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The most critical gravitational wrinkles

The most critical gravitational wrinkles are furrows or folds of the skin which are generally perceive as unsightly and are often associate with the concept of aging. Many types of wrinkles, especially regarding the area in which we will focus more in this article, that is, the face, are determine by degenerative processes affecting collagen and elastin that take time and are therefore characteristic of senility. Doctor Ali provides the best health and wellness center in the USA. However, there are various wrinkles, and the onset is not always or exclusively determine by aging.

Causes Cause

The classification of wrinkles that are most often taken as a reference distinguishes:

  • expression lines;
  • actinic wrinkles;
  • sleep wrinkles;

Beyond this classification, which identifies some of the main etiological factors for the appearance of wrinkles (age, mimicry, damage from ultraviolet radiation, sleeping posture), other factors that contribute to skin aging, some of an endogenous or constitutional (DNA, collagen diseases or endocrine diseases), others of an exogenous type (smoking, pollution, climatic factors, dietary factors, poor hydration, wrong cosmetics).

A dominant role is played by oxidative damage, that is, by the action of oxygen free radicals, toxins produced in the course of our metabolic processes. Some factors, such as excessive exposure to sunlight, stress, pollution, determine a more excellent production of these radicals or a lower efficiency of the mechanisms responsible for removing them. One of the consequences of this phenomenon is skin aging.


The expression wrinkles or mimic wrinkles they are furrows that are determined in those areas of the face frequently stressed by the “traction” movement exerted by the mimic muscles; consequently, this type of wrinkles is more evident in people who express emotions, making extensive use of facial expressions: some people tend to frown, taking on a “thoughtful” appearance, in particular, they frown on the glabella, that is the area above the root of the nose between the two superciliary arches; other people move their mouths a lot when speaking, or smiling or laughing very frequently; others “strain” the particular muscles by moving the eyes a lot to accompany facial expressions or to compensate for visual deficits especially when they do not use glasses or contact lenses as prescribed and so on.

The most common expression lines are:

  • the horizontal frontal wrinkles  ;
  • the vertical glabellar creases and  horizontal  ;
  • the periocular wrinkles  (so-called ” crow’s feet” );
  • the nose-engine wrinkles  (delimit furrows between the nose and cheeks);

the  radial perilabial wrinkles  (the so-called “bar code,” i.e., the fine lines distributed predominantly above the upper lip, generally very pronounced in smoking subjects);

The labio-genuine wrinkles (bounding the grooves between the lips and cheeks);

The transverse creases of the neck.

The effect determines the gravitational wrinkles that the force of gravity exerts on all body structures, which with time, the collagen fibers and elastic fibers are no longer able to oppose effectively, also because they are to slip down even underlying muscle structures as well as fatty ones and this is also accompanied by a progressive rearrangement of both the heavy frames and the underlying bone structures. Therefore, this wrinkle is more evident in people with constitutionally thinner and elongated faces.

The most critical gravitational wrinkles are:

  • the nasolabial furrows  that are created between the nose and cheeks;
  • the abiogenic wrinkles  that are highlighted following the lowering of the corners of the mouth;
  • the sagging skin of the upper eyelid  ( blefarocalasi ) and the entire arch eyebrow ( ptosis) ;
  • the side-chain bags;
  • The “double chin.”

The actinic or solar wrinkles are furrows cause by photoaging, i.e., exposure to ultraviolet radiation, especially solar and tanning lamps. They are therefore more visible in people who, for work reasons, have undergone intense and prolong photo exposure, e.g., farmers, bricklayers, sailors, outdoor athletes, etc., and are accentuate over time, resulting very evident in older subjects who have been able to accumulate more significant damage. With the same “cumulative” injury suffered, the most disadvantage phototypes are those 1 and 2. In people with light skin, eyes, and hair, this type of wrinkles is visible earlier and more markedly.

Actinic wrinkles give the skin a “wrinkled” appearance. A particular localization, almost always visible in subjects who have worked outdoors for a long time, is at the nape level where characteristic rhombuses are outline.

The wrinkles or folds

Of sleep is cause by a particular prolong nocturnal posture; in female subjects, they are more often visible at the cheeks level. In males, they are more often found in the forehead or the frontal-temporal group. Over time, the sleep folds, initially reversible, visible only shortly after waking up, tend to accentuate and become permanent.


The diagnosis is clinical; that is, instrumental tests are generally not necessary to evaluate the entity and type of wrinkles by the dermatologist, the plastic surgeon, the aesthetic doctor.

An accurate medical history is always essential, i.e., the collection of information from the patient about his cosmetic habits, his lifestyle, the type of work activity and sun exposure, the dietary regime, the presence of any concomitant pathologies, and drug therapies in progress. This allows you to identify particular risk factors for the onset of wrinkles and to set up more targeted and specific treatments.

Some machines can integrate the clinician’s assessment in doubtful cases.


Wrinkles are exclusively an aesthetic problem; they do not cause any risk to the patient’s health.

Even in not so “disabling” cases, aesthetic medicine is approach more and more frequently, sometimes to find out what are the precautions that can be taken to prevent the appearance or accentuation of wrinkles already present.  Doctor Ali provides the best holistic medicine center in the USA. Other times to ask for a “retouch, “to” refresh “the appearance obtaining very satisfactory results nowadays with outpatient treatments, which mostly take less than an hour of their time and do not require demanding recovery times.

4. Expression lines

Expression lines are not a direct consequence of the aging process. But develop due to the continuous contraction of the facial muscles. It is no coincidence that expression lines form more at the level of the forehead and around the eyes. Heavily stressed areas during facial expressions. They represent a method of communication, and there is no particular preventive cure for expression lines. The only concern we can have is to take care of the skin as much as possible to keep it healthy, capable of giving movement to the face without it yielding on a structural level.

Dryness of the skin

When the skin is in an advanced dry condition, returning to its initial state. After muscle contraction will be more complicated. Therefore, to ensure that skin elasticity remains unchanged over time. It is necessary to minimize skin evaporation, rehydrating the tissues as much as possible. Especially if exposed to solid thermal excursions such as winter cold or scorching heat summer. The percentage with which the 4 types of wrinkles described appear. On a multifactorial basis, can vary from skin to skin. Therefore, the advice I would like to give you, as a qualified expert. In the treatment of unsightly signs such as wrinkles, is to map your face by identifying. The types of wrinkles present and their density and then study together with a personalized intervention in cosmetic terms. Inserting the most suitable products into your beauty routine to counteract the presence and reappearance of wrinkles.

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