The Early Life of Sonya Curry, a volleyball player

The former volleyball player Sonya Curry has also served as an administrator. Furthermore, she played basketball for her school team, winning several championships. She and Dell Curry are proud parents of two NBA players, Stephen and Seth. Sonya owns a Montessori school in North Carolina that emphasizes the overall development of students, in addition to her daughter, Sydel, who plays volleyball at the state level. This school is a charitable organization. Sonya Curry is a woman of substance who has contributed significantly to her children’s lives and careers. Sonya and Dell Curry announced their split in August 2021 after talking about her contribution to their lives.

The passion of Sonya Curry for Volleyball

As a teenager, Sonya Curry began playing both volleyball and basketball. She had won state championships in both sports by graduating from Radford High School.

Sonya was on the volleyball team, the Hokies, from the Virginia Tech Sports Club. Although she played exceptionally well for her team, she remained one of their best players throughout her university career.

In one particular season as a member of the Virginia Tech junior team, she served 57 aces, the sixth-highest number of aces ever served by the Virginia Tech juniors. Sonya then went on to make a record score of 69-70 by the end of her fourth year. She was also selected for the All-Metro Team and graduated with a major in elementary education and a minor in family studies.

Her Husband, Dell Curry

Dell Curry and Sonya met while studying at Virginia Tech. They were invited to a basketball match when Dell was playing. Dell proposed to her at the end of the match, and soon they started dating. They married in 1988 and had a son the same year, Stephen Curry.

Since Sonya and her husband had to move a lot, being a wife of an NBA star wasn’t easy for Sonya. Sonya was always by his side from their courtship days, accompanying him to every game. The family frequently travelled to Utah to watch Dell play after their wedding.

In 1990, Sonya continued to accompany him to all his games until their second son, Seth, was born. Sonya then became a homemaker, spending all her time raising her children.

An Athlete And Strong Mother

Sonya Curry is a state volleyball champion and the mother of two NBA stars, and she is known for being dedicated to her family. Being a sportsperson herself, she instilled the spirit of sportsmanship in her children. She said it was an achievement for her to raise her children as athletes.

She was the first coach of her children since she already knew a bit about sports. As a result of Sonya’s guidance, her kids started training at a very young age under her tutelage. She helped them learn the basics that would prove valuable in the future.

It was Sonya Curry who, when her son Stephen was having trouble qualifying for the NBA team, “Golden State Warriors”, encouraged him to focus on his basics. After his mother’s wise advice helped him bounce back, he eventually made the team and is now a star player for the Golden State Warriors.

Several years later, Seth also made it to the team but was given a place by the Sacramento Kings, which he accepted. Currently, he plays for the Dallas Mavericks. The daughter of Sonya, Sydel, plays volleyball at Elon University and is a successful state-level volleyball player.

Her Contribution to Society 

Despite sacrificing her sports career to provide for her family, Sonya Curry made the best use of her degree. As part of the charitable organization, Christian Montessori School at Lake Norman was founded in 1995 by her husband and her. The institution emphasizes the overall development of its students. Children ages 15 months to 6 years may attend the institution.

Initial Life

The mother of Sonya Curry, Candy Adams, was born in Radford, Virginia, in 1966. Sonya’s maiden name was Adams, and she’s of mixed blood. Sonya was raised by her mother, Candy Adams, her brother Cleive Adams and her sister India Adams. Sonya’s parents are Haitian and African American.

She has two adorable grandchildren, Riley Curry and Ryan Curry, born to Stephen and his wife, Ayesha, who are both super moms in their own right.

Separation Between Sonya And Dell

Their separation was announced in August 2021. reported that Sonya Curry and Dell Curry had decided to end their marriage after exploring a trial separation over the past year and having given much thought to the issue. 


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