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Things To Do, See And Eat In Jeddah

Things To Do, See And Eat In Jeddah

Have you curiosity to know about what things you can experience in the Jeddah? Definitely, you want to know. Jeddah is the second largest and famous city in the Saudi Arabia. That is a bridge between the modern and the traditional. Because it considered the town of the historic landmarks, astonishing museums, modern attraction and modern skyscrapers.

The commercial hub is a captivating port city, which is located along the shores of the Red Sea and Jeddah is also providing services for the millions of pilgrimage of the Pakistanis, who take flights from Islamabad To Jeddah for approaching the neighboring cities Medina and Mecca. This vibrant city is count in the loaded luxurious. Like: shopping Malls, romantic coastal walk, sea front activities and amazing variety of the Middle East cuisine.

Indeed, the aroma of Food of Jeddah embraced the locals. And the internationals and congregating them in the restaurant or café around the day. Therefore, the multiple things that you can experience in this city are compiled below down. That gives you the tailor-made piece of information regarding Jeddah.

Things To Do In Jeddah:

The astonishing city has the lots of opportunity that make your trip fully pleasure and comfortable with the healthy activities. Must keep reading, to know about the things that you can do in the city of the red sea.

  1. Hang Out With Thrilling Rides:

The best places to enjoy the hang out with the thrilling rides are at “Al-Shallal Theme Park, Atallah Happy Land Park and Jungle Land Theme Park. The theme parks are fully allowed you to meet with the adventure craving. Because the ice-skating rink, amazon, rides, arcades, and further more entertaining sources calls your name. These amusement parks are offering stunning fun things to do with the family or friends. Because these also having the gentle kid’s rides, boat rides, food stalls; multiple shops and restaurant provide the services there.

  1. Experience Kite-Surfing:

Yes, due the red sea the kite surfing is becomes the latest craze and modern aquatic activity in the Jeddah. The south cornice is the right place to experience the kite-boarding and it is equally famous among the locals and the tourists. So, must experience the latest activity in the Jeddah.

  1. Swim With Dolphins:

Al Fakeih Aquarium is offering the entertainment for the all ages because it is the public Aquarium. There visitors can enjoy the swimming with the friendly dolphins and play with them, while other marine species are more than 200, including, stingrays, sea lions, sharks, seashore and various further available for the amusement.

  1. Snorkeling & Scuba Diving:

Jeddah city has the multiple choices that you can do during the trip and among of them the Snorkeling and scuba diving are the funs creating activity. Jeddah is famous as the paradise of the scuba diving due to the sea site that is the natural source to experience these activities.

  1. Visit Shopping Malls:

Shopping is the favorite thing that individual wants to do anywhere in the world and the locals and the tourists prefer to shop in the Jeddah because it is a liberal city and have the modern things and new trend things. You can find here the spices, gold souks, fabrics shops and the famous iconic shopping malls and the locals markets, where you can haggle over easily. The famous local market is Al Balad, while Mall of Arabia and the Red sea Mall are the architectural masterpieces of the shopping malls.

Attractions To See In Jeddah

Jeddah is the dynamic city that is the trading hub in the Saudi Arabia and the PIA Online Tickets provides its services to the stunning city because there are a lot of things to see or magnetizing the tourists and this is the real reason of its popularity. This multi talented city always open its arms for warmly welcome the international visitors or the locals to immerse themselves in the enjoyment. No matter, for what purpose you are come to the Jeddah, but explore the wonderful sights is mandatory here.

  1. City Gates:

Jeddah’s famous attraction point is the city gates that receive the huge amount of the visitor to see these gates. Yes, this massive ancient wall was built to protect the city from the attacks. This wall is having the six gigantic gates that are attractively illuminated after the evening. This is the great thing, must see in the Jeddah to know about the history pages of this city.

  1. King Fahd’s Fountain:

It is the most visited attraction point in the Jeddah, especially in the night. This site gives the calm and the peace, when you see the fountain water dancing and the drops of the crystal water comes to your face, then it is the real breathtaking moment. No doubt, it gives you the amazing view, when you come to see it.

  1. Bait Al Balad Musuem:

Bait Al Balad is the top tourist attraction in the Jeddah city because it was built as the British Legation headquarters in the 20th century and now it converted into the museum, where the huge amount of the local citizens and the tourists.

  1. Floating Mosque:

The floating mosque is known as the Masjid e Al Rehman and the Fatima Al Zahra mosque and it becomes the epic attraction point that receives the millions of the visitors annually. This mosque is constructed on the coast of the Red sea and built on the pillars that stand in the sea. Therefore, it is known as the floating mosque. You should see this beautiful white mosque during the tour of the Jeddah.

  1. The Courtyard City:

The courtyard city is the fancy place in the Jeddah. It has its own fairy golden beauty that is really hypnotizing the guests, when they see its beauty. This is decorated and famed for its architecture and pleasant atmosphere. It offers the multiple things for the entertainment and rewarding experiences.

Famous Dishes To Eat In Jeddah:

The food of Jeddah is the delicious and the alluring. Therefore, the menu of the Jeddah is the delicious and once who eat the dish of the Jeddah once, it has the desire to eat those combinations of ingredients again and again because the main ingredients of the traditional dishes are contain lamb, yogurt and dates, while the flavor assortment is prepared with the potatoes, vegetable, spices and meat. Let’s get the name of the few famous tasty dishes.

  1. Kabsa.
  2. Matazeez.
  3. Madfoon.
  4. Saleeg.
  5. Mofatah al-dajaj.


The Jeddah has been the commercial hub for the traders, tourists and the pilgrims around the red sea and it is famous for its rich shopping districts, shopping malls, food menu and liberal social life, which is filled with the tons of the history and the fun opportunities. In this incredible city is a lot above things to do, see and eat in the term of leisure.

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