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The Top Player of Indian Printing Ink Industry

The Indian Printing country is progressing significantly and with the arrival of numerous world brands, the printing ink market in India has registered strong growth in the recent years. Apparently, the ink industry is growing at the annual rate of 18 %, industrial printing at a rate of 14 % and digital printing at 35%.The printing ink industry is fragmented with a large number of players in the industry and DIC India isthe top player in the global ink market and is the reputed printing ink manufacturer in the Indian printing, publishing and packaging industry segment, serving top-of-the-line newspapers, magazines, packaging and printing establishments across India.

DIC India is the foremost manufacturer of printing ink in India that offers the world class quality printing inks and allied materials. DIC portfolio includes inks ranging from publishing inks to offset inks and adhesive and is the biggest company for Indian printing, publishing, and packaging industry segment which serve the top ranking brands of newspapers, magazines, print media and much more. The company is committed to designing inks that run cleaner on press with reduced waste, increased productivity, greater press uptime and at the same time conserving the environment using the latest technologies.The company offers the state of the art printing inks, lamination adhesive, print end, packaging solutions, and chemical resolution materials and aim to make a product that might enhance the user’s bottom line and supply them true ‘value for money’. Some of the top products of DIC India are:

  • Offset ink
  • Gravure ink
  • Flexo ink
  • Can Coating
  • News Ink
  • Packaging adhesives
  • Innovative packaging solutions
  • Chemical solution materials

Printing inks is DIC’s core business since its establishment andis a global leader since then that boasts an extensive product portfolio ranging from publishing inks to inks and adhesives for packaging, enabling it to respond to the needs of customers worldwide.Although, ink business in India includes top notch manufacturers, DIC India is the leading printing ink dealers in India aims at enhancing lives through colors and chemistry.

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