These 5 yoga Asanas to Make Your spine Strong

Yoga is the science of nature. Yoga practices do not only make a healthy body but also a healthy mind. If yoga is practiced with full knowledge, then any part of the body can also be made healthy.

The back or spine is the base of the body. Without it, neither body can stand upright nor anyone can do the movement. But do we really do anything to keep the spine or the back healthy?

The great yogis of India have given information about many yogasanas in yoga science to make the back healthy. By practicing these yogasanas, not only the muscles of the back shape up.Therefore, in this article, we will give information about 5 yoga asanas that make the back healthy and shapely. By practicing these yogasanas, the back and spine can be kept healthy.

Yoga asana for a stronger spine

Yoga also helps to strengthen the core, a strong core is important in protecting your back from injury and stress. If you do not use this asana and when you sit in chairs, you usually fall, it causes more damage to our core.

Malasana Yoga asana

Malasana is a simple and easy yoga poses that anyone can easily do. Below, the method of doing this asana is given in a sequential manner, which you can easily do by following it.

Bitilasana or Cow Pose

For this, you have to lie on a uniform surface, you can also do it on the bed.

Utkatasana or Chair Pose

To do Utkatasana, follow the below steps-


To do Bhujanagasana, follow the below steps-

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