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These Worth Slowpitch Softball Bats Mean Business

These Worth Slowpitch Softball Bats Mean Business

While many of you out there are probably more familiar with fastpitch softball and its, well, its fast pitches, slowpitch softball has a loyal adherence of followers and players. More accommodating to a wider range of skill sets yet still competitive and extremely fun to play, slowpitch softball, just like baseball and fastpitch, requires a specialized set of equipment to take the sport head-on. Check out these Worth slowpitch softball bats when you’re gearing up to get yourself some new equipment.

2020 Limited Edition Worth Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet XXL 12.5” USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat

This 2020 Worth bat is loaded with features that make it capable of serious hits in slowpitch games and tournaments. This bat comes with a full ounce of endload so that you can charge it up with serious power before making contact with a ball. Players will love its power and its responsiveness.

The barrel is made with Worth’s 200+ Carbon Fiber Barrel Technology which creates a larger and more forgiving sweet spot that is easier to target and utilize. It also comes with an impressively flexible composite handle that enables you to flex the bat perfectly to load it up with energy before the ball even reaches you.

This bat comes with a lot to love, but it is an extremely limited edition and will be available for pre-order starting in July 2020, so don’t wait on it.

2020 Worth Mach 1 Boss 302 Balanced USA/ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat

Some players will really appreciate a bat that is heavily end loaded like the limited edition mentioned above, whereas others will appreciate the speed and precision of a balanced bat like this one.

This bat comes with a 4 piece construction that is made of 100% composite materials, making it lightweight, extremely durable, and surprisingly flexible which is a good pairing with its balance. With a larger sweet spot and wider barrel, these bats not only make it easier to capitalize on a more forgiving sweet spot but offer better plate coverage and are tougher on top of it all.

Made with Worth’s CF100 Carbon Fiber technology, these bats utilize a technology known as Quad Comp and a urethane joint that increases flexibility and enhances loading. In a nutshell, this bat is weighed down – but not in ounces. It is completely loaded with features to optimize its performance.

2020 Worth Savij Shannon Smith 12.5” XL Slowpitch Softball Bat

This Worth bat, also new for 2020, has a fine-tuned yet short composite barrel that is flexible, tough, and reactive. The barrel comes with an addition of extra carbon fiber throughout its composition that makes it tougher and allows for more compression.

It also comes with Flex 50 technology in the handle that increases its flexibility for additional “whip” through the swing, ideal for those with faster swing speeds who rely on that to generate the power that makes heavy hits possible. With a full half ounce endload, this bat is well situated to deliver some impressive results.

Do you want to see some more information about each of these bats along with some other popular Worth slowpitch softball bats for this year and from seasons past? If you do, check out the collection at HB Sports. On their website,, you will find a wide selection of these and other Worth bats that, as the saying goes, are ‘Worth it.” There’s a reason that Worth commands an imbalanced portion of respect from critics, and there’s a simple reason for it. They take the advice of pros, they utilize revolutionary technology, and they care about quality. That’s why some of the best bats available in the world today come bearing the name “Worth.”

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