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The Leader of the Ink Industry

DIC India Limited was established in 1937. The company was known as Coates of India Limited prior to 2003. DIC India along with its subsidiaries sells and produces printing inks. DIC India Limited is a subsidiary of Japan based Dainippon Ink & Chemicals. DIC India is a fine chemical company with a top share in printing inks, organic pigments and PPS compounds in the global market. Established as a manufacturer of printing inks, the company has capitalized on its capabilities in organic pigments and synthetic resins to build a broad portfolio to markets such as Automotive, electronics, foods and housing. DIC operates in more than 60 countries and territories around the world today. The Company sells its products in India and abroad. The company is among the top players in the ink industry in India.

ink industry in india

DIC India Limited’s USP lies in its quality R&D facilities. DIC scientists have at their disposal a wide array of relevant and sophisticated tools and machinery. Department of Science & Technology, Government of India has granted recognition to the company’s Centralized Research and Product Development Center, based in Kolkata. The company products include black ink, print finish ink, offset ink, screen and liquid printing inks. These products are used as intermediates in packaging and publication industries. DIC India Limited also produces synthetic resins, polyurethane lamination adhesives, press room chemicals and rubber blankets. A wide array of UV lacquers is marketed under the Viocure brand name.

DIC’S IMPERIAL range of heatset ink provides good gloss and robust lithographic properties for running in all modem heatset presses in commercial printing. The company is committed to designing inks that run cleaner on press with reduced waste, increased productivity, greater press uptime and keeping a watchful eye on safeguarding the environment. The ink industry in India has a lot of ink manufacturers but DIC India is the best leading company of printing ink and is growing at a global level which aims at enhancing lives through colours and chemistry that create an identity and enable knowledge.

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