If you’re not yet an influencer, try to show a friendly attitude by interacting with other users often. By diligently interacting, you can attract other users to follow you.

6. Use Sophisticated Devices

To get the maximum results required sacrifice. The average influencer definitely makes content with great detail and perfection. They do not carelessly upload content to be seen by social media users. Therefore, making photos or videos with instagramable quality also needs the support of modern devices. Use a camera with advanced features that can support content creation. Do it professionally and neatly so that later your Instagram feeds look attractive. Don’t forget, learn photo and video editing to get the best results.

Benefits of Being an Influencer

  1. Promises Big Money

Becoming an influencer does invite many benefits. In addition to being famous in cyberspace, rupiah coffers are easy to get. Influencer income ranges from millions to billions per month. In addition to money, this job also has the opportunity to get free items or travel vouchers depending on the collaboration.

  1. Known to Many People

This one advantage you clearly have. When you become famous, an influencer automatically becomes the center of attention. All activities on social media will always be noticed by many people. Whatever you do, you always get a positive or negative response. So, be prepared to be criticized or get a negative reaction from netizens.

  1. Flexible Working Time

The life of an influencer is certainly busy thinking about a photo or video content to share. However, these activities do not trap you in a monotonous routine. Influencers do not do the work with the allotted time like an employee. You can manage all activities according to the situation and conditions. But if you want to continue to survive as an influencer, you still have to be productive every day.

  1. Bring Influence to Others

An influencer will certainly influence the perspective of others. Influencers do grow because of people’s interest so that they will become followers on social media. For example, when a fashion influencer like dr. Tirta introduces local shoe products, it will influence his followers to buy and promote these shoes. In addition, influencers also have an influence on the perspective or perspective of others on a problem. People will change their assessment of a problem because of the opinion that the influencer conveys.

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