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The ultimate destination in 2021: Stuff to do in Rajasthan

1. Zip Lining

Zip Lining, or Flying Fox as it is called, is one of the most sought after items in Rajasthan. Go from one cliff to the next and enjoy exquisite views of forts on your journey. In Neemrana Fort and Mehrangarh Fort Zip lining can be attempted in Rajasthan. Neemrana is an ideal trip near Delhi and Mehrangarh close to Udaipur, although both offer great views.


2. Safari 

Rajasthan is home to some of India’s finest bird and wildlife sanctuaries. Ranthambore National Park, Tiger Reserve Sariska, National Park Keoladeo, and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary were among the most famous. These wildlife sanctuaries are embraced by lions, elephants, boars, bears, many species of birds, and numerous other people in the wild.


3. Hot-Air Ballooning In Rajasthan

Hot Air ballooning is a definite success with visitors and tourists, one of the most amusing activities of Rajasthan. You can see the detail of heritage buildings and vast greeneries when you wake up high in the sky. The experience is wonderful and offers an insight into this royal country. There are currently three hot air balloons in Rajasthan: Pushkar, Jaipur, and Ranthambore. Take a look at the landscape and go to navigate the sky.


4. Desert Camping

An impressive location is known for its desert camping. Starlit skies, vibrant folk dances, lively performances in marionettes, delicious real meals, and comfortable bedding are encounters that make camping so furious in Rajasthan. This rare experience of desert camping is one of Rajasthan’s best activities in winter.


5. Chokhi Dhani

Chokhi Dhani needs no introduction as one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan. Chokhi Dhani has long served enthusiastic travellers and devotees as a name synonym of Royal hospitality.


Chokhi Dhani gives a taste of warm hospitality to authentic Rajasthani cuisine. You’ll be floored with service and decor, even if you don’t love Rajasthani food much. The ethnic rituals and lively folk dances are the least entertaining.


6. Vintage Car Rally in Rajasthan

Well no further clarification is needed. Some of you’ve definitely been sold only on ‘Vintage Car.’ For the rest, the luxury showcase in Rajasthan, particularly in Jaipur, will be its best. The beautiful streets are taken over by these amazing devices and by the sheer happiness of car lovers to just enjoy a rally. It’s one of the best things to do for medium-size fanatics in Rajasthan. It occurs in January every year and is certainly a lifetime experience.


7. Abhaneri Step Well

As is popularly known, Abhaneri Step Well and Chand Baori are a brilliant star in the Dausa district Heritage Showcase near Jaipur. Visiting the imperial system and seeing the beauty and architecture is one of the best things you can do in Rajasthan. The old site, used for rainwater harvests, impresses with its pure excellence.


8. Trekking


The hot summer climate in Rajasthan can be tough and tired. But it can be a great experience in the right season even on a slightly windy day. The lush landscape of Alwar and Mount Abu heritage density are favorite tours for adventurous enthusiasts. Although these excursions range from easy to moderate, the beauty and safe climate of the Otherworld not only attract adventurers but also nature lovers. You see colorful birds and chat with local people.

9. Camel Breeding Farm In Bikaner

One of Rajasthan’s most peculiar and fascinating stuff is camels. Visit the Bikaner Camel Breeding Farm to learn to play with the camels and patting. The highlight of a Rajasthan holiday may be particularly if you are travelling with children, including a trip here.


10. Dune Bashing

In the Thar Desert, dune bashing is an extremely common sport. Driving an SUV is an unforgettable experience in the endless desert. Don’t worry if you don’t have an SUV. You can rent one from the local dealers and blow up.


11. Elephants At Dera Amer

Have you ever seen an Elephants day out? Well that’s the ideal chance to get one. You can try your hand in some kind of elephant-related operation such as a shower or sugar cane feeding. You can also make organic paints of your trunks so that your great friends don’t hurt. It is one of Jaipur’s most popular tourist sites. You can also take advantage of authentic Rajasthan delicacies on the spot during your day in Dera Amer. You can also go on a short trek on a nature trail in the surrounding forest if you had enough for a day.

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