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The Top 10 Best Wholesale Suppliers in Canada

What are the best wholesale suppliers in Canada? If you’re planning to start a business, you need to find and work with wholesalers who can supply your goods at the best prices possible. This list of the top 10 Canadian wholesale suppliers will help you locate and connect with all the major players in this industry, so that you can quickly and easily find everything you need to get your products up and running, without needing to invest all of your capital on stock right away.

1) Quality Footwear

Quality Footwear is a Canadian wholesaler of footwear to the general public, retailers, and distributors.

We carry a wide range of products for every occasion. Whether it be for casual wear or formal wear, we have you covered.

With over 50 years of experience and knowledge, we are one of the top wholesale suppliers in Canada.

Quality Footwear offers a wide selection of quality clothing manufacturers in Canada and wholesale Canada fashion at competitive prices.

Quality Footwear is the largest distributor in Western Canada. Our warehouse is located in Surrey BC with our main distribution center located in Calgary AB.

Quality Footwear has been providing Canadians with quality clothing wholesale and wholesale clothing in Canada since 1963.

2) Apparel Exporters
The best wholesale suppliers are the ones who can offer you a large selection of products and services at the most reasonable prices. This can be difficult to find but luckily, there are some great wholesale suppliers to help you out!
At Apparel Exporters, we have a wide range of apparel from Canadian clothing manufacturers. These suppliers also offer wholesale distributors in Canada and small business wholesale suppliers so that any company or individual looking to start their fashion line has everything they need. Our products include dresses, skirts, sweatshirts, jeans, tops, bottoms, and much more!

3) Professional Supplies

Canada is a beautiful country with a lot of high-quality, reputable suppliers.

If you’re looking for the best wholesale in Canada, look no further than the following list.

These companies offer everything from health and beauty to office supplies.

All of these are highly respected wholesalers that are sure to help you find what you need for your business at a great price!

1) Scentsy – Scentsy offers an extensive line of products, including but not limited to: candles, diffusers, wax warmers, and scented lotions.

They have over 200 different fragrances available on their website, so there’s something for everyone!

Their headquarters are located in Utah, the USA where they also manufacture all of their products.

4) Furniture Importer

Furniture Importer is a Canadian furniture wholesale supplier.

We are proud to offer the best quality products and the most competitive pricing on all of our furniture.

We specialize in carrying modern, contemporary, vintage, and rustic styles.

Our product range includes bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, office furniture, and more.

All items can be customized with your choice of wood or leather finish, fabric color, and upholstery style.

Whether you’re looking for one item for a home project, custom-made production runs, or small group orders we will work hard to make your experience an enjoyable one.

Whether you’re looking for one item for a home project, custom-made production runs, or small group orders we will work hard to make your experience an enjoyable one.

5) Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly products are trending and it’s no wonder why.

With more people becoming aware of environmental issues, the demand for green goods is skyrocketing.

To stay competitive, retailers and manufacturers need to be able to offer eco-friendly products, so they need to find suppliers that can provide these items at competitive prices.

That’s where Green Resource comes in! Green Resource specializes in sourcing high-quality wholesale clothing and textiles from around the world that meet all criteria.

We’re not just a wholesaler, though; we also work with retailers who want to sell eco-friendly products without compromising their values.

Whether you’re a distributor or a retailer, we have you covered with our extensive product line including apparel like T-shirts and jackets made from organic cotton or sustainable hemp fibers.

Housewares like bamboo cutting boards; or electronics such as recycled laptop computers.

6) Promotional Products Distributor

We have a variety of promotional products for you to choose from.

Our selection includes imprinted pens, customized calendars, screens and so much more.

We offer wholesale pricing on all of our products with low minimum order amounts.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your promotional needs!

Imprinted Pens – If you’re looking for an affordable way to promote your brand at an event or trade show, printed ballpoint pens make great giveaways.

They feature long-lasting ink that can withstand normal wear and tear as well as most liquids.

Imprinted colored pens are perfect for events like health fairs or even trade shows because they add color to advertisements while also allowing people to jot down important notes quickly.

Promotional Calendar – Did you know that over 50% of U.S. households own at least one calendar?

That makes them extremely effective marketing tools—which is why they are ideal products to distribute at tradeshows where thousands of consumers will be walking around each day looking for a helpful item like a new calendar to display near their desk or fridge door.

7) Personalized Products Company

Are you looking for the best wholesale in Canada?

If so, then you are probably thinking about which company would be a good fit for your business.

Enter Personalized Products Company! We offer many different services to help you get started on building your business.

Whether you need quality products delivered quickly or just want advice on how to get started, we have the expertise and experience to help you succeed!

Our wide selection of custom gifts makes it easy to find something that will suit everyone on your list.

But don’t stop there; with our personalized stationery, photo books, and wall art, you can make any occasion truly special!

No matter what type of product you’re looking for or what type of service you need, Personalized Products are.

The company has everything you could ever want at one central location – guaranteed fast delivery times, low prices and excellent customer service included.

Give us a call today at 1-888-901-8769 (1-888-901876) for more information about our wide variety of products and service offerings.

8) New Age Incense Sticks & Fragrance Oils Company

New Age Incense Sticks & Fragrance Oils Company is a wholesale supplier of incense sticks and fragrance oils.

We offer a wide variety of products from all around the world, including Nag Champa, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Jasmine, and many more.

All of our products are made with 100% natural ingredients and are hand-dipped to provide you with the highest quality product available on the market today!

Since we’re located in Canada, shipping costs may be higher than some other suppliers.

For example, $11 shipping will get your order delivered anywhere within British Columbia or Ontario.

If you want it delivered outside of those provinces then the cost would go up depending on where it’s going (e.g., $17 for Newfoundland).

The only exception would be if there was no shipping charge at all–then your order could be delivered anywhere in North America for free!

9) Importing Food From Around the World

There are many benefits to importing food from around the world. One of the top benefits is freshness.

Imported foods can be days, weeks, or even months old by the time they reach your grocery store.

In contrast, imported produce is often picked just hours before it reaches your grocery store.

The longer it takes for something to get from farm to table, the more likely it will lose its freshness and nutritional value.

Another benefit of importing food from around, say Europe for example, is that you’ll get a wider selection of produce and meats than you will find at most American grocery stores.

Most American groceries only carry about 20-30% of their produce as organic whereas European grocery stores have much higher rates of organic products available on shelves.

10) Looking For Something Else?

There are many wholesalers in Canada, but not all of them offer the best service and quality.

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten wholesale suppliers with the best prices, customer service, and product selection.

1) The first supplier on our list is Tara Smith, who offers chic and fashionable jewelry at discounted prices.

They have been in business since 1982 and have a wide selection of beautiful pieces to choose from. Tara Smith also offers free shipping!

2) The second supplier on our list is Demar Designs, which has been around since 1999.

They offer a variety of home decor items such as candles, lamps, throws, and pillows. Demar Designs will even personalize your order for no additional cost!

3) Third on our list is Parajax Jewellery Ltd., which has been in business for over 20 years.

Their vast inventory includes watches, handbags, sunglasses, and more. One thing that sets this company apart from others? Parajax Jewellery Ltd. offers financing options for your purchase if you need them.

4) Fourth on our list is Sottero & Midgley Bridal Gowns, one of the most well-known designers of wedding gowns in America.

They carry every style imaginable so it’s easy to find something that fits your taste and budget. What makes this company truly unique?

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