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The Top Sights of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur Tour (Golden Triangle)

Golden Triangle Tour is all about the tourism of the three prime north Indian cities namely, Jaipur Delhi and Agra. All these three places are profound for their excellent monuments that also become the base of the tourism over here. Jaipur Delhi Agra tour not only includes the magnificent monuments but also holds the glorious past, ethnic cultures, traditions, delicious delicacies, and the shopping stalls and bazaars. So, altogether there are much more things to discover in your Golden Triangle India tour. So, among all the things, here we will discuss the top sights of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur where you must go during your tour. Golden Triangle India tour package allows you to add your desired places to the golden triangle tour itinerary. So, let us begin with the list.

India Gate

India gate in delhi

India Gate is counted among the most prominent place in Delhi to visit. The most attractive thing that attracts visitors to this place is the beautiful memorial built for those brave soldiers who lost their lives in the wars. Also, the memorial includes the name of all those brave soldiers. The India Gate is also famous as being the center for the other major buildings such as Rastriyapati Bhawan, Parliament of India, Red Fort, etc.


The cost of roaming around the India Gate or say the entry fee is Rs. 100.

Qutub Minar

Qutub minar in delhi

Qutub Minar is known as the Tower of Power and is also among the ancient monuments built in the era of Mughal. This is the tallest tower in Delhi. In the base of the Qutub Minar, you will find the oldest Islamic Mosque. The best thing to observe from Qutub Minar is the sunset and the sunrise.


The entry fee of Qutub Minar for Indian Nationals is Rs. 30 and for foreign nationals is Rs. 500 whereas for children up to 15 years, there are no entry charges.

Red Fort

Red fort in delhi

Red Fort is another major monument in Delhi and holds the same importance in the present day as well. The major festival for which the palace is known is the flag hoisting ceremony during independence day and republic day. This red-stoned fort is the blend of Mughal architecture. The corridors and the balconies of the fort give mesmerizing views. The fort also has a museum within it that holds all the antique things that belonged to the kings.


The entry fee for Indian citizens in Red Fort is Rs.10 while the for foreigners is Rs.150.

Amer Fort

Amer fort of jaipur

Amer Fort is the most iconic Fort situated in Jaipur. The major source of attractions of this place is Suraj Pole, Ganesh Pol, Man Singh Palace, Flower Fresco, Sheesh Mahal, Sila Devi Temple, etc. The Amber Fort is the perfect example of the mixed fusion of Mughal and Hindu architecture. Along with the several parts of the fort, the most preferred activity over here is the elephant ride. Also, you can have a tour of the entire fort enjoying the ride which is perfectly adventurous. In the evening time, the lights and the music played in the Fort seem very mesmerizing.


The cost of entry in Amer Fort for Indian nationals is Rs. 25 and for Foreign nationals is Rs. 150. These charges also allow you to take a camera with you.

Chokhi Dhani Village Resort

Chokhi dhani village in Jaipur

The Chokhi Dhani Village Resort is the most ethnic resort in Jaipur. The resort is set in such a way that it gives the real look of the Rajasthani villages. This resort makes you feel that you’re living in the village of Rajasthan. You can enjoy several activities over here accompanied by delicious Rajasthani Food. You can witness every kind of show over here such as puppet shows and magic shows. The fol songs can be every time heard in the air of the resorts. Other activities included here are camel, ride, elephant, and bullock cart rides. After enjoying all the variety of activities, you can enjoy the delicious Rajasthani thali.


There are three packages being offered in the resort. The cost of the standard package per person is Rs. 750 whereas the cost of the Royal package per person is Rs. 950 and the Multi-cuisine restaurant cost is Rs. 1200.

Hawa Mahal

Hawa mahal the global identity of jaipur

Hawa Mahal is the global identity of Pink city, Jaipur because it is also built of pink and red-colored stone. This five floored monument is built in a pyramidal shape. It is believed that the building resembles the shape of the crown of Lord Krishna. There are altogether 953 windows in the building which were constructed for the women of the city. Due to the parda pratha women were not able to witness the cultural festivals being celebrated in the city. As the solution, this “Wind Palace” was built so that they can be part of every celebration. In the present day, the building includes a museum where all the antique things have been preserved.


The entry fee for the foreign national is Rs. 50 whereas the cost of the entry tickets for the Indians is Rs. 10. Also, do remember that if you visit on Monday the entry will be free but on Friday the building remains closed.

Taj Mahal

Taj mahal: Monuments of golden triangle India tour

When you say visiting Taj Mahl, you also include a few more activities and places within it. With your Taj Mahl excursion, you do include the beautiful Mehtab Garden and the Yamuna river’s bank. The beauty of the Taj Mahl literally leaves you speech-bound. After observing the beauty of the Taj Mahal, everyone gets mesmerized and just prays to forever be with it. To observe the more beautiful scene of the Taj Mahal, you can reach the bank of the Yamuna river, early in the morning and then see the sun rising and its rays falling on the Taj. This scene is one of the best ones you will ever watch in your entire life.


The total ticket cost for the foreigners is Rs. 1000 or 15 USD which includes a tourist map of Agra, covers for the shoes, and a water bottle. Whereas, in the case of the Indian nationals, the cost is Rs. 40 where the shoe cover is not included. On your excursion, you are allowed to keep a mobile phone, camera with you.

Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur sikri in agra

Fatehpur Sikri is an ancient town located near the Agra which you can explore on your way to Agra from Delhi. The city was built in the period of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. There are numerous beautiful monuments, mosques, gardens, and tombs in this small town. You can witness the great structure of Jama Masjid, Paanch Mahal, Jodha Palace, Birbal’s Palace, Buland Darwaza, etc. All the structures built in Fatehpur Sikri give the best examples of Mughal architecture. It is also believed that the city was planned by the emperor Akbar in the name of his wife.


The entrance ticket cost to Fatehpur Sikri for the Foreign nationals is 4USD or Rs. 260. In the case of the Indian nationals, the cost is Rs.20. Also, the ticket cost is the only price you need to pay without extra fees inside the town.

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Therefore, these all were the top sights of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur that must be discovered and observed during the Golden Triangle tour of India. Also, you can design your own tour package by including these places.

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