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Things That You Are Not Appear On Google

Are you worried about your position in Google?, Have you heard about SEO but don’t know where to start?

Registration In Search Engines

The first question to ask when you search for yourself, your website, and Google and cannot find it is whether we have registered the website with Google.

If the answer is that we do not know or we have doubts about it, we must contact the developers, marketing agency or freelance that made the web for us to confirm that we were registered in the search engine, and also They did it correctly, thanks to Google’s Webmaster Tool.

If it wasn’t done right, it’s time to do it. You can do it yourself, but our advice is to entrust it to someone who knows how to do it well since if you make a mistake in this process, everything else you do will not bear fruit.


SEO Audit

Once this is done correctly, it is advisable to do an SEO audit, a web audit. That is, we have to check if basic requirements are met so that Google considers you a trusted website and you can better position.


Existence Of Sitemap

Programming and web design, is the programming language used the most suitable in terms of positioning? Has to flash or ajax been used?
Its structure, the use of labels and meta labels correctly
The download speed of the web in the different browsers of the users, which is very important from the point of view of Google.

Chosen server and hosting, if they are trusted, if they are considered dangerous by Google. Pages indexed by the search engine against the total pages of the website (saturation ratio). Keyword density, are we abusing keywords in our texts?


Robot .txt, Redirects

Links, both internal and external. Do we have broken links on our website? Check your links.

To do the web audit you can rely on different SEO tools, many of them free, such as Woorank or I point out the standards of Google where you are failing, and in some cases even give you concrete recommendations for improvement, but generally the actions to take you to the detailed in the Premium versions payment.


Resolution Problem

If for example what fails is the download speed of your website, this implies that your potential users can leave the visit even before they start to see your content, since few wait more than 4-5 seconds for the download of a website.

In the SEO test, you will see that this fails, and maybe you will identify some advice to improve it in your case, such as the .htaccess file or compress the images, the CSS, or how many javascript you have on your website.

Now, if you do not have the proper programming and web design knowledge and your website fails in what Google considers basic, put yourself in the hands of a professional SEO Consultant.

We recommend that you do this type of audits on your websites with a certain periodicity, to avoid surprises. Do not assume that, simply because an expert programmer made your website, this has already been solved.

Many programmers and web designers do not take SEO, Google standards, into account when programming.

Surely they have given you a well-programmed website, which does everything you once asked it to do and with a striking design and effects, but it is also very possible that they used a programming language that the world’s largest search engine did not do. It “reads” well, or that it fails to comply with other fundamental parameters to give websites visibility in the search results of their users on Google.

If you still don’t appear in Google, you are a few steps away from doing so. It’s in your hand.


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